Not many domains have popularity as cloud computinghas in recent times

So it's no secret that cloud computingadoption is on Rice as you guys might have knownMicrosoft Azure is one of the best and leadingcloud service providers and it certainlymakes it to the list of top cloud computing skills

That one must have if you want to make a careerin this domain then you have landed at right

Place hi, I welcome youall to this full course on Microsoft Azure, which not only talksabout is your fundamentals, but will also take you deepat conceptual levels before we get into details

Let's look at our agenda fortoday for better understanding and ease of learningentire course is divided into multiple modules

First module introductionto cloud is about what exactly cloud computingis different kind of deployment and service models in cloud computing second modelis about as your fundamentals

Well in this modulewe will learn how to create a shortStreet our account and we'll also discuss oneof the code Computing service, which is Ushervirtual machine next up in the third module will discussas your storage services and database features in detail

Fourth module is about differentnetwork services offered by assured in here will discussas your virtual Network and related Conceptslike subnets security groups and many more in fifth module

We will learnhow to secure your Access to your resources using identity and access Management Serviceslike Azure active directory six module is all about isyour develops in this module

We'll learn how to simplify and accelerate entiredivorce process using Azure develop services, like a sewer pipeline as your boards Etc inseventh module will talk about different servicesoffered by Usher when you are dealing withcurrent training Technologies, like machine learninga iot and Manny, Moe also will be comparing after sure with other leadingservice providers like AWS and gcp final module is mostlykorea-related in this module

We'll discuss most frequentlyAsked interview questions in Azure interviewswill also discuss roles and responsibilities jobTrends and skills that you should haveto ease your interview

Thank you everyonewhile you are at it

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So let us move further and quickly take a lookat today's agenda first firstly, I would be discussing the basicsof cloud as in why it is needed and what it is exactly

I would also discussthe different models that cloud has to offer to youlike it's service models and also its deployment models and also discussthe different Cloud providers that are there in the market and finally I would finishthings off with the demo part

I hope this agenda is clearto all of you firstly let's understand whyCloud to understand this So we need tounderstand the situation that existed before Cloudcame into existence

So what happened back then and firstly in orderto host a website, you have to buy a stackof servers and we all know that servers are very costly

So that meant we ended up paying a lot of money next wasthe issue of traffic

Now as we all know if you are hosting a websitewe are dealing with traffic that is not constantthroughout the day and that meant more painwe would understand that as we move further andthe other thing was monitoring and maintaining your servers

Yes, this is a very big problemnow all these issues

They led tocertain disadvantages

What are those as I mentioned serversare very costly


The setup was again costly and thus you ended uppaying a lot of money and there were other factorscontributing to this point

Let's discuss those as well

One troubleshooting wasa big issue since you're dealingwith a business

Your Prime Focus ison taking good decisions so that your business does well, but if you end uptroubleshooting problems, Soare you focus more oninfrastructure related issues

Then you cannot focusmore on your business

And that was a problem

So either you hadto do multitasking or you have to hiremore people to focus on those issues thus againyou ended up being more money as I've discussed the trafficon a website is never constant

And since it variesyou are not certain about its patterns

Say, for example, I need to hosta website and for that what I decided I am reservingto petabytes of total memory for my usage based

On the trafficbut as the traffic, where is there would be timeswhen the traffic is high and my whole to petabytesof data is consumed or space is consumed Roger

But what if the traffic is very low for certainhours of the day

I'm actually notutilizing these servers

So I end up payingmore money for the servers than I should be

So yes upscaling was an issue

So all these thingswere an issue because we werepaying more money

We do not have sufficient timeto take our decisions properly

There was ambiguity

There was more trouble

All monitoring and maintainingall these resources and apart from that one important point which we need to consideris the amount of data that is being generated now and that was being generatedthen then it was okay, but nowadays if you take a lookat it the amount of data that is generated is huge and this is another reasonwhy Cloud became so important

Yeah, as of mentionedthe data now, we all know that everything is goingonline these days and what that means is we shop online we buy food online

We do almost everything

What is required asan whatever information we need we get everything onlineyour bookings and reservations

Everything can be taken care ofthat means we have a lot of data that is being generatedthese days and this is Digital Data backin those times

We were communicatingthrough verbal discussions and all those things so through paperwork and that wasa different data to maintain since everything is movingon cloud or moving online

The amount of data that we have is usedthese days and then when you have this huge amountof data Are you need a space where you can actually go aheadand maintain this data? So yes again, there was a nude of this pieceand all these issues that is your cost

You're monitoringyour maintenance providing sufficient space

Everything was takencare by Cloud

So let us try to understandwhat this cloud is exactly

Well think of it as a huge space that is availableonline for your usage

This is a very genericdefinition to give you to be more specific

I would be seeingthat think of it as a collection of data centers now

Yes, it does again at a place where you store your data or youhost applications basically, so when you talkabout these data centers, they were already existing

So what didCloud do differently? Well, what clouddid was it made sure that you are able to orchestrate your variousfunctionings applications managing your resources properly by combining allthese data centers together through a network and then providing you thecontrol to use this resources and to manage them properlyto make it even more simpler

I would say there was a groupof people or organizations

Basically that went aheadand bought these servers these compute capacitiesstorage places compute services and all those things and they have their ownchannel or Network

All you have to do was go ahead and rent those resources onlyto the amount you need it and also for the timethat you needed

So yes, this is what clouddid it let you rent the services that you need and youOnly those services that you need so you endedup paying for the services that you rented and you endedup saving a lot of money

The other thing isthese service providers

They take care of all the issues like your securityyour underlying infrastructures and all those things

So you can freely focuson your business and stop worryingabout all these issues

So this is what cloud isin simple words

It's a huge space which hasall these services available and you can just go aheadand pick and render services that you want to use

So what is cloud computing? Well, I've already discussed that just to summarize it I would say it isnothing but an ability or it is a place where youcan actually store your data

You can process it and you can access itfrom anywhere in the world


This is an important Pointsay for example, you decide to choose a reason for infrastructuresomewhere in u


You can certain maybe Chinaor maybe in India and you can still have accessto all your resources that is there in u


All you need isa good internet connection

So that is what cloud does

Makes the world accessible itlets you have your applications wherever you want to and manage them the wayyou want to so this was about cloud computing guys

Next we would be discussingdifferent service models

Now you need to understandone thing you are being offered cloud services the platformto use your services or your applications basically, but then different peoplehave different requirements

There are certain peoplewho just want to consume a particular resourceor there's certain people who actually want to go aheadand create The View

Own applications greatthe own infrastructure and all those things

So based on these needs wehave particular service models that is your Cloudproviders provide you with a particular modelwhich suits your needs

So let us try to understand these models one by one wehave these three models that is your iaasyour paas and your saas

I would be discussing themin the reverse order

That is I would be talkingabout saas first and then I would go upwards so let us startwith saas or sad

SAS is nothingbut a software-as-a-service

Now what happens here is basically you are justconsuming a service which is alreadybeing maintained and handled by someone else to giveyou a valid example

We have a Gmail

All you do is you send mail topeople and you receive mails and whatever functionality youdo is you just use the service that is there

You do not have to maintain it

You do not have to worryabout up scaling down scalings security issuesand all those things

Everything is taken careby Google say for example But yard email is what I'm talking about Googlemanages everything here

So all you have to worryabout is consuming that service now this model is knownas software as a service that is saas

Next we have passed that is platform as a servicenow here you are provided with a platform where you can actually go aheadand build your own applications to give you an example

We have our Google app engine

Now when you talkabout Google app engine, what you can do is you can goahead and you can create your own applications and you can put Put iton Google app engine so that otherscan use it as well

So in short you are usingthe platform to create your own applications, and lastly we have iaas that is infrastructureas a service


What do I mean by this? Well, the whole infrastructureis provided to you so that you can go ahead andcreate your own applications

That is an underlying structureis given to you based on that

You can go ahead and chooseyour operating systems the kind of Technology you want to use on that platform the applications you wantto build an old those things

So that is what an IABS is infrastructure-as-a-service basically, so these werethe different models that I wanted to talk about

So let us move furtherand discuss the next topic

That is the different deploymentmodels that are there

Now when you talkabout deployment models, you can also call them asdifferent types of clouds that are there in the market wehave these three types

That is your public Cloudyour private cloud and your hybrid Cloud

Let us try to understandthese one by one now as the name suggeststhe public Cloud it's available to everyone you havea A service provider who makes these servicesor these resources available to people worldwidethrough the internet

It is an easy and veryinexpensive way of dealing with the situation because all you have to dois you have to go ahead and rent this cloudand you're good to use and it is available publicly


We have the private Cloud now

This is a little different here

You are providedwith this service and you can actually go ahead and createyour own applications

And since it's a private Cloudyou're protected by a firewall

Add wall and you do not have toworry about various other issues that are thereat hand and next

We have our hybrid Cloud now

It is a combinationof your private cloud and your public Cloud say, for example, you can go aheadand build your applications privately you can use them

You can consume them youcan use them efficiently

When you sense that peakin your traffic

You can actuallymove it to public that is you can move itto the public cloud and even others can have accessto it and they can use it

So these are the threebasic deployment models that are there for you

Exposure or your usage rather and you can goahead and use those as well

I hope this was clearto all of you

So let us move further and tryto understand the next topic that has differentCloud providers that are there in the market

Now as I've mentionedwhat happened was since Cloud came into existencequite a few people went ahead and they boughttheir own infrastructure and now they rent the services to other people and when youtalk about this infrastructure, they're quite a few people outthere who are actually providing these cloud servicesto different people across the globe now when you talk aboutThese Cloud providers

The first thing that should come to your mindis Amazon web services because it is highly popular and it leaves otherCloud providers way behind

The reason I'm sayingthis is the numbers that talk about Amazon webservices to give you an example

If you talk aboutits compute capacity

It is six times larger than allthe other service providers that are there in the marketsay for example, if you talk about the otherservice providers in the market if the compute capacitycombined was ex-army Has on web services alonegives you a capacity of 6 x which is huge apart from that

It's flexible pricingand various other reasons

That is the services it providesand all those things

It is rightly a globalleader and the fact that it had a head start that is it started waybefore many other services that are there in the market

It actually gained popularity

And now we see quitea few organizations going ahead and using Amazon web servicesapart from that

We have Microsoft Azure, which is a Microsoft product and we all All thatwhen Microsoft decides to do something they expect that they killall the competition that is there in the market

It is still not in termswith Amazon web services or few other service providers that are than the marketbut not very neck to neck but it is probablythe second best when you talk aboutAmazon web services or the cloud service providersin the market

So, yep, it has a lotof catching up to do when you compare itwith Amazon web services, but it is still a verygood cloud service provider that is there in the market

Then we have something calledas Google Cloud platform again a very Very good cloud providerin the market


Why am I saying this? We all know the infrastructurethat Google has to offer to you

It has one of thebest search engine that is then the market and the amount of data they dealwith every day is huge

So they are the Pioneerswhen you talk about big data and all those thingsand they know how to actually handlethis amount of data and how to have an infrastructurethat is very good

That is why they have a verygood facility and that leads to it being one of the cheapestservice providers in the market

Yes, there are Features that DCP offerswhich are better, even than Amazon web services when you talk about its pricing and the reason for it isit has various other services that are there water does is it helpsyou optimize various costs how it uses analyticsand various other ways by which it can optimizethe amount of power you use and that leadsto less usage of power

And since you arepaying less for power that is provided as a paying less for power you end up payingless for your services as well

So that is why It isso cost efficient

Then the other service providersthat is we have digital ocean

We have to remark we have IBMwhich is again very popular

But that is a discussionfor some other time

As far as theservice providers go

These are the major ones thatas we have Amazon web services

We have Microsoft Azure, we have DCP whichare talked about a lot

This was about the basic Cloudproviders and the basic intro which I wanted you all to have

I hope you all are clear with whatever Conceptswe've discussed in time

So let us move furtherand switch into the demo

Let us try to explorea few of these services or Cloud providers as in atleast the introductory part


So what I'm going to dois I'm going to switch into the console basically where we can take a lookat these Services one by one

So yes guys, what I've done is I've corneredand have logged into my AWS account now AWSprovides you with a free tier and then they havethe paid Services as well

Let's discuss these oneby one first

I would talk about AWSthen I will talk about gcp and to some extent I would alsodiscuss a juror as well, but But let's focus on AWSfor first one point, which I did not mention while going through the conceptswas AWS provides you with a free tier

Now when I see a free tier, this is where you do not haveto pay any upfront money

You can actually goahead and have access to AWS services and see how they work and once you are confidentand comfortable with them, you can actuallygo ahead and decide whether you want to buythose services or not

So yes, these servicesare made available to you for free for one complete Year


There are certainrestrictions on it

But as long as you stayin those restrictions, you won't be Pantingif you cross those restrictions

Yes in abusewill charge you now

How does AWS do that? Well, when youcreate an account, you have to give inyour credit card details or debit card details, when you do that databasewill cut a lump sum amount from your account verify account and reinstate that amountback into your account so that noneof your money is used but just a verification is done that this is your validcredit card or your debit card and once your 12 monthfree trial expires, then they would notify youthat your free trial is over

Would you want to go aheadand continue using our services if you say yes, then theywould charge meanwhile, they won't charge you so you can stay relaxedand you can actually go ahead and give you a credit cardor debit card details, but just make sure that you set an alarmand once your free trial gets over you kind of either revokeyour exes or go ahead and continue withthe paid services that it abuse hasto offer to you

So what does this re-tearhas to offer to you? Basically, let's takea look at those

Well firstly wehave compute Services when you talk about AWSand Name a few we have ec2

We have Lambda which are popular Servicesnow easy to is something like a raw server where you can actually go aheadand post our websites and applications

It is very popular

And if you want to use it, it obvious gives you 750 hoursper month for free

Then you have some servicecalled as Amazon quick set which is basicallyan analytic service and I won't get into the detailsof what it does basically, but you have a spaceof 1 GB available to you that is nothing butspice capacity basically again, I won't get into the detailsbecause I want to Stick to the surface asfar as the session goes, then you have other serviceslike your database service, which is an RDS

You have your storage service,which is S3 Amazon Lambda

Now Lambda isanother compute service which is similar to your ec2

But ec2 is more of a placewhere you can host a websites

Where as Lambda does not letyou host a website

But yes, you can definitelygo ahead and do a lot of background application work

When you talk about AWS Lambda apart from that database alsoprovides with various videos that talk abouthow do you want to go ahead and get started with using this? Sosa's how to create an account how to create instancesand all those things

So this was aboutthe free tier let us kinda move further and seehow the console looks like

You can actually go aheadand create your own instances

You can do a lot of things

So this is what the different services thata device has to offer to you

You have your compute Servicesdeveloper tools machine learning and I'll takesstorage database Services

You can actually goahead and use these on your own you can go ahead and create certaininstances here now once you click here oniy Easy to you get to seethe number of instances that are active the security groupsthat are there the keep is that you have let us seeor take a look at an instance


I would tell youhow to create one

I won't create one myself because I have certainones running already

I would just walk you throughhow the process works

When you clickon that launch instance

It will give you options in what kind of an instancedo you want to create so you can actually go aheadand pick the one that suits your need basedon the OS you're using and stuff like that since I'm using a Windows

We'll be picking one for Windowsand I would be using the one that is freely available to meor eligible for my free tier

So when I say select I seethat a free tier eligible T2 micro instance isavailable to me

I can either click on this and directly goto the final step of creation, or I can take a stepby step approach

That is if I want to modify it

I can go ahead and given these detailsas in the number of instances my purchasingoptions Network subnet auto-assign public IPand all those things

So let's click on next and we can also alsoput in these details, but I'm going to stickto the default decisions or the selections

You can also go ahead andconfigure your security groups

I would talk about that as well

Do not worry and finally itwould say do you want to remove and launch it? Once you click on this youwould have a new instance they would be couple of statistics and you'd haveyour instance available for use to give youan example take a look at this as you can see

I have two instances runningand the security checks are done and I can actually go aheadand do a lot of things with it

I can actually go ahead Ican connect to a server

Again have my securitygroup security policies

And when you have an instance, you can do so many thingsfor hosting a website and the other thingsthat are there now, I just mentioned keep are values and I mentioned security groups

Now when you talkabout the key pair it is nothing but an authentication processthat lets you use your instance

It is a verification process

Basically it varies when you talk about using iton your Linux and using it on your Windows Windows, you would need itfor an external login as far as when you talk about Linuxyou'll have To go ahead into your terminaland generate those SSH or your secureserver Keys basically or secret selkies rather and then log into your website and then go ahead and use iton your server basically

So this is what happens

So that is something that you calledas a keeper value when you talk about AWSa keeper value once created it is unanimousor it is not unanimous rather

It is primary to a particular instanceand you should not lose it because if you do that instancebecomes useless for you, so You have to make sure that once you create a key value pairthat key value pair it stays with you and when you do tryto connect to a server that keeper value or its valueis available with you so that basically youcan switch to your server and connect to it

And then you havesomething called as your security groups as well

Now if you come down hereyou can go ahead and set in your Security Group policies


Those are you can createa new security group and you can just go aheadand add rules as in what kind of security policies you want

Say, for example,you have your HTTP https now if you're using Windows, you'll be needing our DPand those kinds of rules

You can go aheadand select a source you want to and accordingly you can setin your security rules

Once you create on clickon create you'd be having your Security Group upand running for you and you can like stay assured that your so-called servicesare more than secure here

So yeah, this wasabout Amazon web services and how its interface lookslike then you have something called as your gcpnow gcp to has a free

The only difference is gcpgives you an a balanced amount as in say some amountof US Dollars and you can the servicesare paid services, but you can use this balance togo ahead and use those services

So it pans outto similar approach which aw stakes in butif you talk about their pricing, aw charges you on hourly basis, whereas your Google Cloudplatform charges you and second basis

So it is more affordable

Say for example, you stop using a particularinstance at two minutes

You'll be charged

Only for those two minutes, but if you stop usingan instance for two minutes in AWS would be chargedfor a complete are so that is the differencebetween the two as far as logging in is concerned again, you'll be going ahead and giving in your creditcard details here as well

The difference is here

You have to make sure that youdo not enable your billing because once you dothat, trust me, you're going to end uppaying a lot of money because I accidentallyleft few instances open

The last time I logged in and I was charged Hefty livewithout me being noticed

When you see a button missingthat enable billing make sure that you use it carefully because you do not wantto be charged for something that you are not using

So when you talkabout gcp this is how the interface looks like

You have all the serviceshere as well there you had your computer services you have you haveyour compute engine basically and you can to come hereand create your instances

You can click hereand you can go ahead and go through the processof creating your instances, but I won't be creating an instance as far as youare gcp is concerned because I've givenyou a reason already

I'm happy workingwith AWS for now

This is your dashboard where you get in allthe information as in whatever is happening as faras your account is concerned

So this is one of the accountsmanaged by a person I know who works with meand the certain projects which he has goneahead and created

So it's the information forthose details are the details for that project basically and then you havesomething called as your Microsoft Azure now, I won't log in and getinto the details

But yeah it to provides youwith similar services

So is this whatabout the different cloud? Riders that are then the marketand I just wanted you all to have some understandingas in how do these things work? And what do these Serviceshave to offer to you? I hope this is clearto all of you

Why a Microsoft is yourwhy are you guys so interested in Microsoft with yard

Now one thing is that Microsoft is youris actually becoming pretty big

I mean the cloudleader on papers

It is AWS right now, but if you see the growthwith that has been happening in the past few years Microsoftis your is actually coming out pretty big

Right? So and that is the reasonif you look at this graph, there are the job opportunitiesfor Azure has been on a rice and that is like thisis the primary reason that you guys want to learnabout Microsoft with your because obviously you wantto make a career shift into the cloud industry, right and for that availabilityof jobs should also be a factor

And if you see the graphthis graph is has actually been taken from indeed

com, right and as you can seethe graph is rising

So if you see as 2014it was around

01% in the mid in the late 2016

It's reached around

09it came down to a fault

But then again it is at a right

So this is apartmentthat you see but if you take my advice because I have seen the industryas far as I know these jobs

Are going to increase multiplesin the future as well

Right? It's not only restricted to is or if you talk about AWS if talkabout any Cloud technology, it has become imperativefor you to learn about Cloud because it is the thingeverything in the next 10 or 15 years is going to beon the cloud right any company which is still on its ownfor my servers will move to the cloud one day or another because that is inevitable that Is somethingthat has to happen and that is the reasonit becomes very important for you guys to skill up to the cloud levelright now talking about is your like I said, so jobs are increasing every dayjobs are there for you? So what needs to be donefrom you guys is prepare for the exam

That is thereforeAzure give that exam get the certification get hands-onexperience and get the job

This is the course

This is the path that you should have for takinga cloud computing roll

Right having said that so that is this isthe reason why we learning about Microsoft Azuretoday moving on

Let's understand whatMicrosoft is your is exactly so Microsoft isyour is a growing locations through Microsoft's GlobalNetwork of data centers, right? So by usingthe Microsoft infrastructure, you build deployand manage applications on the has your environmentand Like as you're like I said, it's a cloud provider

It provides you the cloud services you're usingthose cloud services, but those cloudservices are actually on the Microsoft infrastructure

And that is what youare paying them for right? So, this is what MicrosoftAzure is all about guys

Now, let's see a use case nowthat is My Philosophy is that rather than doingall the theory first and then going onto the Practical I would like to followthe reverse approach, right? I would I'd liketo begin from practicals because that is what your exam will be basedon your exam will be based on real-life example that you basedon real-life scenarios Lou based on what kind of Hands- On knowledge you havein your as your domain

All right, and that is the reasonevery session of ours will have a use case through whichwe will try to analyze how we can implementit in the cloud

Right? So this is your first use case

This is kind of simple guys

So please pay attention

So we are tryingto make a website which is something like this

Right? So what happens here isyou have a set of images and these images are actuallybeing played in the background

And in this website, you have a functionalityto upload more files to the cloud and once you do that those fileswill automatically be added in the slideshowand we'll start running

Alright, so this is our use case and we have to implementit on the cloud

So there are twostages in the way

We are going to take this usecage the first stages

We're going to applypure logic, right? We are going to understand how we can actually deploy iton any cloud service right? Not only does your buttany Cloud platform if it is out there, how can we implementthis use case? So let's see that first and after thatonce you have understood that will try implementingit in as your so first

Let's see how We will implementthis in a general scenario by pure logic

So your user base will beaccessing the internet right now when your user will tryto access the website, he will enterthe website name, right? So all of that trafficwill come at this point, which is called a load balancer

Now, what is the loadbalancer a load balancer is basically a service which distributesyour traffic equally among the server's runningat that time

So say there are like five servers runningyour website then and if traffic is comingon to your servers that traffic will be distributed among those five serversby the load balancer

So the job of the loadbalancer is to distribute the traffic equallyamong the service, right? So this is whatthe load balancer is all about

So your user base from the Internet is tryingto access your website

So the traffic comesto the load balancer and the load balancer separates or Segregated traffic into equal proportions and giveit to the server's right

So once the traffic comesonto the server's the server's process the request andif you talk about our website, so our photos are actuallystored on a file system, right? So whatever filesyou are uploading or whatever files are there, which are already been uploadedthere on a file system, right? So it will access that filesystem for fetching those files, but our servers they don't know

What files do we want? Right? What is the like say, for example, I upload a fileand before uploading the file

There were three picturesrunning in the background

So my server should know what are those three filesthat I have excess right? There should be a listof those files that the server has to playin the background

Now that list of filesis actually stored in a database, right? So what my service will do isit will first get that list from the database right? And once it gets atleast it will fetch that

List of files from the file system saythere are around five files in the database

So my server will interpretthe addresses of those files from the database and then it will call the filesystem and get those addresses or get those filesfrom there and Fry to show that in this slideshowin the website

Now when we upload the file, what happens is firstyour database is updated, right? So whatever file is beinguploaded to your servers, that file is Renamed according to whateverparameter you have set because it has to be unique

Right each file hasto be identified with a unique name, right? So it renames that fileto that unique name and then store iton the database once entry has been madeon the database then it gets uploadedonto the file system

Right? So guys, thisis the architecture of your applicationjust as the logic that will be following today

So let's try to implementthis architecture has your nose Understood how we canactually architect this use case in a general way

Right? Let's see how we can implementit in the has your environment

So in the Azureenvironment the servers that you're tryingto implement is actually provided to you by a servicecalled the app service

What is AB servicewill be discussing in the further slides

Then let's talk about the loadbalancer and auto-scaling

So the load balancer is actually implemented bythe has your load balancer and auto-scaling, right? And having said that then we talkedabout the database

So database isthe mySQL database that will be usingin Azure and then you have the file system which is called blob storagein your what are these Services you might be confused


What is your load balancer? What is the app so iswhat is mySQL database? What is blob storage? Don't worry

I will explain everything to youin the coming few slides

So let's go ahead then

So these are the servicesthat you'll be using in a jar

Let's go ahead and understandthese Services one by one

So let's talk aboutthe app service first

So the app service is basicallya part of the compute domain

All right, and in the compute domainyou have a lot of sources, but why are we usingthe app service? Let's understand that

So there are basicallythree kinds of services in the compute domain if you talked aboutin a very broad sense

The first service is calledthe virtual machine


What is the virtual machinea virtual machine is just like a traditional computer

Now that you havein your in-house data house

It is a computerthat is accessible to you and you can do anythingwith that computer where you have allthe rights to that computer

All you have to do is basically what you will do with a virtualmachine is you will say that I need this much RAM

I need this much storage and Ineed this much configuration

Please give me a computer

So as your will createthat virtual machine for you, right and it will giveyou the IP address and the passwordfor that machine

What you can do isby remote desktop connection

And you can enterthat IP address and the password and you will be ableto connect to that computer

Now, once you connectto that computer, it is your computer annoyedyou have the access to the user interface

You can do anythingon this computer

You can make ita website server

You can make it a workerto your environment

You can use it to forimage processing right? You can do multiple thingson a so I like you I might be doingon your server as well

Right? So this is what virtualmachines is all about

You can configure itto Become anything

Our next serviceis called the app servers

So it is a basicallyan automated version of a virtual machine, but with limited possibilities when I say limited possibilitiesit is this service is actually very more focused

Right so app service

Basically, it doesn'tgive you the access to the user interface

All right, but that gives you more simple interfaceto deal with because if you want to host a website in virtual machine youwould have To configure the virtual machine you wouldhave to configure the firewalls

You would have to installthe necessary software like say for example,you have a PHP website, right? So you would haveto install PHP software on a virtual machine and then you would have to copy those your website filesor the files that you have codedinto a specific folder and then you would havetestified the configuration for your firewall and everything

Right? So there were a lot of thingsthat you had to do in your virtual machinewith app service

You don't have to do anything

Then you just have to specifywhat language you want

Say, for example,I want a PHP website

So I'll select PHP

I'll do next then last mewhat kind of configuration of servers I want

I'll specify the configuration

I click next and that is it

My website willbe deployed automatically

It will ask meto upload the files

I'll upload the files

It will automatically send it towhatever folder it is required and this done right? So this is the partof app service right? It is more automated because the Pitchingmachine everything had to be done manually, but with app service everythinghappens automatically

I just have to uploadmy files, right? So this is whatapp service is all about

So, like I said, so app service is basicallyused to deploy an application

All right, you cannot doanything else with it

You cannot use it to process a customized workloador something like that

You can just use itto deploy an application and that is why it is calledan app service Right Moving On Let's Talk

Talk about functions of functions is basicallya very new technology

It's called the server lessarchitecture it basically what it does is you don't haveto specify the configuration

You don't haveto specify anything

You just haveto upload your code and it executes it for you, but it will not deployany application for you

For example, you wantto host a website

It's not do that

It just does processingin the sense

It will only dobackground tasks for you

For example, if you Have letme take an example which uses both these Services

If you have say an applicationlike Instagram, right? So user uploads His imageon your application

And then your application has to store that image nowbefore storing that image

Maybe you want to compressthe image or you want to apply a filter to itor whatever, right? So from your applicationthe file is uploaded

And now these many taskshave to be done if these tasks are actuallyconfigured in your code, which is Actuallyuploading the file as well

It will actually increasethe overhead on the server which is hosting an application

But what we can do is the way things happen todayis everything is distributed

Right? So from your application onlythe file will be uploaded

Once the file is uploaded

Right? The tasks will be the taskslike renaming the file or compressing the fileapplying the filters

Everything will be doneusing the functions

So the function will get invokedwhenever the file

Is it uploaded usingthe app servers and the functionwill execute all the tasks that have to be doneon that particular image this reduces the overhead on the server which ishosting your application

Right? And you have your backgroundtasks will be implemented by a functions and then will be storedin the respective file system

Whatever you have codedyour function to do right? So this isbasically the difference

So recapping again virtual machine is basicallya computer you can configure it to anything you can actuallywe use app servers in a virtual machine Mallory

For example, you wantto deploy an application you can use it by configuringa virtual machine, right? You can also use it asa function your virtual machine that I mean to say as in you can configure it toonly execute background tasks

But the thing is you have toconfigure everything manually

If you want an automatedversion you can go with app Service app Servicesused to deploy an application

Right? But if you are use case is not about deploying applicationyou want to do some raw? Searching you might aswell hop for functions, which is a service which is not usedto deploy an application but is used to executebackground tasks

All right, so guys a doubtand whatever we have discussed like we discussedvirtual machine

We have discussed app serviceand we've discussed functions

All right

Like I said, we are using the app service whybecause we are deploying a website, right? So for deploying a website,I need apps away

So it cannot be done using functions can be done were doingvirtual machines as well, but it will needa lot of manual work and our job is tomake everything faster right cloud computing is allabout speeding up things

The speed of implementingis increased right so I rather use an app service and upload my codeon the Service and it will deploythe website from right it's that simple guys

Let's move on to the next topicof today's discussion, which is the blob storage

So the blob storage isbasically the file system that you need to uploadyour files, right? You definitely needa file system

There is no alternative to this


So your blob storageis the place where you will be storingyour image files, but why did we choosethe blob storage by not some other servicefrom the storage to Maine? Let's discuss that

So in the storagedomain basically, you have three kind of servicesyou have more services well, but these are the three mainservices in the blob in the storage domain

You have the block storage

You have the Q storage and then you havethe backup, right? So the block storage is like I said is a file systemon which you can upload any kind of file, right? And that's about it

There is nothingmore to blob storage

This is the thing next isKyu storage Secure Storage is basically a queuing service whenever you haveto synchronize tasks

For example process one hasto be done before process to and process to help itto be done before process 3

So what you can do is youcan bundle these tasks in a sequential Manner and you can add itto the queue storage

Right? What the queue storage will dois it will actually hold these tasks accordingto the sequence that you entered, right? And whenever the queue storage is accessed it will givethem only the first task now the second task isthe third task first

So the way It functions islike this say for example, like I said the imageprocessing application

I want to rename filefirst there won't I want to add filters and then I want to store iton the file system

So these three tasksI will write it down and I will add itinto the queue storage now

See these tasks will be doneby my functions

All right

So what functions will dois it will try to interact with Q storage and lastfor a task, right? So Q storage will give the task to Functions in a verysequential manner in the sense that it will first give itthe task to rename the file

So it will rename the file

Once that task is done

It will again try to xsq storage and then cute store has beengiven a task to filter the image or apply filter to the image, right then we'll apply a filterto the image will be done with that and then it will tryto again the to storage and then it will see that okay now it has to storethat file in a file system which is specified the coderight and it will pick that task do it

It and be done in the first file and then it again XS Q storagein the process goes on

Right? So basically Q storage is usedto give a sequential manner to the processes that are tryingto execute having said that this is a work queuestorage then comes back up

So backup is a service where in you can store your infrequently accessed data, right? What is your in frequentlyaccessed data could be for example in my company

We take a record of everything right wetake our Out of every class that we do we takea record of every query that you guys raised now save the classes that were taken saylike 2 years ago, right and as obviously Icannot delete those classes because they haveto be kept for record

But what is the point of keepingthem on my life hard drive because my life harddrive is where I do

My current tasks, right? So rather than keeping it onmy life hard drive I say, okay

Let me keep it in a CD or a pen driveand keep it somewhere where I can take it outwhen I actually need them

Right? So this is the concept of takinga backup now similarly

If you want to take a backup in as your say you haveyour virtual machine and you have stored a lot offiles on your virtual machine, but you think okay

I don't needthese files anymore

Or maybe I don't needyou file it as of now, I might them need them later

So why do spendthat much on the stories that you're taking onthe virtual machine right rather than storing thein frequently accessed data

Why not put morefrequently exist

So what you can do is thein frequently accessed data that you havein your machine on the cloud

You can actually take a backupof that and store it in the backup service

Now, why will you store itin the back of services? Because storage is more cheaper when you talk aboutthe backup servers because obviously first of all, they'll use magnetic tapesor they'll use ssds or something like thatto store your data now, why is it cheap is because obviously ithas a downside that the response timeof the time to retrieve the files from a backup serviceis obviously more

For example, if you are stored everythingin your virtual machine, you can like go to that particular folder accessthat file and that is it right

But if you have storedin the backup service, the retrievalactually takes time, but it is worth it because you don't usethat file every day, right? You won't be using itand also you're paying less so it doesn't pinchyou that much because you're paying lessand you are not using that file very Yes, well, so why not put itin the backup service? So this is what the backupservice is all about

Now today in our implementation

We are using the blob storagefor obvious reasons that we I want to storemy image files, right? So I not store iton the back up obviously and not show itin the queue storage As Told in the blobstore it because that is whatthat service is meant to do


The next service from Azure isthe MySQL service from Azure

It is basically a MySQLimplementation on the LG

Our infrastructure was right,so you Can use any database you want another youhave an SQL service, which is purely SQL

So if you're comfortablewith that, you can use it

I am using MySQLfor my use case today because that is the way I have quotedmy application to be right

So it is just personal choice

The next service that we are going to talkabout is auto-scaling and load balancing

So like I said load balancing iswhen you want to equally distribute your Amongthe number of servers that are running that time and auto-scaling is actuallyscaling up the number of servers that you're usingaccording to the traffic that is comingonto your website

So you can actually set a metric that so many obviouslywhen more traffic is coming onto your website your CPUutilization will increase because you have to processmore requests now

Yeah, so your serverwill be processing more requests and that is the reasonyour CPU usage will He's so you can actually set a metric

Let's say my CPU usage when it increases 60 or70% increase one more instance or increase three or fourmore inches high

So it is basedon your personal use

So this is whatorder scaling is all about

And obviously when youusing Auto scaling, the number of serversis changing constantly, you need a load balanceralong with it, right the load balancer so that say you havesix or seven servers which are running right now andsay the traffic decreases and it sees okay now the sea Utilizationis going down

So it will reducethe number of servers

Right? So when it will reducethe number of sources do load balancers should identify

Okay, though

They were seven serversbefore now there are like three so you'll be Distributing the traffic accordingto those three servers, right? So the load balancer actuallypays a very important role in the order scalingprocess having said that so this is how allthis killing actually works

So say you have one server, right and the usage increasesit goes on to become two servers and then againthe usage increases it becomes 3 service right now when the users decreasesthese three servers can be reduced to one server or can be reduced to so so this is a diagramrepresentation of what or scaling is

We talk about load balancer

Like I said, so load balancer isa very crucial part of Aura scaling process because load balanceris the part which actually distributesthe traffic according to the number of serversthat are running at that time

All right

So this is how the processSmokes the traffic comes on to the load balancerand the load balancer sees how many servers are running and distributes trafficaccording to that

All right


So we're done with the services

These are the servicesthat we'll be using today

So now we will see how we can launch these servicesin the has ER user environment

So guys will talkabout the Apsos first

We'll see how wecan launch an app service in the as your UI

Okay, let me show youthe user interface for a year now

So guys this is how the user interface foras your looks like

You have all the serviceslisted here on the left side

Right? And this is the dashboard

This is called the dashboardwhatever Services you launch

You can pin it here for basically gettingaccessed quickly

It is just like a desktopon your computer which has all the shortcutsin everything and this is what the dashboardis actually used for

All right

Having said that let's seehow we can launch the app

So In Azure, so first you will clickon app Services as you can see from here

You can click on app servicesand moving ahead

Once you have clickedon app Services

You will reach this plate clickon create app services and then you'll clickon web app and that is it

Let me show you how you do that

So you'll clickon app Services click on create app Services yougo down click on web app

And over hereas you can see after this, you will reach the screenwhen you will see that you have four options

You can either code your websitein

net PHP node

js or python

So if it is either ofthese four languages, you don't have to do anything

You just have to uploadyour code in this web app that you'll be creating and your app will be deployedautomatically without installing any software without doing anyconfiguration Justice, right? Okay

So once you have reached thispage You will click on create

So let's click on Create and then you willreach the screen

So now you have to giveyour application some name

So let us give usthis name as in Eureka - 0 1 so seethat everything is fine

So this subscription is pay-as-you-go ResourceGroup is something which you can createor you can use existing

So Resource Group issomething it's a group of all the resources, right? So if you put if you are it will becreating a storage

Count will be creatingdatabase account

We are creating an app

So it's right

So all of this will comeunder one group

It can be clubbed in one group and will be called asresource for any changes that you want put across the group you can doto the resource Group

All right, we'll bediscussing in detail

What a resource Group isin the further modules, but for now all youshould understand is that a group of resourcesis called a resource book

So if you have an application and just utilizing saythree or four resources, it's better toput those resources

Under one group

All right

So this is about that

Then you havethe app service plan

So app service plan issomething as in what kind of computers youuse and everything

So let's createa new plan for you so that you understand it betterunder the pricing tier

This is the main partthat you have to select guys

You can select the app serviceplan it can give it some name

Let's give it as a service - 1

All right, and this ismy app service plan

You can select what kindof plan you need

Let me see

Like the basic plan as of nowand click on select right and then click on OK

So this was about Apsos plan

You can clickon application insights which basically gives youthe monitoring tools for now

Let's not discuss it

Let's not go into it

We'd be discussing it later

And now let's click on create

So I am takingthe PIN to dashboard which will basically create a shortcut on a dashboard tothis application comes in handy

And that's it guys

You will click on create

Alright, so now my applicationis being created

Okay, so all right whymy web app is deploying

Let me go back to my slide and let's jumponto our next service which is blob storage

So like I said blob storage justlike a file system

You need a file systemto show your files, right? So that is whatthe blobster is all about

Let's see how we can create ablob storage instance in Azure

So you will reach thisis the dashboard you reach the screen

You will clickon storage accounts

Once you have clicked on Storythe council click on ADD

And that is it guys

Nothing much acquired

Let's go aheadand do this I go here

I'll click on storage accounts

I will reach the screen and click on ADD and Iwill start entering the values

So let's give itthe name called Eureka - 0 1 so this is taken

Let's give it a nameas well as your I do

Write this name is available

All right, the performanceshould be standard because this is a demoreplication is not required

So I'll say locally redundantStorage storage service encryption should not requiresecure transfer is not required and subscriptionis pay-as-you-go

Okay Resource Group

Let's select a director - 0 1 because this is the resourceGroup that I selected earlier, right and let's pinit to dashboard

click on create Alright, so my web app hasbeen deployed already and my storage accountis also being deployed

All right, so this was about it

Let's go on

Let's see for our MySQL

So for MySQL, let's seewhat all we have to do

So we will click on you

We will click on databases and then we'll click on asyour database for MySQL

All right, and that is about it

Let's go back and do that

So we'll click on new

The search for as your database

for MySQL All right here this so I click on this and I'll click on create

So here it is

I have to enter the server name

Let's enter the servername as Eureka - 0 1 it is available

It's good

The resource Groupshould be the same

So let's select a riruka -0 1 so admin login name

Let's give it asany Rekha password

Let's give it any Rekha one, two, three, four confirmthe password and Eureka one, two, three four, and it is asking mesome special characters or let me add the specialcharacter as well


So basically you cannot have the login nameand your password

So let me change the passwordto add you one two, three, four exclamation samein the confirmation

All right

So this is available

Now the location soundsintroduced version is 5

7 pricing tier

Let me see if there issomething more or less

All right

I think this I click on OK

Bennett dashboardand click on play

It's pretty simple guys

You would know when you will dothe Hands-On on yourself

So the pricing tiercan be the minimum if you are using it for demo or if you'recreating an application, which is for global scaleapplication huge can choose the pricing Theoryaccording to that

Alright while it is deploying

Let's move ahead

So let's come ontothe auto-scaling part now

So basically we haveto configure our web app to order scale as andwhen required It so let's see how we can do that

So let's understand the typesof Auto scaling first

So basically there are two typesof scaling one is called horizontal scaling and oneis called vertical scaling

So horizontal scaling iswhen you are increasing the number of serversthat you require say, you don't have an i7 server

For example

All right

Now the usage goes up so you take to i7 serversand if it again goes up you take 3i7 SOS, right

So this is what horizontalscaling is all about right? Let's come ontovertical scaling now

So vertical scaling is when you areincreasing the capacity or the configurationof your system say you were using an I3 system beforeright the traffic increases

So now you're using an I-5system the traffic increasing now you're using the i7 system

So you are havingonly one machine but you're increasingthe configuration of your system, right? So these are the two Typesof scaling which exists in auto-scaling alsothe other way is manual scaling so you can alsomanually scale up your in the number of instances or the configurationof your system

Right? So the way to do that is to manually gointo the service change the pricing tierand you are said this is how you manuallyscale auto-scaling

I'm going to tell youin a couple of you slides

Also guys when you areauto-scaling like I said load balancingis Quickly attached to it

Alright, so when you would beorders killing in a web app, you don't have to configurethe load balancer

The load balanceris configured automatically and said automaticallyfor you to be used right because it doesn't makesense to use or scaling and not use load balancer

And that is the reason as your has automatedthe process of attaching a load balancer when you using ordersRight Moving ahead guys

Let's see how wecan launch this instance

So guys first you will clickon app Services

You will go to your particular

Instance that ER have launchedyou will go to scale out and you will clickon enable auto scale

All right

So let's do that

We will go to app Serviceswhich is here

So this is my instance

I have launched I clickon idea raiga - 0 1 I'll go down

And as you can seeI have two options

I have scale upand I have scale out when I click on scale up

You see the pricing tier so I can increasethe configuration of my system right? But this is not aboutwhat I want

I want to scale out which is I want to increasethe number of instances running right now, right? So so it says Auto scaleis not supported for basic chair of web apps

Okay, so let me changemy configuration

Alright, so if I goto scale out now, you can see that I have the optionto enable auto scale

So I will clickon enable auto scale and then let's give it a name

Let's give it a nameas any Rekha Auto

Alright, so my auto scalingproperty name is Erica Otto

The resource Group isa Eureka - 0 1 right

So now you have an optionto Scale based on a metric which is basedon some statistics

Like the CPUs isor the memory usage or anything

Right? And the other one is scaledto a specific instance count

So for example, whenever the traffic increasessay you were one instance now like increased five instances

All right

So these are the two optionswill go with Scale based on a metric and scale outin scale in your instances based on Metric

All right

So let's add a rule

Let's add the ruleas in what we want

What kind of metricdo we want to? Monitor and scaleaccording to right? So as you can seethe time aggregation is not something weshould be worried about

Okay guys, so theseare all the metrics that you can actually monitorand scale according to you can scale accordingto the memory percentage

You can scale according to disc,uh dpq data in and out, right? So let's for now keep it simple and scale accordingto CP percentage right time

I'm is not somethingyou should be worried about and the operator

All right, so whatshould be the condition so should it be greaterthan or should it be greater than or equal to let's keep itat greater than or equal to

So whenever the thresholdis greater than a whenever the CPU Z will go greater thanor equal to 70 for 10 minutes so you can set thisas say two minutes, right? Okay

Let's see

It says that it should bebetween 5 and 7 2000

Get let's keep itat five increase count by

So let's seewhat our options we have here

So you canincrease by percentage

You can increase by countto as in if you were one

You can increase it to 10, right and you candecrease the count or you can decreasethe person by as well

Alright, so when youare auto-scaling guys, you have to set two rulesone is the rule to increase R

Obviously one ruleis there to decrease so whenever the traffic goesdown you have to decrease Reese your instances as well

So for now we are settingthe increase rule so let's set the increase count by option

So how many instances should increase I thinkone is a fair number and cooldown is something thatis actually there when you are say you are asked you right now, right and then say youorder scaled one minute back

And again the CPU usage goes up

So rather than going onand Filling up again

What you can do is youcan wait for 5 minutes and watch the metrics right because it doesn'thappen in a second that your CPU usage will go down because there area lot of services which are actually running right so you can beat once your newserver has been deployed

You can wait for the trafficto be transferred to that server as well

And then you can see the metricsgo down right for that

We keep something calledcool down minutes, right? So we have the defaultis for Five, let's keep it at five only and now this is it guys

There's nothingelse to configure

Let's click on ADD

Alright, so as you can see,this rule has been said, let's add one morerule to decrease

So the CPU percentage is fine

The operator should be lessthan or less than right

So whenever the threshold isless than 50% Decrees count by one instance and letthe cool down be this much


So again, the cooldown logicgoes here as well

Say you decrease an instance

And again your CPU is still low because it takes timefor your traffic could to get transferredto the server number

It has the keys down to right

So let's keepthe cooldown in it

So we'll click on our now

All right, so we have addedthe auto scaling group

Hello guys

This is a there'snothing much to consider

Actually, if you think about it,it's a very complex process

But as your has given you the Simplicity to doit very simplistic or a very English manor because you just say like I said if the CPU is above70% increase the number of servers by one, right? So if you go hereand if you don't know about auto-scaling youcan actually figure out what is happening, right and same isthe case with scaling

So whenever your CPU is less than 50% Decreasethe count by one, right? So as you can see youcan actually read it here that this iswhat we have configured

All right, solet's save this now

Alright guys

So this is how you order scaleyour web app instance now, since we are doing a demo guys, we don't requirethe order scale module for my application

So I'll just discard it for now because I can't evendemonstrate this to you

Right? So I just showed youhow you can order scale


Let's go back and seewhat all is left

Alright, so now we are goingto do the demonstration

So we have launched eachand every service we have launched the Absolute wehave launched a blob storage and we have launched a MySQLfor yard right now

Let's go back and checkand deploy our website

So let me show you how the website lookslike in my local host

So my Local Hostis this alright? Okay

So this is showing me an errorbecause as of now, my code is not connectedto my has your instances

All right

So let's firstconfigure our instances

So let us go to the dashboard and let'sfirst configure a database

All right now forconfiguring your database

The first thing that you have to dois connect to it right

Now the way you canconnect to it is using the command prompt for that

You have to clickon connection security

Now you cannot connectto your database just like that

You have to configureyour IP address in the set of rules that are there for the fireballof the database and when your IP address is listedthere then you can connect to the database

Let me show youhow let me show you that you cannot connectas of now

So I will launchthe command prompt

I will go tomy MySQL installation

All right

All right

So this is my myactual inflation guys

So I will typein the command MySQL - etched pace and thenthe server name which is this I patient here

All right, then Iwill give the port number

So the port number is -capital P guys

Don't forget its capital P

It's different than small Pright small piece of password capital P isfor the port number and then I give the user name

So the username is this

Patient here, rightand then I will type in the password and hit enterenter the password, which is Nu 1 2 3 4 exclamation and enter seeas you can see client with IP address is not allowedto access server

All right

So now what I'll do is I'll goto connection security

I will add my IPand I will click on Save

So say successfullyupdated connection security

Let's go back to our Command Prompt executethe same command again type in our password

And now as you can see, I have successfully connectedto my database now, I can create a databasehere called anyway car

Let me create a database

Let me clear the screen

Okay, so I forgotI'm working on windows

So in Windows youcannot clear your my screen

What a sham

All right

So if you are using Linuxyou could have just typed in control L and itwould have been fine

All right guys,so as I was saying, let's create a databasecalled Eureka so create database and Eureka

And that is it

Well type in use at Eureka

I'll create a table

Let's create atable called image, right and title nameis just one second

My call name is name

All right, so I'vecreated a table

So if I type in show tables itwill show me the table name, which is image

All right guys, so this is donenow I have created

The table at first I created thedatabase quality Rekha and my - here which is hosted on a job and then I createda table called image in it and the table has one columncalled name, right? So this is it

This is my MySQL

So my MySQL hasbeen configured now

Alright, so my MySQLhas been configured now

Let me go back to the overview

Alright, so my MySQLhas been configured as you can see in the databases

It will show that there isa database called at Eureka which had just created

All right, let's go back

You might have to addthe web apps IP addresses

Well, we'll do that later

Let's go to ourPhilip now awesome, so we'll go to our web app

And guys, this is a web app

This is the URL for your websitewill click on this URL and you will see a welcome page

This is your welcome page

So now what you have to dois you have to upload your code over here

Alright, so the way youcan do this is using GitHub, or you can do itusing FTP as well

Now I know most of you arefrom non-technical background, so you might not be knowingwhat GitHub is so for now

What I'll be doingis I will be using FTP software called filezilla for transferring my filesfrom the next session onwards

I'll be using GitHuband for that I have actually there is a video in your LMS, which is a short tutorialon get up how to use get up which is enoughfor a demonstration

So you can go throughthat video before coming to the next session and thenwe will be using get out

All right for now

Let's just Use the FTP softwarewhich is called filezilla

All right

So the way you can connecthere is like this so you have to createa deployment credential

Alright, so my deploymentcredentials is HR 1

Let's give it a passwordand the password could be


Let me give ashemanth one nine nine

All right and over herealso a mint one nine nine

All right

Let's click on save

Oh, maybe this usuallymeans not available

So let me give it a charger 1 2so you can save okay, let's try this again

It sure went to all right,maybe I'm connected here

Maybe that's whyit makes it it it's him and one nine nine four


It's click on Save

All right, so I get out of here, right so later wehave successfully reset the deployment credentials now, alright, so what we can dois I will go back to my lab

All right, so now Ican get connected to my web app

I have to winto the FTP host name

So it will go here one second

All right, the hostnamewill go here

The username is hr1to password is this right? And what else? All right, the usernameis just some sorry

The username will be this

All right, let's click

click on QuickConnect All right

So as you can see, we have successfully loggedinto a FTP channel so over here you will go on site right? We'll go on www


com copy allyour website files over here

So let us do that

My files are some here

All right, so let'scopy the files now

I've came just dragand drop it over here and the process will startnow it might take a while

So let us configuresome other file by my website is being copied


So now what we can do iswe will go to our dashboard and we can configure storage

Mind you guys I might have to upload my codewhich in my web app because there are some things that I have to change inthe code because the addresses and now I'm creatingnew Services, right? So I'll have to changeservices address in the court

So I'll do that and then Iwill update the particular file that I will be changingin in my web app

So let me just give me a minute


So now what I'll do is Iwill create a blog over

It I create a container and the container nameshall be hello and the excess type P container

All right, I clickon OK so I have successfully created a container called blob

If you go in properties, you will see that this isthe URL for it, right? So let me show you the codefor my website guys

So this is the codefor my website

All right now I'll haveto change the url at places

So let me do that

So it will get changed here

All right, thenmy container name is hello

So that is okay

And now one more thing I so whenever you are basicallygoing to connect to your storage accountthe order your blob storage

You have to go here

I'll show you will haveto go to Access keys

So here's a key right so youthis is the connection string that you have to includein your code

I have copied it

I'll go here and I will include itin the connection string code

All right, so I control Vand over here

You have to removethe endpoint suffix

All right

So this is not required

If you put thisit will not work


I don't think anythingelse is required

Yes, I have to change thedatabase credentials as well

So let's do that as well

So we are storag account is set or you don't haveto change anything else

Let's go to the MySQL

But all right, here it is

So the server namehas to be changed

Let's copy the server name

And give it here

So the host name is this

Alright, and let's see

So I login name is this let'sput the login name here

Boss word is any one two,three, four exclamation, which is right

Dima name database nameis Eddie Rekha, which is night username usertable as image, which is right and the field name is name

Alright, everything seemsfine one more place

I have to change it

So let's do that as well

So let's copythis paste it here

Copy our username

Paste it here

And everything seems fine now

So now when I tryto run the code, it will run on my local host, but it will not runon my web app

Why because I'll tell youso I was getting these warnings right? So let me refresh wait

Let me save it

So let me refresh it now

Okay, one second

Okay, CeCe successfully updated

Let's go back and checkwhether it's working

Alright, so basicallyyou have to disable the Infosys cell Connection inyour MySQL and that would be it if I were to do this, alright, so now Iwill choosing a file and I'll be uploadingthis particular file, which is Desert

I'll click on upload image and it will take some timeto upload the image

And it says well doneblob update complete and as you can seemy image is loading

Let's check whether we have it in our dashboard as inour storage account will go to 0 and you will click on blobswill go to Hello container and you can refresh it

And as you can see,there will be a file here, which says 1 4 9 6 7 4 2 4 6 8

All right, so let me connect tomy MySQL now again, all right

Just give me a second

I will type in my show - Edge and then the usernameSo this is my host name guys

So I'll copy The Sourcename paste it here and then my port numberwhich is 3 3 0 6 my username, which is this I pasted hereand then password which is as of nowthis Eddie one, two, three, four exclamation

Thank you termination base

I use the ddps that I've created select tableand I will show you the record now

Let's compare itwith what is there? It's wonderful 9 6& 4 2 4 6 8 and it's 1 4 9 6 7 4 2 4 6 8

So guys as you can see the samefile has been uploaded here and it has been mentioned here

So what my website is now doingis it is basically Fetching the file from my database and then accessing the fileover here in my file system and hence displaying itin its background

So as of now additions,there is only one image

It is not showing the slideshow

Let me choose one more file

Let's upload the koala imageand click on upload image

So now when you will see that the imagewhich is being loaded and if I go hereand I refresh it

I can see that there aretwo images now here right and in my database as well if Irefresh it I can see two images

Alright guys

So this websiteseems to work fine

It is connectingwith my storage account

It is connectingwith my database on a job


Let's check if my fileshave been uploaded

So it says okay thismight take some time guys

So let's waitbecause we are all set here

We are done with everything

We are just waiting for our files to be transferredhere and then I'll show you how it works over there

All right, so let'swait Alright guys, so my transfers have finished

So now let's check whether my web appis working or not

Right? So I'll go to the dashboard

Are you go to my web app? And this is the link I'll clickon this link now guys

Like I said, you have to add the IP addressof the web app in the MySQL as well

So when I go here yousee an arrow, right? And now like I said, we have to sendthe index file again, so I delete the index filefrom the server from here

All right, copythe index file again because it's been updated

All right, and nowI will refresh this

So as you can see it saysthe IP address is not allowed to access the server

So what we'll do is wewill copy the IP address

We will go to our databasewere connection security

Alright, so here we arewill select the web app give this therapy and the ni P

All right

So let's get rid of the spaces

And this is it nowwe click on Save

Now, why are we doing this? We are doing thisbecause here we got an error that this IP addressis not validated with the MySQL

So we have added this IP address or where it says successfullyupdated security settings

Let's refresh it and check

Okay, awesome guys

So now my website is working

So I have successfully updatedmy website in the web app

All right, and I didn't haveto configure anything

I didn't go to the UI

I just transferred my filesand my website is up and ready

This is the address which is being usedto get to the website

All right, so guysthis was the demo

Let me get back to my slides

So let me recap what I did

I configured my app servicewith the code

I configure no MySQLwith the IP addresses of my own computer to configureit and the IP address of my app service so that the app serverscan communicate with mySQL

I configured my blob storage and I configured it addressin my code my PHP code and a configured the host name and the passwordfor the created MySQL service in my PHP code as well

So guys this Is what we did

All right having saidthat let's go ahead guys

So we're done with the demo

Let's get on with usyour pricing now

Now whatever servicesthat we have used

What if I tell youthat you can use them for free? Yeah

So let me teach you guys how you can do that in theas your pricing section

So as your pricing sectionshas these three features

All right

So what the first time youregister on Microsoft Azure as a new account you first of all get $200 worthof free credits in an account

Now what you can dowith this $200 you can use it to deployapplication as in many want

So this is a one-timefree credits that are allotted to you on registration

Also with these credits

You can explore any servicesfor free India 0 for the first 30 days so energy or you can usethese credits to be to launch any kind of servicefor the first 30 days and Of course after you use the services, you don't have topay anything, right but you might have to registeryour credit card with them because that is how it works

They'll charge youone rupee in that and then they will refundthe one rupee afterwards

This is justfor verification purposes

Because once your free trialends, you have to upgrade your plan to pay as you go or whateverthat you are looking for

Right but the good thingabout a jar is that sometimes it happensthat we start using the free? Thing and we forget to see that it is only validfor 30 days and we forget that and after 30 days if you use another Servicesyou get charged, right, but with a zerothat is not the case with a 0 what happens is youare given a pricing tab

It says free trial, right? So at the end of 30 days, it says free trial expiredand you're not allowed to do or you're not allowedto access any of your services

It is only when youmanually change your plan from free trial to payas you go

That when you can actually startusing your services again, so which is a good thingby a job because you have control of your financesin your hand, right? You will know what youget charged for and that is somethingvery transparent about as you're withthat it has come up in this is a verygood thing having said that lets go aheadand understand the two plans which are thereone plan is called pay as you go plan and the otherplan is called six months or 12 months and sobasically with pay as you go plan

The thing is that you take a service or youtake an instance and you use it for one day or two daysor a week or two weeks and you payfor that amount only

All right, but when youwant a longer commitment say for example our websiteright a company's website

It's called any record orko

So it will be there until the companyis there right? So for those kind of cases, it is better to gofor long-term plans because with long-term plansyou get discounts, right? So if you compareit with pay-as-you-go if you are usingInstance of it be as you go plan for six months and you compare itwith the service or instance in which you have optedfor a six-month plan or a 12-month planand you have gone through the six monthsthe amount of money that you're paying in thatand the amount of money that you're payingthrough the pay as you go service isobviously less, right? So the other thing iswith the plan the catch here is that you have to pay a full upfront or partial upfront payment for the six monthsor 12 months or whatever term that you want the instanceto be running on

All right


So this is the thing that you have to kind of thingsyou have pay-as-you-go plan and then you have a plan Baron you pay in future

So it's basically like prepaidand postpaid with Prepaid

You have six monthsin 12 months plan with postpaid

You have pay-as-you-gomodel having said that let's move ahead guys

So this is the thing that you guys have been waitingfor the free things that you get in as all right? So the services that we use today the app servicefor example is free, right, so it is free up

An extent that youcan host up to 10 web and mobile apps on any platform or device in a jarfor free, right? So for more information, you can go to this linkwhich I have added in my slide

So this link will take you there and it lists all the serviceswhich are some of the services that we have not discussedtoday are also included under the free subscription

Another good thingwith Azure is the guys that even if your free trial ends these three thingswill be there for you, right you can usethese three things even if the field trial ends thesethree things are there for life

So the first 10 app servicesthat you use in his yard, they are free similarly withthe case of virtual networks

You can actually create50 free virtual networks with Jean rightafter the 50 virtual Network that you have would have createdthe 51st would be charged for you as one virtual Network

It is again a cool thing, right? So Gob serversand watching it, but like I said, there are otherservices as well

One, two, three, four,five six six in all which are free

When has your for a lifetime

So there are some restrictionslike for example in app service you have youcan only run 10 app services for free similarly

You have these Services as well

Alright, so this is a cool thing about Asia that evenof the field trial ends

They give you freeservices having said that guy's okay, so that brings usto the end of our session

So today in this session will be understanding MicrosoftAzure storage components

All right, so let's goahead and see what is our agenda for today

So we'll startoff by discussing

Why do we actually need storage? All right, and then we'll moveon to the question which is frequently asked that when do we use storage versus when do we usedatabase right after that? We'll move on to seethe topic of the day

Which is what is as your storage and then we'll move onto discuss the components of azure storageand towards the end

We'll be doing a Hands-Onon each and every service that will be learning today

All right, so guys, I hope the agendais clear to you

I welcome you all tothe live session any doubts that you have please putin the comments section

I am a team with me here

They'll be answering allyour queries here today

All right

So with that let's begin today'ssession with our first topic that why do we actually need? Storage

All right

So for this let's takean example first

Let's take a use caseand see and understand

What is the needof storage in today's era

All right

So for example, we have an imageprocessing application, right? So for this imageprocessing application, we have given the user interface as a website so roundsay a million people can access my website and put in their requestto process their image

All right, so we don't wantthe processing of the image

To happen on the server, which is whoshe met my website

I wanted to be happeningon some other server, right? I want the processing to happenon a back-end server

So for that we have someback-end servers now my request for the processing will come infrom website servers

So I need a place where in I'll be processwill be storing all the jobs

Right which can be accessedby the backend server as well

So for that I need an entity where I wherein I can dumpin all the jobs which are there

R which had to be done bythe backend servers now, obviously all the jobs cannot be done simultaneouslyby the backend servers, right? So say, like I said, there are like million peoplewho are accessing your website at once and they putin a million requests, right and your back-end servers cannot process allthe requests at once so they will do it oneby one right and they can do that with the helpof this entity

They will put their will pickup a job do that job and then go again backto the entity picked up

Other job go backto the entity and so on

All right

So now when you have allthe jobs in this entity, these jobs haveto be distributed equally to the backend servers right? Once that is done

Once your back-end serversprocess all the images which are thereor process an image which has which had someoperations to be done on it

Then the image hasto be stored somewhere, right because you have to store the end result somewhere soyou Store all the properties like the name the locationof the image everything on the database But Here Comes the change

You cannot storean image on a database

I mean you can actually do that

But when you look at the datathat an image contained it is all randomized it is there isno structure in the data that an image has or for that matterany video file as or any any kindof file has right? So that is the reason we need an entity to actuallystore this kind of data so that the The thing that is required to querythis kind of data, which would have beenthere in the case when you would havestored your image in the database, right? So in that case process a lotof processing is required if you try to query them, so we wanted the processingpower to become less the processing burdento become less

And hence

We hence we wantedan entity we can do which can actuallystore any kind of file Let It Be images Let It Be video filesEtc came in storage

So let's discuss the first case where in we hadto Oh the jobs, right? So when storage came in now, we can actually put in sayten thousand jobs per second inside the storagethe storage service without any overburden on any of the serversbreed back-end servers or beat website servers, right? So the processing timehas drastically reduced and the jobs are nowlisted in the Q

So Q is actually a servicewhich is offered by storage

Right? So now what back-end serverswill do is Take up the job from there and execute it

And once they've executedthat job will be deleted and the next jobwill be queued next when we talk about this section

We're in we had to store images

So now any kind of file can be storedon these storage service, which is offered by Cloud

It's not only limitedto the cloud if you think about itin your computer in your own local computer on your mobile youstore some pictures or you store some video file

Is right and you store itinside a file system

It is not a database

It is a file system and itcan contain all the objects that you want to store


Don't you do not storeyour objects inside a database

All right

So this is whystorage is needed

Let's go aheadand and understand what is the differencebetween storage and a database? So a storage is basically neededwhenever you have objects

Like I said, so you have any othermusic files when you whenever you have video fileswhenever you have Images that show in all these kind of cases you usea storage kind of service but when you have say somethingrelated to the metadata of a file, for example, when you store the filein the storage you need to have the locationof that particular file, you need to have the propertiesof that particular file

So all these thingsall the properties all the any location column that you want to add allthese are structured right? They're not Randomized and hence, they can be addedinside a delivers bead SQL and nosql it can be added

Right? So this is the main difference

This is how youwill differentiate between using a storage and a databasemoving along guys

So now we have understood what our databaseswater storage Services

When do we usethe Surah service? When do we usethe database service? Let's move onto the topic of the day, which is a 0 story

So what is azure storage? So Azure storage asa service from a server

So you use it whenever you wantto store something on the cloud and since we are usingthe cloud provider as as your will be usingthe storage service from Azure and that storage serviceis called the Azure storage

So it's now when you begin to usethe Azure storage service

First of all, you should havea storage account which you can createin the Azure management portal

So let me show youhow you can do that

So let me quickly jumponto my browser so that I can show you my hasyour bored So guys this is how my dashboardactually looks like right? So as you can seeon my dashboard, I have all the services listed

So what I'm interestedin today is the storage account

So I'll clickon storage accounts

So I have some deployedalready over here

I click on add to adda new storage account

And then I'll havethis page now

You will enter the nameof the storage account here

So that name has to be unique

So let me enter a name saylive demo 2 3 2 W 3 6

All right, sothat seems to be available

Then comes the optionof account kind right? So how do you wantthat account to be what would it be a block storageor would it be a general purpose so we don't wantto restrict our account to only blob storage

We want ageneral-purpose account

Right, so we'll choose that and then comesthe replication part

How do you want your datato be replicated now, there are quite a fewin what should I say? There are quitea few good options that we have here one is calledthe locally redundant storage

So when we havethe locally redundant storage what this basically means isso understand it like this that there are regions and inside a regionthere are zones

So for example, we have the USand inside us we have cities like Chicago New York right now

It's in New York and Chicago are two zonesand the region is us

All right, so when I saylocally redundant storage what that basically means is that inside a zonethat is inside in say New York

You have a data center for Azurein in that data center you are so your storage accounthas been created

So when you selectthe options or option of locally redundant storage, what basically does is Italyit will replicate your data inside the data

Arrows it is replicatethe data inside the data center in which you have actuallydeployed your storage account so that if one server crashes you you haveyour storage account in other server and that sameparticular premise, right? But when we chooseZone redundant storage what that basically means is so a Zone was Chicagoor New York, right? So in Chicago if you have a data centerin in New York if you have a data center, so whatever is there in the New York data centerwill be replicated to the Chicago datacenter as well so that if One's own goes down

So if this if the data center in New Yorkgoes down Chicago would be up and hence your storage accountcan still be used

Alright, so that iswhat the meaning of Zone redundant storage has when we talk aboutGeo redundant storage

What we basically mean isyou have different reasons

So for example, we have the u


Region and we havethe India region

So inside soinside India region, we have different zones, right? So if it's selectthe Geo redundant option, we will havethe read write access

To both these regionsthat is in the u


Region and the Indiaregion as well

So whatever you havedeployed in the u


Region in the Chicago Zonewill be replicated across India region as well

Whatever zones you ever deployedin India regions also, alright, so this is what the meaningwhat is the meaning of g or in in storage? And then we have the readaccess Geo redundant storage, which is a veryinteresting option where in you onlyget the read access of the redundancy for example your means It isin New York, right? So it's a Zoneinside the u



So if you select read axisgyro redundant storage if in India, your data will be replicatedto India as well

But when a failover happens that is when your NewYork server is down and when you are accessing when you are redirected tothe India region in that case, you can only read the data

You cannot write on it

All right, so it is usefulfor those applications, which only I fetch dataand there is nothing to write

So in that case G or in and storage would actuallybe pretty costly for you

But if you select the read axisduring another storage, it is a little less cheaperthan the Regio redundant option since you're not writing on it

You don't want your datato be replicated whenever you write a thing, right? And so this is the reason that read axis gyro redundantstorage is kind of cheap, but since ours isthe demo today, so I'll selecta Leader done storage and then the subscription youcan choose a pay-as-you-go or free tier in your option

If you have createda new as your account and then comesthe resource Group

So Resource Group is nothingbut a group of resources

So it is basically createdto manage your resources more efficiently in the case

When you have a large use casewherein you're deploying a host of different Services if you include theminside one group, it becomes easier to manage because if you want to delete all the Resources you justhave to delete the group and all the resources and the dependencies will bedeleted automatically, right? So this is how the resourceGroup is helpful

So we'll createa new Resource Group today Let It Be Live - demo 1 right and we'll pinit to dashboard and we'll click on create

So when we pin it a dashboardit basically has a shortcut on the desktop for asyour so let me so while this is being created

Let me show you

That dashboard actually looks like so that dashboard basicallygives you all the shortcuts that you want

So this is the dashboard guys

So you get all the shortcuts that you wantto your services, right? So my life so my storage accountis now being created is called live demo to double3 6 so I can quickly access it from here rather than to go to my storeparticular service account over here and then accessing it

All right

So while this isbeing created guys, this was about as your storagethis is how you create

Date a storage account

Let me come back to my slide

So this is what an Azure storage is let's move on to discussthe components of azure storage

So right till nowwe have discussed how you can createa storage account

But inside the storage account you have a hostof different Services, which you can make use accordingto your use case, right? So the first serviceis called The Blob service

So what a blob serviceso blob service is nothing but a file system service wherein you can upload any kind? Failed, right? So the for those of you who know about AWS so AWS hasa service called S3, right? So it is exactly like S3, right there is nothingchange into it

Just the name of the serviceis called blob now inside blob you can upload any kind of file and then that filecan be accessed by depending on the permissions that you are goingto can be accessed by anyone on the planet

For example, you have created a websiteand it's showing some images

So those images rather being on

The websites server

It could be there on blog and can be accessed directlythrough the link of any object that you actuallyupload in the blog

All right, having said that guys let mequickly show you how you can createa blob storage

So let me go backto my dashboard

So as you can seemy storage account has now been created

So if I go intomy storage account, I get the screen wherein Ihave to choose a service

All right, so Letme click on blogs because that is what I wantto create I click on blobs

I'll open open it in a okay

I'll open it in the same Tab and then it will show mea screen where it will show me that there hasnothing been added

Right so there areno containers yet

So what are containerscontainers are nothing but folders that youhave inside the blog? All right, so you cannot storeanything in the root directory that is you cannot storeupload any file over here

You have to have a folder inside which youwill be uploading your files

All right, so foldersare nothing but Dino's don't get confusedwith the nomenclature

Right? So inside this I will createa container called life - demo

Right, so it's donethe access type is blob

So what that basically means is if its private itcannot be accessed by anyone if it's blob insidethis particular container, all the files can be accessed and if if it's containerthis basically means that if it inside this container, you have created one more folderthat also can be accessed

But when we select blob onlythe files can be accessed

So we'll select bloband will click on OK and it will hardly take a second to He ate a containerin the blob service

Alright, so we havea container now, which is the live demo andif you go inside this container there is nothingin it as of now, right? So now I have actuallycreated a website which can interactwith The Blob service

So let me show you how that websiteactually looks like or before that let me show you the queue service I discoverthe queue service first and then we'll come backand discuss the blob right? So let me come backto my slide so blobs

Like I said, you have createda Blog you can upload

Any kind of fileinside a blob using a website or you can read the filesas well from a website

All right, let's moveon and discuss cues

So what a cues cues are basically it's exactlylike a data structure wherein you whatever information goes first is the firstto come out as well

Right? So you use a cuesto basically lists job

So in our use case we discuss that we have an imageimage processing application which has millions of Was as accessing it and since millionsof jobs cannot be executed at once they are listedinside the queue so that the server at its ownpace can fetch the jobs and executed right? So this is what a queue is allabout as simple as that now the way you can create cues in the has your dashboardis something like this that you haveyour storage account, right? So let me goto my storage account

So my storage accountis now being opening

Alright, so inside my storage accountwith The Blob services Well, I had cues option right so I'll goto that choose option and create a new cue

So my my my storageaccount was live demo to double three six, right and now I will choose cues

I'll go inside Qs

And as you can see as of now, there are no queuesthat have been created so I will create a newcue and let me call it

Hello one two, three

All right, so I'llcreate the to now

So my Q has now been created nowif I go to my website, which is therefore Q, this is how my websitewill look like if I want to uploadsome data into Q

So this is a sample website guysthat I have created


This website hasto have the has to know how to interact withyour queue service for that

You have a thing calledyour connection string

So every storage account that you create will havea unique Second string that you have to includein your code

Now if I clickon access Keys here, you will goto your storage account and then you'll havethis pain in that you have to go to access Keys

Once you go to access Keys, you will havea connection string and a key so you have to havethe connection string in your code included so that your code can interactwith the particular service

All right, so I'll goto my cues code so my Q code is this and if you can see thisis the connection string that I have to specify

I will copy paste thisconnection string over here

And this endpointhas to be removed because it is not requiredin the connection string

Once you do that you will save it McHugh nameis hello one two three, so it has been alreadyspecified here right now

I'll go back

I will go to my website,which is this right? So I've already specified to it for it to send messagesto my queue, right? So if I senda message saying hello

old right and I clickon send a message

It will actually sendthat message to my queue which can be seen here

So as if you if I goto my queue you can see that a message has been addedwith says hello world

Alright, so this iswhat I just entered now if I go on and process this Q, which is I wantto receive message now, so I'll have to change thisin the PHP as well

So I'll go to my process PHP

For my cue, I'll change my connection stringso that it can interact with the queue and fetchthe messages from over there

Right? I'll change it here

I'll change theendpoint as well

And now my code will be ableto interact with my cue that I've just created

All right

So if I go to processed or PHP it'll basically fetchthe message from that q and display it here

All right

So as you can see the messagereceived is hello world if I enter any othermessage say as Eureka

Is the best right? I entered this message

I send it to the queue

All right, and nowwhen I process it, I'll get the same message back

And if you will seeover here guys, I'll just refresh it

Now as you can see the messagehas been processed and it has been deletedfrom the queue

So as and when themessage is processed, it is automaticallydeleted from the queue

All right

So this is how my cues work

Let me quickly show youhow the blog's work, right? So let me goto my blobs website

So this is where I'll be uploadinga file onto blobs

And again, I have to change theconnection string again, right? So I'll go to my blog codeand change the connection string which was here

Alright, I'll changethe connection string to my current storage account

And my container name Ihave already specified it to be live demo, right? I created a livedemo container now if I'll save this code and if now I choose a file and sayI upload the desert file

All right

So what it does is it basicallyrenames the the the name of that file automaticallyaccording to system time so that there is no Clash when two or three filesare updated with the same name

All right, so I'll uploadthis file now so as Now as you can see if we go into our blogthere are no files

Right if I go inside my blob,which is here

There's no file in it

Right but the momentI upload the file from this particular website

My file will be listed here

So as you can see, my file has been successfullyadded over here

And now if I goto the particular link of this file, I will be ableto download the file

Right so my down my fileis now being downloaded and once it is downloaded and if I try to open itwill be the same file that I just uploaded


So if I open it now youcan see this is the file that we uploaded in the bloband it is now accessible on this particular linkby everyone in the world

Alright, so this ishow cool blob is now

I'll be using bloband q's together

Let me show you how so what I basically do now isthis this image or this image that I've just uploadedhas also been added to the queue that I created

So let me show you the queue

So if you see the queue, it will list the messagethat other file name that we have justuploaded will go into cues

This is my q and as you can see this imagehas been added to the queue now, I will process this image and the way I'll doit is like this that the image will be fetchedfrom the queue and then the link of that image will be gone too and that image will go into the backgroundof the website, right? So for that first, I have to changethe code obviously, so I will goto my blog process website

Right and I will changethe connection string

To the one that weare using right now

one second Right

So this is my connection string

I'll change it to what weare using right now


And then also I haveto change the link that will be accessing the file

I said this is the linkthat it is accessing

So the link has changed now because the storage accounthas changed right? So let me selectthe link for it

So I will go inside blobs

And I'll goinside the container

So this link is going to sew from from this pointonwards till this point that is till the container name

The link will be same right? So let me copy the linkand paste it in my coat and I'll show you what I mean

So if I paste the link here

So the linked livedemo will be same and just the filenamehas to be fetched, right? So this is the this filename

I'm fetching from the queue

And what we'll do now isit will fetch the file name from the queue and we'll change the backgroundof the particular website

Right? So if I process the page nowthat is processed our PHP what'll happen is it'll fetchthe file from the queue and will change the background

Alright, so I have updatedthe the desert file, right? So it is showing the desertbackground now now I'll show you how exactly cuesare basically used

So say I upload saythree four files, right? I applaud this flat image andmind you the file the message that we just received would havebeen deleted from the queue

All right, and I'll just show youwhether that is working or not

So I'll upload this flower file

It might take some time because if the files arekind of large, all right, so the file will be uploaded

Okay, it gave me an error

Let me upload again,so I'll choose a file

So sometimes when the size when the the size of the fileis more it throws you in error, right? You can't do anything about it

So let me upload the file again

So once it is uploaded guys,I will be able to see it here

Right? So I have likethree files right now

So it says velden block datecomplete and if I refresh it, I'll be able to seefor three files now cool

So if I go to processed our PHP now It will not listme the previous file that I uploadedby the recent file that I just uploaded

So let me go to process

And now it will showme the image that I've just uploaded right? It will fetch itfrom the queue the file name and then we'll show mein the background

All right

The net is a little slow

Bear with me

Alright, so as you can seethe file has been there the I'm gettingsome weird error way just because the net is not working, but forget this error guys, you can see you get the imagein the background, right? So similar is the case now, let me go tomy storage accounts

So we have discussed cuesand blobs now, right? So let me go to my slides

So we've discussed what blobsare we have discussed? What cues are let me goto my file system, which is the best thingthat I have

Figured out in this yard

So with file system itis exactly like blobs

You can upload any kind of filebut with file system, you can actually mount itas a drive on your computer, right you can use it as it as if it was an extended Drivein your own computer, right but and also you get anAuthentication Protocol with it, which is calledthe SMB 3

0 protocol, which is used by serversWhenever there is a file transaction, so that what Indication youwill also get when you're usingthe file system and to and how you can mount it

Let me show youhow so first of all, this mounting process isnot available in Windows 7

It is only availablein Windows 10 and above

So what I've doneis I have deployed a virtual machine in Azure

Let me show youthe virtual machine, right? So this is my virtual machine

So I have deployed Windows2012 server on this now

What we'll be doing iswe'll be mapping the file

That will be creatingin a storage account in this particular system

All right, so I'll connect to it and now we'll ask methe username and the password so I'll specify the password

And I'll click on okay

Yes, and then I'll beconnected to my system

So I'm in so thisis my system guys

So if I go to mycomputer right now

As you can see there is no drivethat is listed, right? So we'll be creatinga network drive over here on which we can uploadany kind of file

Now the way to do that is to first goto your as your dashboard and create a file over there create a file systemdirectory over there, right? So we'll goto our storage accounts

So it is in live demoto double three six

And then we'll begoing to files


So as of now as you can see, there is no directorywhich has been listed here

So I will create a file shavera share service and let me name it something else my drive, right and the quota is basically how many GBSof Drive do you want? Right? It can go two terabytes

But since I'm doing a demo, let me create a hundred GB driveright now, right so I create a hundred GB driveand I will click on OK

Alright, so my drivehas been successfully created

Right, so I will goto this drive

And click on connect and then I will getthis command to connect to it

All right, I'llcopy this command

And I'll paste itin the notepad

So I'll use this in my sothat I've just deployed now, how will I use this now? If you lookat this command guys, this is the addressof your server

All right

So this is the addressof the your storage account and this is the file share that we have just createdwhich is called my drive right the user name to access

This would be a 0 L /live demo to double 3 6

All right

And the password to thefor this would be the key which has been specified here


I have to specifyeverything in that

I've just mentionedin this server that I have created

All right

So the way you will mapthe map network drive is like this will go to PC

You will right click it and you will clickon map network drive right now

It will ask us the drive namethat we want to allocate it

So for example, we want to allocatethe K drive to it

All right, and in this particular thingyou will be putting in

Address of the server right? So let me copy the addressof the server which is this

All right

I'll copy the address

And I will save it over here

All right, so it has saved itand now I will click on finish

So if everything goes well guys, it will ask you for the username and the password nowthe username would be this that is a 0 / live demoto double 3-6, right? That's why I go to my serverpaste the username here and then last me the password

So like I said, the password would bethis your key

So I will copy the password

I'll paste it herethat is in this particular field and I will click onremember my credentials and click on okay

So now if everythingis authenticated it will go inside my drive

So as you can see I aminside my drive right now

And if I go to this PCthat is my computer, I can see that a drivehas been added over here

Now this drive in this drive as you can see the totalsize is hundred GB and the space free is under GB

So this is the quotathat we assigned in file share while creating it right now if I want to copyany file over here, I can easily do that

I'll just copy this particularfile and paste it here

Rachel easily copied and say I want to I wanta shortcut to be copied and I can shortcut copythe short code as well because I don't have any fileson this particular server that I can showthat I can copy here

So as you can see the fileshave been copied are and these actually have been uploadedto the has your account as well

Right? So let me show youon the dashboard if these files are visible

So I'll go to the has your dashboardand this is my drive if I refresh it right now

Refresh so it will lastme all the files that have just uploaded

all right, so it is takingsome time and So basically when you create a network drivein your own computer it is as if you are using your owndriver on your local computer if your internetand truck is good, right? So as you can see wehave added these two files in our directory in the server and you can view it here as well and you can downloadit from here

You can click on it

You can download itand anyone can download it if they have the link

Alright, so we are donewith file system

Let us come back to our slide and discussour last component of A which is tables now tablesis again an amazing service from a 0 so it isjust like nosql but it is basically youcan say a child of nosql

You cannot docomplex queries on it

Now the way or the advantageof using tables is that say you have a data withinwhich the structure is changing

Dynamically you what I meanby that is say you are entering you have a form youhave created a website in which it except three things

Is it accepts your name? It accepts your mobile numberand it accepts your location

All right

So once it does that it will upload itin the database right normal as usual

But what if tomorrow Iuse case comes in where in I want to add one more field, which maybe is asking foryour credit card number, right? So if it is asking that if you were usingtraditional systems, you would have to go to your database andadd one more column and then go on to chaseyour That interface and your PHP or whateverscripting language you're using but with tables the thing is that you don't have to changeanything in the back end as in you don't have to changeanything in your database

It will it will automaticallyadjust according to your data and create one more field, which is basicallyat which is basically you're trying to ingestfor example in our case

We are trying to ingestthe credit card number as well

So it will dothat automatically

So let me show you how you can usethe table service

So we'll come backto our dashboard and go to storage accounts, right and againin in your storage account

You'll have allthe services listed

So we will select tableswill go inside tables

Right, and once we are inside tables will haveto create a new table

So let's name this tableas a new table

Right and we will click on OK so my table hasnow been created

All right

Now the way you can upload your data to this tableis the same you just copy the connection stringyou call the API and you can upload your data butto view the data in the table, you will need your Studio

All right

So let's for this is one tablethat I created earlier

So for adding it I'll show youhow to add it

But first, let me add some valuesinside this particular table

That is my new table, right? So there is nothing inside itbecause I just created it

So what I'll be doing is I will be goingto be showing you the website through which I willbe uploading the data into the table

So it is this so thisis my website using which I will be updating the table right nowthe way I will be doing it is I'll be first changingthe connection string

So the connection stringcan be found here

Right? I'll have to change this

This is my connection code for tables will have to changethe default connection string

So let us quickly changeit this is my connection string

I'll come backto my code based at here

Add and remove the end point


So my connection stringhas been given now I have to changethe table name as well

So my table name is new table

right and All right, so nothing elsehas to be changed


So our code is done now

I'll come back to my slideand refresh it

All right

So now there are two thingsthat you have to understand that they're in a table oneis called the partition key and one is calledthe Roki right? What is partition key? What is rho chilet me explain you

So whatever files that you're trying to storein your table are stored in different nodeswhen I say nodes

There are basically differentservers right now each

Over will have a partition keywhich can identify it

So say there is a overone server to server 3 and server for all right, so I want to storemy data in server 1

All right

So my particular type of data that I want to storein server one

So for that the partitioncould be partition key would be one right now inside my server every rowhas to be identified by a unique identifier and their incomes in the Roki

So this row Keys should beunique to each and every record that you'll be putting inside

Add a partition key table that is insidethat particular server

If you change the server again, the Roki can be same as thatof the previous server

But when you're youare creating records inside one particularpartition key the rose key value has to be different

All right, having said that guysso we have this website and we have createda new table over here

All right

Now what I will be doing is Iwill be mapping this new table in my visual studio

Now the way to do that is open your Visual Studiogo to server Explorer and once you have you will be listedyour Azure service over here

All right

Now, I have to mapmy particular storage account on this Visual Studioas well truth

So the way to do that Is inthe storage section click right? Click it and clickon attach external storage


So once that is done, it will ask me the account nameand the account key

Now the way to attachit is like this that you will goto the table service

So your storage account

You will copy the name basedin the account name and then your connection string

Sorry your key, right? So in this case, you'll be copying the key andyou have to pace the key here

Remember the account key so that you don't have to enterit again and again and click on


So this will add your Storage accountover here, right? So this is my storage accountlive demo to double three six


So my storage account has nowbeen added and inside it

I have created a table

Call the new table, right? So if I click on the new table, as you can see there is nothingthat has been added as of now

So what I'll do isfrom my website now, we'll add a new value

So I have already specifiedthe partition key as default

It is calledtask Seattle, right? All I'll be doing isI'll be entering the name over here while touringthe Roki over here, which will be unique

All right

So as as of now,there are no record, so I'll enter one asmuch as my arrow key and now lender the Columns that I wanted this rowthis particular row is the number is the columnsand this is the value that that I wantfor that particular column

So for that I was for example, I want the name columnto be there right inside the name column

I want the name he month

All right, I'll specify that and say I wantmy mobile number to be there

I'll specify mobileand know right and I'll specifythe mobile number here

That is 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 say and now I'll clickon upload data

So this will uploadthe data to the table that I've just created

So if I go here go backto my visual studio, and I refresh it

I'll be able to seethat new record has been entered in which the Roki is one write

The name is hemant

And the mobile numberis this now say I want to add one more field, which is askingfor my credit card number

All right

So as I said the Rokiwould be different now

I'll enter the nameso whatever column you have

It is specified

It will go insidethe same column

So I have alreadyspecified name, right? So if I enterthe value Heyman here, it will not create a new column and enter the valuehemanth over there

It will justcreate then column, which is new to the data

Alright, so the mobile numberis again say five six, seven eight and now it will askme for my credit card number

Right, so the credit cardnumber could be this

All right

So now if I upload the data

And I'll show youhow it looks now

So as you can see nowthe credit card number of feel has been added

So the for the first recordthere is nothing there in the credit card number field, but in the second record, I have added that I wantthis data right also guys, you can specify in any order

There is no specific order that you have to specify rightso I can enter the name first right and then I can enterthe credit card number

So this is the credit cardnumber that I want to add

Write and say I'm enteringthe mobile here

Right if I uploadthe data now, so this is required

Sorry three upload data

This data will be updatedand if I refresh it now

You can see that

Okay, so m capital and M Small

You have to be careful of the of the indentation ofthe sorry your syntax as well

So whatever column names you'respecifying it is case sensitive

So like you can seeI made a mistake here by specifying a small Cand it created one more column

All right, but as you can see the name isin the same column now

All right

So what in in whatever sorry in whatever sequenceyou can add your record at that record willbe added automatically in its respective column, right? So this ishow tables can be used

Alright guys

So with that I think weare done with our services

So we discussed what are blobs we discusswhat a cues but discuss what our file systems we discussed what our tables andfor each of the service

We saw how we can usethem in as your and how we can deploy them as well

So let's go ahead and seewhat all we are going to learn in this today's session

So today in this session first, we'll start off withwhat is a virtual machine right? We're going to understandWhat is a virtual machine how we can configure ithow we can launch it in Azure

Once we have donethat we will move on to Virtual Network

So before understanding what is a virtual networkwill first understand

Why do we actuallyneed a virtual Network? Right

Once that is done

We move on and see what isa virtual Network exactly and its components rightand towards the end

We'll be doing a demo

We're in like I said,we'll be deploying to servers which will beconfiguring from scratch

That is a web serverand a database server, right? And we'll be deploying them in Virtual networks andconfiguring their properties

Right? So guys, I hopethis agenda is clear to you

Let's move ahead and start offwith a first session which is what is a virtual machine

So what is the virtual machine? So I'm a virtual machineis basically a raw server that you get fromyour cloud provider that raw server could could bean abundant machine

It could bea Windows machine, right? So it's basically just like your own personal computerrather than purchasing it

You're renting it out

Load right menu rentingit out on cloud now

It is the same as if it was youon your own computer, right? So it's a fresh pieceof operating system

You can install asmany software's as you want

You can want it to makeit to be a web server

You can make it to bea worker tear environment

You can configureit to be anything

Right? So today we are goingto make it a web server and a database server

Moving on guys

So this is what virtualmachine is all about

And also if youcompare it with AWS, which is also a popular cloudcomputing service with in AWS

This this same serviceis called easy to all right in as your it's calledvirtual machine in AWS

It is called easy to All Right Moving ahead guys

Now, let's startwith virtual networks and first understand why do weactually need virtual networks? All right

So like I said,we have virtual machines, right? So if you say launchWatching machines and you want both of themto communicate with each other

For example in our session todayin our demo session

What we'll be doing a isthat we'll be deploying a web server and we'll bedeploying a database server and we want the web serverto talk to the database server right for thisfor this communication

We need a channel and hence

We need a network right but why would she will networks? So if you guyswould have noticed in Cloud there is nothere are no wires

There are there are no switches

There are no routers

It's all right

So your virtual machineis connected using a logical connection, right? It is logic these two serversare logically isolated and that is why we callit virtual, right? So this is so we understood that for the communication scalesake we need a virtual Network

Let's Now understand whata virtual Network exactly is


So a virtual network is just like a representationof your network, but on the cloud, right? So for example, we launched a serveron the cloud and we connect to our virtual Network

Right when we connectto our our virtual Network that is on as your our networkwill include that server as if it's on our own networkthat is on on-premise, right? That is what a virtualnetwork is that is how powerful a virtualNetwork guilt right your server will be on the cloud but your Or your company'snetwork will feel as if the server ison your own network, right? And it's like I said, it's a logical isolation of the Azure Cloud dedicatedto your subscription that is whatever resources that you have launchedin the cloud it logically isolates it from the restof the resources that are there on Azure that maybe it couldbe your resources or someone else's resources

Well it logically isolates them and they are insulatedto other resources

It doesn't matter if the otherresources are failing or doing anything, right? They are all isolated

So this is what a virtualnetwork is all about

Now when we say what your network is it basicallyhas a lot of components

Let's understandthese components

So the first componentis Anna's your subnet

Now what is energy or subnet? Basically when you dividea network into sub parts it is called Anna's your subnet

All right

So when you dividea virtual Network in a box, it's called subnet


This subnet can actuallybe given unique properties

Example in thissame virtual Network

You have three virtual machines, right one module we're seeing isin one net1 subnet and the other virtual machine isanother subnet but this subnet you can configure to be unique

For example

We wanted to we wantto create a public subnet

So a public subnetis basically a subnet which has internet access

All right, so we can configurethe properties such as in a way that this particularnet the machines in this particular subnetwill have the internet access

And the others particularsubnet will not have the internet access so our subnet which doesn't havethe internet access is called a private subnet

All right, sothe virtual machine in this particular subnetwill not have internet access

But but when you actually see itfrom a broader perspective, all of these servers areon the same network, right, but because ofbecause of the subnets because the propertiesof subnets they reflect different properties, right? So being on the same samenetwork they have different

What is and using subnets? This is how subnets areactually useful, right? So this is what this isall you need to know about subnet Skies now with subnets the propertiesthat I was talking about say I want to connectto a web server, right? So for connectingto the web server for accessing that website, I need to gothrough HTTP protocol

Right? So all of this is configuredin a in a firewall now, what is that firewallcalled that firewall is actually Network Security Group


Now what ournetwork security groups? Like I said, they're just firewalls in whichyou put in the properties that you wantthe subnet to reflect

For example, I wantto connect to my web server

So I have to allow all HTTP traffic on that subnetand for that I'll have to attach that particularnetwork security group

So that subnet now I know it'sa lot to take I just explained to you three componentsand you might be thinking where which component goes

We're right

And so I have this diagram

So I'll just summarizewhat I just Spin it to you

So we have this virtual Networkin the virtual Network

We have subnets and a subnet is attachedto a network security group right through this networksecurity group is where you will be configuring all the protocolsall the properties that you want your yourparticular machine to reflect

This firewall will be attachedto the Subnet in which you will be deployingyour virtual machine

Alright, so this is a place where you'll be deployinga virtual machine and it Will be attached to the subnet sorryour network security group and this subnetis actually included in your virtual Network

All right, so boththese subnets are actually in your virtual Network

So one virtual networkwill have as many subnets as you want and each subnetwill have different properties because of its network securitygroups moving along guys

Now, let's so enough of talks

I have explained youeverything you need to know

Let's go ahead and start with a demo and forthat let's look at the steps that Going to do so first, we'll be creatinga network security group

That is the firewallthat is required for a server

So basically we'll becreating to 5 volts one for a web server and onefor a database server, right? So let's go ahead and do that

So just give me a second

I'll go to myhas your dashboard

All right

So guys, this is how my dashboard actually lookslike now on this dashboard

The first job that I have to do is to createa network security group

So let us do that

Let us go to the search bar andtype network security groups

Right, and once you've done that you will see itis listed over here

We click on it

And then we'll click on ADD

Now when we click on ADD, we first haveto add the firewall for web server, right? So it is your choiceeither you could deploy the web server firstor your database

So you type in the nameof the network security group that this is for my web server

So I'll type in web server

Then I'll have to assigna resource Group

Now, what is the resource Group? So basically likefor our use case today will be deploying a lotof resources, right? So it becomes easierfor us to manage it if it comes under Group

All right, so we'll be creatingthat group over here

So say I'll namethe group as life - demo

Alright, so this becomesmy Resource Group and all the resourcesthat I'd be launching today

Will I will include themin this particular group so that I it becomes easierto manage for me

Alright, and I'll pinit to dashboard and I'll click on create nowwhile it is being created you would have noticed that Ihave pinned it to dashboard


What is the dashboard guys? So for those of you who are not acquaintedwith the as your dashboard so dashboard is justlike a desktop guys that you have on your computer

So all the shortcutsare created here because I would be On Figueroafiguring all the properties

So I want it to be listed here

And that's why I have createda shortcut on the dashboard

All right

So while it is being deployed, let's deploy our secondnetwork security group as well, which is for my database, right? So I'll click on ADD

And I'll type in database

I included in the resource Groupthat I've already created, which is live demo

I click on this

I will pin it to dashboardand I'll click on create right that is it

It's pretty simple

Just enter the namethe resource Group that you want to enter it inand created right


One thing that I wantyou to notice is guys have not configuredany property as of now, right? I'll do that later

So as It's now

I just created two firewallswith the name web server and database now

What I'll do is let me comeback to my slide to see what we'll be doing next, right? So step two is createthe virtual Network

So now I will be creatingthe virtual Network in which I will be deployingmy servers right? So let's do that

Let's create a virtual Network

So I'll click here

I'll go to Virtual Networks

I'll click on ADD

And I'll give the virtualnetwork name say v-net, right and then comesthe address space


What is the address spacerecipes is basically the number of IP addressesthat your network can hold

So as of now this virtualNetwork and hold 256 computers, right or 256virtual machines now since I'll be creatingmore than two subnets

I want to address spacewhich will be more because each subnet will takesome minimum value, right? So let us give it a moreelaborate address, please

Let me type in this

Write and edit this part and this will give you a biggerset of addresses to deal with

So now my address my virtualnetwork will be capable of gaving 65,000 addresses, which is kindof cool right next

We have this subnet name

So by default when youcreate a virtual Network, there will be a default subnetwill be created which will be created

Alright, so this isthe address range for that

Default subnet, so it should bein the same range that we have specifiedfor a virtual Network

So let's give it this address and as you can seein this particular subnet, that is the default subnet

I'll have around 256 machines

Alright, so that is it

Nothing else needsto be configured

I will include itin the resource Group that I've already created that is live demo and locationis basically the place where the serversare being deployed, right? So by default its best Westus will keep it at that right and we'll createthis virtual Network

That is it guys nothing elseto be configured for as of now

This virtual network doesnot have any subnets, right? We want we wanta web server subnet and we want a database subnetthat will be deploying now

Once the virtualnetwork is ready

All right, let me comeback to my slide and show you this diagram

So this diagram basically talks about a virtualNetwork to subnets


What I'll be doingis I'll be launching two virtual machines and I'll be attaching thesevirtual machines with this

It all right, and this is basicallyyour network security group

This is where you'llbe configuring your properties

And this also I'll attachto the subnet

Now this VM will then reflect the properties ofthis particular firewall, right? I will not be attaching thisfirewall directly to this VM, but I will be attachingit to the subnet


What advantage do Ihave in this is that say I launchedthree servers in the subnet, all of them will reflectthis property right so I don't have Haveto configure them separately

All of them will be reflectingthe security groups properties of this particular subnet

All right, I thinka virtual network is ready

Let's see

So if I go to my virtual Networks I see that I havemy watching Network ready

All right, now I'll goinside my virtual Network and now I'll bedeploying the subnets

So we'll go to the subnets painwill click on ADD and let's add our first Subnet which isthe web server subnet right


This web server saidnet will be attached to a network security group which will be forthe web server, right? So we'll attacha network security group for the web serverand will click on OK

There is a it's that simple just add the subnetat as a network security group to that and you're done right? Similarly

I will be deployingthe database subnet now, and I'll goto network security groups

I will click on the database subnet DatabaseNetwork Security Group

I'll click on OK

And Bam, I have one more subnet

Let me go back to my dashboard

And see what alldo I have so I have the two network security groups

I have deployedin Virtual Network

I have deployed the subnets in it and I have attachedthe firewall to the subnet

All that is left is now the BMso step three is create the web server virtual machine andthe database virtual machine

So let us do that

We will go to our pain goto Virtual machines

right click on ADD And with this youwill get this page where in you have allthe operating systems that you can set in yourin your virtual machine now, you can set a 12 operating system

You can also configurea Windows server, but we will be dealingwith a 1/2 today right? So I'll select UbuntuI will click on Create and then I get this page where I have to enterthe general properties

So I'll I'll namethe server as web server


I'll give the user name

The user name that will authenticate meto this particular server

Now when you talkabout the password or the way, you will authenticate yourselfyou basically have two options

You can either authenticatethrough a public-private key or you can authenticatethrough a password

So password is more easier

And since we want our thingsto be done quicker, I'll give a passwordand this is the password

I'll configure it now

And that is it guys

Nothing else needsto be configured Resource Group

I'll give the resource Groupthat I've already created that is live demoand I'll click on OK

On the next page it will ask methe configuration of my server that I want, right

So do I want one course review and a 3

5 GB Ram or I wantto two core CPU and 7K Graham

I can choose allthe configuration which are available herein the view all page, but I'll stickto the first configuration which is the basic one so thatbecause I'm doing a demo right so I don't needa big machine for it

I click on select

Next comes the optional featuresthat I have to configure, right so the storage and then what virtual Network do I want my serverto be deployed in so we have created the virtualNetwork called v-net

So we will be deploying itin this then comes the subnet

So inside this virtual Network,there are three subnets

Like I said one is default that is created by defaultand then we have the database and the web server subnet

So since this is a web server VMwe We'll be deploying it under the web server subnet thencomes the public IP address

So it will assign ita public IP address through which we can access it that is going to be new and then comesthe network security group

So since we have already assigned a network securitygroup in the subnet, we don't need any network security groupto be attached over here

So we'll click on none and then monitoringdo you want it or not? I would prefer to be disabled because I won't be needingthe server after the sessions

So I'll click on disabledand I'll click on OK

All right, so now what will happen is itwill validate all the properties that I have entered and once it has enteredit will give me a page where in I haveto agree to the terms and conditions and that is it

So I'll agree to the termsand conditions and I'll click on purchase andthat will deploy my server

That is it guys

So this is my webserver being deployed

Let's quickly deployour database server as well following the same stepsthat we have

Load now, right

So I choose open to machine

I will click on create I will go to this page and typein the name of the server, which is database

Right the username

So it said Eureka authenticationtype is password

So I'll typein the password now

Confirm the password

And then comesthe resource Group

So it's live demo

Right? And the location is Vesuvius

I click on OK selectthe most basic configuration, which is the first oneclick on select

Now I'll be configuringthe virtual network settings

So subnet would be database

Right Network SecurityGroup will be none

And that is it monitoringwill be disabled

Click on OK

It will validate allthe properties and then I shall purchase the serverand which will be deployed

Right if you if you're talkingif you are thinking how much is it going to cost me? So each server is goingto cost me around three, three, two, three, two point three pointfive rupees per our right

So that's like a fractionof a dollar

So I think if you're learning as you'rethat is worth it, right, so my servers are being deployedguys now why my servers are being deployed let meProperties of each other right? So let me go to the web server firewalland configure the properties

So basically what I whatI am looking at is the inbound security rules, so I click oninbound security rules

So inbound security rulesare basically the rules which are createdfor the connections which are in comingto the server, right? So this is a web server, right? So for a web server first, you have to enablethe HTTP connection

So I want the HTTP connection through HTTP protocolto be enabled over here

Right? And the source isany what what kind of people can access the server? So I want the whole world to endaccess my internet website

So the source isany the service is HTTP, right and everything elseis default the action

What do you want? What do you want to deny itor you want to allow it? So I want toallow the connections

So I will select allowand I'll click on OK

Alright, so my security ruleis being created

So while this is beingcreated guide guys, let's will have to addone more security rule which is the HTTP security rule because our websites connectwith two protocols, which is HTTP and https

So we will configureHTTP as well

So let's let us select HTTPfrom the list headers and then the action is allow and you might be wondering whatthis priority number is, right? So priority number

Is basically the number which will be givento your rule

So say examplein my previous rule

I give the priority numberas hundred right? So when it readsthe set of rules that are given in the firewall, the first rule would bethe least number which is there

So the least number is hundred and it goes up to Ithink 900 right? So it will read all the rulesaccording to the numbers and then configure them

So we have added the HTTP Rule and the HTTP rule is alsobeing added and that is it that is all iswhich is required

So, let me just refresh itand I can see their HTTP and https rules arealready been given now

I also want to SSHI should be able to SSH into my server

But before that let me show you what if I don't configurethe property are let's see what that then happens, right so for configuringmy web server

I have to SSH into the web server to seeto install all the software's which are requiredfor that particular

So right so let's connectto the server

So the way I can connect isusing a software called Petit

So I launch the software I pastethis piece IP address here

And as of now guys, I have not addedthe SSH property, right? So if I try to connectit will show the screen and it will be it will keep Keepon pointing here, right? So the connection will time outafter a few say 30 or 40 seconds and it that basically means that the server is refusingany connection to it

And the reason for that is that I'm not configuredin my firewall

So to do that see as you can see ithas given me an error which says connection timed out

So to do that

I will have to go to my firewall which is the network securitygroups of my web server


I will go to theinbound security rules and now I'll add a rule for SSH

So once I add the rule I will beable to connect to my service

So it's done by security ruleis being created and once it is created Iwill be able to SSH into this

So also it takes some time for that rule toactually be applied

Right it says that it created a security rulebut sometimes it takes time to reflect

Let's see if the ruleis being reflected here

And yes, the ruleis being reflected

So as you can seeI've added the SSH Rule and now it is givingme the login page

So I login into my serverwhich with the username Erica

I configured the username to beat Eureka and now it's last me the password afterauthenticating the user name

So I will type in the password

And if everything goes well, I'll be authenticatedto my server, right? Yes, so I am in my server

So this is my 1 2 server, which is runningon Azure Cloud

Now, I need to configurethe software's in it so that it becomesa web server, right? So as of now there'snothing installed on it

It's a fresh piece of software

So let me firstupdate this Ubuntu

So I'll typein the update command

It's sudo apt-get update

Right now it'll take some timeto update mean by guys

Let me quickly show you if I can access my web server asof now or not, right? So I'll go to Virtual machines

I'll go to web server


You might ask me that we have already configuredit to accept HTTP connection

But still if I try to connect to the server I willnot be able to do so, it will return meempty response screen

So this basically means that there is nothing configuredon my server as of now

So what I'll do isso my Ubuntu is now updated

So what I'll do isnow is I'll update it with the Apache software, right? So I'll type in the command for Apache so sudoapt-get install apache2

All right, once I've done that it will installthe Apache software here

And within seconds you can see that I'll be ableto connect to the server

So it's startingthe service processing? Yeah, so a patch is installed now if I try to connect tothe server you'll be able to see that I am gettingthe Apache screen

So if you want youcan connect to the server

The IP address is40

82 3

14 TDOT hundred my team will be handing youout this IP address

So I'll repeat it


It's 40

82 3

14 TDOT hundredyou can go to this link and you will seethe Apache web page

As of now now as an as we will go along and we'll updatethis thing this website, you'll see that this pagewill be updated

All right, so I havethe Apache working on my server now now my website that I have created it isactually a PHP website

So laughs to install PHPon This Server as well

So I will writesudo apt-get php5 and I'll have to install it

So this is it this isit one second

So I misspelled install my bad

Sorry, right

So now my PHP will be installedon this system

And while this isbeing installed guys

Let me show you how my website actually lookslike so I'll go to localhost and I'll type in the A dressfor my website

All right

So this is how my website actually lookslike it's pretty simple

You just have to enteryour name your email your mobile numberyour location and once you click on submit all ofthis address will go to mySQL

Now MySQL isin a different server

This will bein a different server

And what we're trying to dois we're trying to authenticate them to each otherusing virtual networks

All right, so if I goto my web server, so my PHP has been installedand with PHP

I also need an extension which will be which will Itto connect to mySQL

So for that I will have toinstall that extension as well

So sudo apt-get install PHP5 - MySQL, right? So with this my extensionwill get installed on the system and that is it

Alright, so my web serveris configured now, let's go on and configureour MySQL now, right so my skin isa bit tricky guys because you have there isa lot of configuration that you have to do

But let's hopefor the best and see if you can connect to it

All right

Also guys, if you would have noticedI'm not configured anything for my serverfrom a database server

So as we did in web,so I will show you if you try to connect to it asof now will not be able to so while this is being loaded

Let me quickly goto the properties of my database server

Right and include the inbound security rulesaccording to what I want

So I will first haveto enable the SSH rule, right? So this is how I will be ableto connect to my server

So I'll select the SSH service

The action is allow

I'll click on OK

And my security rulewill now be created

Also I should alsobe able to create a MySQL connection to the server because I want this this server to be accessedthrough my computer, right if I write a for example, I will be creating a database Iwill be adding the table, right so I won't do allof that through my computer

I don't want to SSH into the Ubuntu againto configure anything

So we'll be doing that

So we need a MySQLconnection as well

So let's Thatso it would be MySQL

And the service would be MySQL

Action is allowedI click on okay

And this is it guys

So now the security rulewill be created and if we try now to connectto our database server, I will be able to do so, so I will copy the IP address

I will click on open

I'll say yes, and now it will ask mefor the login name

So as you can see the security rule worked itis asking for the login name and now the password soI'll give the password for this

I'm done with this

I'll be authenticatedto my Ubuntu Server

First of all, I'll update this machinewith the update command like we did in the previousover as well

Right? So now it will beupdated after this

I'll install the MySQL servicethat we'll be using to that

We'll be using to connectour website from right so I will now installthe MySQL service which is sudo apt-getinstall MySQL server


This is it

I type in by which means yes, and now it is a still askme for the password

I'll type in the passwordand confirm it again

Hit enter and that is it

Okay, so nowI've configured MySQL

I've installed my skinon my system

The next thing isby default MySQL only allows the Local Hostto access the root user

Right if I want to connectthrough my machine

I have to createone more user for MySQL for me to access it


So once my MySQL is installedI'll show you what I mean, right so we'll be doing that

And I think we are done

Yeah, so we're done

So let's connectto a MySQL service now

So the user is root and the password wasa Eureka one, two, three to connect to my databaseand we are in so like I was sayingwe have to create a user that will that will be accessing from so let's createa user for MySQL

So I type in create user say the user name isEd Eureka for my database whereas it is on localhost

And I should addthe password for it

Let me add the passwordas Ed Eureka 1 2 3 right? And let me deploy this over

So I've createdthe username now

I'll have to Grantall the Privileges to this particular server

So let me givethe command for that

So it's Grant all privileges

On everything that is there on this databaseto this particular username, which resides on localhost

So this is a commandthat will be configuring or right now same setwill be configuring for the percentage host

So let us do that as well

All right, and then Grant allthe Privileges for the same

All right, so done

So we have createdsuccessfully a new user now

If I try to connect tothis database using this user, let's see how we can do that

So I'll dive in MySQL

So previously I authenticatemyself using route

But now I'll usethe L Eureka username and see if I can connect to it


I misspelled it

So it said Eureka -be and now the password so as you can see I am Icannot authenticate through

Alright, sorry for that glitch

All right

So now what we'll be doingis we like of a saying so we have to configureone more file for a MySQL to get configured right? So for that let us goto our directory

That is e TC

And in that MySQL right nowin this particular directory

I have a file called my DOT c n r so this isthe configuration file that I'll haveto concur configure for connecting to my MySQL

So I'll sudo Nano into it and then I will getTo this particular statement, which says buying a dress

So this binary dress bestatement basically says that only localhost connectionsare allowed to my MySQL right? So I'll have to commentthis part out and then I will save it

And there is a guy sothis was the last setting that I had to do now if I try connecting itthrough my computer

I'll be able to connect tothis particular MySQL instance

So how to do that there first

I have to goto my MySQL installation folder, which is somewhere here


So let me quickly goto my folder

So this is the folderwhere MySQL resides so now I'll connect it usingthis particular command, which is MySQL - eh now I'll pastein the IP address the username, which is L Eurekathe port number which is 3 3 0 6 and then the password itwill ask me for the password for the password isa Eureka one, two, three now mind you guysit will not connect right now

It will give me an errorthat it can't connect to mySQL

Service, and the reason for that is that wehave configured everything after the MySQL servicestarted on my server

So now I'll have to restartmy server to connect to it

Right so it will take some time and then it will throw an errorthat it can't connect to the particularMySQL server, right? So as you can see sofor now connecting to it we will haveto Restart the service

So let me restart itby typing in sudo service

MySQL restart All right

So with this commandmy MySQL will get restarted

So let's see

So my MySQL has stoppedand now it has restarted

And now if I try to connectto a MySQL server

I will be get yes,so I have it on my computer


I am able to connectto my MySQL server

Let's quickly createa database for my website, which is create database entry

So I quickly create a database and I'll create a tablefor this, right

Which is create table entries

I will give the name

And then the second entryis email address that is work at 30

Right and then the locationwhich is again where car 30? And then my mobile number

Which I'll be feeding here

Alright, so I think the netis giving some problems

All right, so I didn't selectthe database soyuz entry

And then I willcreate the table

So guys there is some problemwith our internet connection

I think it is residingon your end as well

So what we'll do iswe'll continue this session in our next video

So we have createdthe database now next is creating a web server that will doin our next session

All right, so let mequickly come back to my slide

which is Here, right

So we have created a VMfor the web server

We have createda VM for database

We have configureda database you can connect to a database to our computer

All that is leftis configuring the web server

So we'll do that in the nextsection and I'll show you how you can configurethe properties for it today in this session

I will show you guys how you can configurethe web server

All right

So let me quickly goto my as your dashboard

Alright guys

So this is my as your dashboard

And for those of youwho are new I will show you how you can deploya virtual machine

I've already deployed one,but let me quickly show you how you can deployanother virtual machine

So in the in the dashboard,you will go to Virtual machines

You will click on ADDand then you can give the nerve the you haveto choose an operating system

You choose youroperating system

You will click on Createand then you'll have the In where you can fill allthe information right once you fill inall the information, you just have to click on OKand in the last part It'll ask you to agree to the termsand conditions you can do that and your virtual machinewill be deployed

All right, so I've alreadydeployed one virtual machine that is for my web server

Now in the web server, you can see theseare the properties that I have attachedto my web server

So this is basicallymy network security group for my web server in this

I have configuredthat my web server

Can we should? Of HTTP connectionsshould have https connections and an SSH connection right now

If I want to add more propertiesto it I can add by clicking here that has that isinbound security rules

I'll go here

I click on ADD and thenI can add any property that I want from this listthat is available here

Right? So I've already addedthe properties now, what I'll do is I will SSHinto my web server and see how we can configure it

All right

So this is my web server page

So I've just gone to Virtual

So if you go herein the virtual machines tab, you will find allthe virtual machines that are deployed over here

I selected my web server and then I reachedthis page now

I need the IP address of my virtual machineto connect to right

So as of now if I copy this IP addressand paste it here

You can see I cannot connectto my virtual machine as of now because there is no nothinginstalled on this web server

So what we'll be doing now is we'll be installingthe sort necessary software's for my virtual machine to work

Alright, so I will enterthe IP address here and I click on open

And it'll ask me the login name

So I'll give the login namethat I have configured

That is ID Rekha nowto last me the password, so I'll enter the passwordthat is this

And by disconnectinglet me show you that as you can see the pageis not working as of now

So we will installthe necessary software here and then we'll tryagain to connect

So if you guys want youcan actually connect to this website the IP addresses13

9 3

20 9

3 eight, right? So my team here they will theywill put it in the comment box for you to access you can go to this IP addressand you can see that as of now we cannot connectto this particular website

Alright, so now So thisis the wind machine

This is my server

I will installthe necessary software

So I'll pseudo updated first

Alright, so my updationis being happening

And now I will installthe PHP software

So my website for that, I want to deployon this particular server

Let me quickly show you the websitethat I want to deploy

So it's hostedon my Local Host as of now

Right, so let me goto my website

So here it is

All right

So this is my website guys

I'll enter a name and email addressor mobile number and a location I click on submit and it will enterall these values into the mySQL databasethat we created yesterday

All right, so I'll show youhow the values that will be replacedreflected in the MySQL

But for now, let'sconfigure web server first

So this is the websitethat I will be uploading to my web server

But first I have to installthe necessary software

So this is the PHP website guys

So I'll installthe PHP software now

So zile sudo install the PHP

All right, so itwill install the PHP now

And then we can go ahead and now since my website hasto interact to mySQL

I also have toinstall an extension for my MySQL to work soI don't do that as well

Once this is done

So, yeah, so my PHPis installed now, I will install the extensionfor my PHP MySQL so to do that pseudo install

the PHP extension which is this so Imisspelled it one second

All right nowfor all of this to work, I also have to installthe Apache server

So let us installthe Apache server

So like I said as of nowwe cannot connect to it

So what I'll do now isinstall the Apache server so sudo apt-get

install Apache All right

So now if I try to connect to my website I'llbe able to do so, so let me quickly checkmy network security settings

So I will go here

I'll type innetwork security groups

And that will last me allthe network security groups which are presentas of now, right? So I have tonetwork security groups

This is the new web servernetwork security group that I have configured

So I'll go here

And as of now you can seeonly the SSH rule is there so what I'll do now isI'll install the Apaches

I'll configure itto allow HTTP connections

So to do that, I will go to inboundsay security rules

I'll click on ADD andadd the HTTP rule

It is I will click on lowand I'll click on OK

Alright, so my security ruleis being deployed

I also have to configure itto have the HTTP rule as well

So I will configure itto have the HTTP rule

I'll click on okay

And yes, I have the securityrule for this as well


Let me restartthe Apache 2 service

sudo service partyto restart Right, and if now I tryto connect to my website

Yes, so I can see that a party to pageis now working

Right? So if you guys will now tryto access this IP address the Apache 2 pagewill start working

Alright guys, so nowsince our page is working

The next task isto connect through FTP and upload my website

So to do that, I'll have to Firstadd the FTP rule in the inbound security rules

So to do that

I'll click on ADD

And in the nameI'll type in FTP

Right, the service would be FTPand then the action is allow and I click on OK

So it is now creatingthe security rule

And once this is done, I will be able to connectthrough an FTP software that I had

This is called filezilla

All right, so you'll enterthe IP address here your username your passwordport number for FTP connections

It's 22 and then you'll clickon Quick Connect and then we'll have the all allthe directory listing of that serve over here, right? So as I can seethe FTP rule has been added

So now I will goto the dashboard

I'll go to my web server

I'll copy the IP address I paste it here in the hostthe username for it

That is either a car password

Let me enter the password

And now the port numberI'll click on Quick Connect

Now it'll takesome time to connect to the directory of my server

So now I have the directory

All right, so now I'll haveto upload my website, right so for doing that I'll have to goto this particular directory

That is slash bash /www slash HTML

All right

So this is the directory where you will be uploadingyour website now by default

You cannot upload your website

So let me show youwhat I basically If I try to uploadmy files here

You'll see that I'll have an errors that filetransfer has failed

So that is because over here wedon't have the access right side when I cannot read writein this directory now for doing that

I'll have to allow myselfto allow myself from the shell

So I'll do that

Let me cancel all the file transferthat are happening

All right, so nowI will go here

I will type sudo chmod

- Capital are triple seven

So this will basically giveme the readwrite access to this particular directory

And once I havethat I can upload my files

All right, so thisshould be it now if I try to uploadmy files over here

All right

So now like I said if I will tryto upload my files

It should uploaded successfully

So as you can see the filetransfer has now started


I don't needthe index or - HTML

So basically, thisis the Apache page that you were seeingso we can delete this page

Okay, so mytransfers have finished

So now if I go back to mywebsite and a try accessing it, I will be ableto see the website that I just uploaded

Right? So this is the websitethat I just uploaded now

Let me show youthe database server that I configured yesterday

So for that, let me open my command prompt goto my MySQL installation

So this isMySQL installation guy

I will typein the command MySQL - H and now the host name, right? So for the hostname, I need the IP addressof my server

So for that I will goback to my dashboard and my database sowhich is here

I'll copy the IP addressfrom a database server

I will paste it here

And then the username which is at Eurekathe port number which is 3 3 0 6and then the password

All right, so itlasts me the password

And with this I am there inside my MySQL shellnow this MySQL shell

I have createda database called entry

So let me show you

So as you can see, there's a database called entryin this my all my website data will go right and inside entry

There's a table called entries

So as of now if you can see this tablewould be entry empty

Right? So this table is empty

Now my website will actuallyupload all the information that I be typing in hereto this MySQL shell

So if you guys want you want to try this website out youcan go to this IP address

S you can type in all your informationclick on submit and it will get reflected over here

Right? So before that before youcould actually do that

Let me change the index file, so I'll have to update it withthe IP address of my server

Of my database, right? So for doing that,give me a second

I'll go here in the host name

This is the IP addressthat I have to change

I'll change it with the IP addressof my database server

So I'll save it

And now I overridethis in my soul

So I take this file indexdot PHP based it here

Now, it'll ask me whether I want tooverwrite the file

So I'll say okay

And now it hastransferred my file

All right

So now if I enter with detailsas in my name my email address

my phone number All right,and then my location? So now if I click on submit, it will enter the valuesin the MySQL

So now if I refresh my MySQL, I'll be able to see the entrywhich adjustment right

So this is it guys

I have configured my web serveron the has your VM and we have configuredit from scratches or so

You'll find there's a servicein Azure called app service

So you could dothat automatically all of this that is configuringyour web server and everything

Just have to uploadyour code editor which would have installedeverything but it's good to it's good to learnfrom scratch, right? You should understand how things happenin the background

And that is the reason that is the motive behindtoday's demonstration today

Alright, so with that guy's Iwill end today's session right? So let me summarize what we did

So we created a virtual Network

We created a subnet

We created anetwork security group

We created a VM

We attached the VMthrough the subnet and since the network security groupwas attached to the subnet rvm could access the properties in the in mynetwork security group in my network security group

I allowed allthe HTTP connections, right? I allowed the SSH connection

And that is the reason Icould connect through SSH

Right? And that is the reason youguys could also connect to this website if you try to open it and in case I would have deniedAll the traffic from HTTP you guys won't have been ableto access the website

And that is the reasonwe need firewalls

Today's topic of discussionis azure active directory

But before we do go ahead and understand whatan active directory exactly is, let's start by taking a lookat today's agenda first

So what do we have here first and foremost we wouldbe starting things off by understanding what an Azureactive directory exactly is and why it is needed

We would also understand what is the differencebetween Azure active directory and Windows Active Directorywould also understand what are the different audiencesthis active directory caters and discuss water isdifferent editions and also talk about what our Azureactive directory tenants


I would finish things offwith the demo part

Now when we talk about the demoI would be talking about how do you go aheadand create users? And how do you go aheadand create an active directory? And also be discussingquite a few other terms as well, but that is for the later part

Let's start by understanding

What an Azure active directoryexactly is let us start by taking a lookat the definition first

Now if I talkabout the definition, this is what we have

It is Microsoft's multi-tenantCloud base directory and identity management service that combines codedirectory Services application access management and identity protectioninto a single solution

Not the so many terms in it and so many things to understandlet me simplify this definition so that you understand itin a much better way to do that

I would be giving youan example Think of it in this way suppose

I am a cloud vendoror not a cloud vendor

I am a service vendorand I reside on a cloud that means I havea particular application that runs on cloud


This service is used byquite a few customers

Plus there are quitea few organizations that I have to interact with

Now in this caseall these medias our customers and organizations, they have tocommunicate with me

So how do they do it? Well, what they would dois they would go ahead and create an account or maybe have some user IDsthrough which they can actually communicate with me

Now this is okay

If the number is countable or manageable Supposethere was a situation where we had a number of peopleand the number of people who was constantlyincreasing suppose

I have somewhere aroundthousand two thousand people

Now these many loginsand these many credentials managing all thesecan be a huge problem

Let me give you an example

How does this happen? Exactly or what problemsdo you face? Normally suppose I have ten organizations nowto log into all these or give access to allthese ten organizations can be a used problem

Why all These organizationsmight have different kind of accesses based on that

I have to set in differentsecurity protocols as well

If certain organizationshave an easier protocol

What if they get an access to other organizationsas well or to the data that other organizations haveto correspond to in that case

It can be a huge problemapart from that

I might have n numberof customers and keeping track of so many customerscan again be a problem when you talkabout creating credentials

So all this is a huge problem

So what happenedwas Microsoft Azure, it went aheadand created something called

Azure active directory itis nothing but something that acts as a middleware ittakes care of all the signs and all these things how now the users will havea single sign-on process

That means they would sign in only once plus they can haveaccess to the applications that are there whichI provide them

Now this intermediarythat is active directory

What it does is it federatesall the responsibilities of taking care of accessand all those things

That is the way Iset all the rules

It just incorporates those rulesand accordingly it gives access to To all the users thesimplifying all the complexities that I would face otherwise, so this is what an activedirectory exactly is

It basically goes aheadand simplifies all the signing in and userauthentication processes or identification processesare there now as we move further we will be discussingquite a few other terms and you'd be having a clearerpicture as to what I am saying


But meanwhile you just bear with me and let's movefurther and try to understand what are the other pointsthat we need to talk about



I did miss out on this point what Microsoft Azure doesis it also gives you Thing called as a better platform where developers candevelop the applications with a lot more ease again as we move further with by understandingthis point as well

So what is the exact differencebetween Windows ad and as you're ready, let's try to understandthat as well

When you talk about Windows 8 ethat is active directory

These are the layersit has to take care of you have something called asyour domain Services you have your lightweight directories youhave your Federation services

Has certificate services and Rights ManagementServices as well

Now, these are so many thingsto take care of when you talk about your active directorywith Microsoft Azure

It combines all these layersinto to firstly you have your windows Azureactive directory now, it is something that takes careof all the services that surround or revolvearound identity problems

That is when you talkabout identification management

This is the partthat takes care of it

That is your W aadand then we have the other part where you have to actuallygo ahead and come

Get with other organizations

I give you an example of 10 different organizationsneeding 10 different things that is federating all these organizations your windowsAzure access control services

It takes careof all those things

So both these so-calledactive directories the more or less serve similar purposes, but the approach in which theydo is is completely different your active directoryhas more layered approach where every serviceis given a different layer or different way of handling it

But when you talkabout your Microsoft Azure active directoryit simply Sighs things your first layer takes careof most of the things and the remainingthings are something that is taken care by our Windows AzureAccess Control service

Also, when you talkabout active directory, it uses something called as ldap forvarious other Communications, but when you talk about yourAzure active directory here, you use something calledas your rest apis again, the approach iscompletely different

So what are the audience's that are catered bythis directory first and foremost we have I Edmondsnow when I talk about it admins what Microsoft Azureactive directory does is it provides in single sign-onfor various applications now, they're quite afew SAS applications that is software asa service applications and various on-premiseapplications to which you have a single sign-on youdo not have to log in every now and then now I've workedon quite a few applications and places where youhave to log in every now and then you havea lot of trouble because you have to rememberso many passwords and so many logins and these different credentialscan be a problem

Now, this is somethingyour Microsoft azure

Takes care of single sign-on isvery convenient apart from that

It ensures strong identificationand the quite a few processes that ensure this now I won't be discussingthose points in detail

But yes when you talk about identificationMicrosoft Azure ensures that it happens in a verygood manner plus it Autumn

It's quite a few processes again easing up this processapart from that

It also caters quite a fewdevelopers as well

Now I'm talkingabout quite a few organizations and since signon becomes easier here

Your application developers canfocus on building applications

And since they have accessto so many organizations and so many resourcesapplication development definitely becomeseasier online customers

Now people who have been workingfor quite a while

They might know that we have thingslike Office 365 or you have your CRM Services as well

Now you had an access to all these things by usingyour Windows Active Directory, but your MicrosoftAzure active directory also gives you accessto all the services that means if you are using or have accounton any one of these things you can have access to allthe services or have access

To all the activedirectory services that user has to provide to you

So what this does isit caters the needs of various onlinecustomers as well

So let us try to understandthe next point that is azure activedirectory additions for that

What I'm going to do isI'm going to go ahead and switch into the Microsoft web page

Basically our I'm goingto switch into my browser and move to the websiteand talk about all these points

So instead what I would dois I would first discuss the last point and Before we do go aheadand take a look at the demo than we would just go aheadand talk about these points as well so that we can directlysuch into the demo part

So let's move further and tryto understand the next point and then come backto this point

So what our tenantsbasically now when you talk about a tenant it is nothing butan organization I just mentioned that we have tens of organizations that a particularapplication might cater now all these organizationsare treated as tenants

All these tenants can Haveaccess to a particular active directory or morethan one active directory as we move into the demo part

I would be talkingabout how to create multiple directories as well

Yes, we can have more than one active directorywill discuss this as we move into the demo part, but before that you just understand these points asin what I'm trying to say


Yes, what happenshere exactly is when you talk about a tenantfirst and foremost, it is nothingbut an organization and it is a dedicated instance of your other activedirectory Service Plus

These are isolated instances that And as I mentionedwe have ten organizations or five organizationscould be having isolated instances for eachof these organizations ensuring that they stay aloofand their services and their Protocolsare maintained differently

This is where your Azureactive directory steps in

It takes careof all these things

It ensures thatnothing is ambiguous or nothing is intermixed

Everything stays separateplus each and every platform or organization getsserviced equally

Well as you move furtherwould be creating users and then then I would giveyou the differences as in what a tenant is

How do you go aheadand create all the domains and all those things? So again into the demo partyou'd be understanding these topics withlittle more clarity or more understanding other

This is the demo part

But before thatas I've already mentioned, let me quickly switchto the website of Microsoft Azure and I wouldbe discussing the additions that you can choose from and then we can directly jumpinto the demo part

Okay guys, so thisis a Microsoft dog

Basically which talksabout choosing an addition

So these are the options youhave we would be finishing this quickly and then we would beswitching into the demo part

So let's understand this now what Microsoft Azuredoes is it gives gives you various options first and foremost youhave three options to pick from and outof these three options

The first one isyour basic option that is your active directory basic

Then you have your premium which is P1 and then youhave one more premium, which is P2 allthese things provide you with different options that youhave first and foremost

Your main job isto have your access that is your identitymanagement your security and your single sign-onand all those things

Now, these are someof the services that come with your basic account as well

And also with your free account what Microsoft Azuredoes is for people who are completely newto the session and Microsoft Azure

Let me tell youthat you have a free sign into Microsoft account

That means you can go aheadand create your account there and Avail these servicesfor a certain duration which are availableto you for free

So, yes, you do not haveto pay anything there

You have a free account in that you'll be having accessto some of these services but if you need Advanced Services, then you have to pay for it and for those thingsyou have three options

Ian's that is your basicpremium P1 and premium P2

Let's try to understandthese one by one as in what are these and what do theyhave to offer to you now if you scroll down and if youtake a look at this thing, you have your Azureactive directory basic now this basic is nothingbut it is designed for people who are task workers or who are focused on a particularapplication of on cloud and it takes care of everythingyour single sign ons your essays and it ensures that the security is 99

9%and it provides you with all these featureswhich you can see here that is Yes, self-service password resets and all those things you also have accessto quite a few things like your proxiesand all those things

I won't be gettinginto the details of what proxies areand all those things

But yeah for peoplewho are admins and who have worked on these topicsare in these domains

They would understandwhat do these things mean? So yeah you have accessto all these things which fall underyour basic option apart from that you have somethingcalled as your premium P1

Now, this is for peoplewho want to scale up

So when you try to scaleup you'd be dealing with quite a few things and And terms like your I am and all those thingswould come into picture


I am is nothingbut your identity and access management basically, which is a very important point when you talk about activedirectories, so yes, it provides youwith these things as well or these facilities as welllike identity protection your security in the cloudand all those things

Everything is taken careof for this particular model

Now when you talkabout premium P2, if I scroll down this iswhat you have

It is designed for moreadvanced protection

That means you'd be gettingall the services that were provided in

And P1 apart from that you'd behaving some additional Services which ensure more security that means it focuses more onprivileged identity management

Now again, this is something that you can readand understand it is very easy

But to give youa basic difference your first thing provides youwith your basic services, that is your basic access gives you basic activedirectory service access

Then you haveyour premium version which is focused for scaling upand when you talk about P2, it focuses moreon Advanced security

So these arethe three different editions that you can choose from now

If you are somebody who is belongingto a particular organization and wants to go ahead and use the services youcan actually go ahead and read all these thingsand then go ahead and take a decision accordingly

Now, what I'm going to dois I'm quickly going to go ahead and switchinto the demo part for that

I need to go ahead and openmy Microsoft Azure account

So let's do that

Well, My internetis kinda slow today

So it might take a little longer while the normal Ican click here on Portal and there you go

It would ask me to signin I would be using a dummy account todayfor this so-called demo

I wanted to give youan access to our view to quite a few directoriesand all those things

So that is why I did go aheadand create an accountant or certain active directory is created or basicallycertain accounts created

Now, this is how the Azureportal looks like for people who are completely new again

You have your dashboard

Here apart from that youcan actually go ahead and create quite a few things that is your virtual machinesyour data factories and all those things for people who want to knowall those things

They can actually go aheadand refer the other videos that are therein the series and you know, quite a few otherthings as well

But as far as this sessiongoes we are here to talk about active directory

So let's head into itand try to understand how do you go aheadand create active directories and all those things

Now, how do you navigate to aparticular active directory now, if you scroll down here you would be seeing an activedirectory here for people who have an accounton Microsoft Azure and Access to all these things they would havean active directory by default

So you just have to comehere and click on it and a particular dashboard would open up foryou people as well


This is how it looks like you have all these thingsand overview getting started you have users groups, which you can manageand monitor you have devices

You can connect to yourvarious app registrations as I've told you can managemultiple applications as well

Now in that casewhat happens is as I mentioned youmight be dealing with multiple applications

So a particular userwhat applications should have access to What domainsdoes he have access to what are the devices that are configured? All these thingscan be controlled or managed from here basically, so this is what you are so-calledactive directory does now, let's move further and tryto create some users


How do we do that? Well, I can clickon this icon here and it would giveyou the list of users that already there as you can see the quitea few users here at this was our demo account

So we did go aheadand create so-called users so that you can havea look at them

This is somethingthat I created yesterday

That is Chris Pratt

Now, how do you go ahead andAn account I would be talking about all these thingsto give you a start

You have to click on this thingnew users and this window opens up now again, I'll have to go backand show you something else

How do we dealwith all these things? Well, first and foremost, you need to given a pseudo name or a name of the personfor which you want to create a user apart from that youneed a particular domain name or yes a domain namefor a particular domain service

Now, how do we get that now these domain Serviceshave to be registered with your so-called

Old Azure active directory soI have these accounts are right so I can use oneof these accounts to just go ahead and createa particular user suppose

I want that user to be assignedor maybe associated with this ID so I can select this domain serviceextension basically again, click on new user

So what name should I giveto this particular user now? I am a huge cricketfan and recently

I watched England's match

So let's pick a nameof one of the players that belongs to

Sam Billings and again, this iswhere I would be creating

The user say I saysample as a pseudo name and I given this domain detailsthat is at her a card TK

Now, this is somethingthat is configured already

That is why I can use itand I can have an account if I used an ID that was not registeredwith this as your account

I wouldn't have been ableto create this user because it would have givenme a particular error as we move further

We would be takinga look at that as well

But for now, let's go

Ed and create a legitimate userthat is this one now it verifies whether the name isproper or not name is something you can usein any which way you want to but your usernamehas to be legit and valid so I havethese details which I've been turd configuration not requiredproperties can be default

And if I have to assignhim a role I can click here you can see the nameis verified here as well

Let's make him a global admin maybe and again you'dbe given a password Here If you say show itwould show you the password and I would suggest that you Note it down because you would be requiredto go ahead and login and in that case youmight be needing this password

So a suggestionthat you noted down

I say okay here and Icreate the user now

It might take a while because at times thereare certain things that take awhile

But in this case,it has happened pretty quickly

So as you can seewe've gone ahead and created a userhis name was sampling if I'm not wrong

So yes, do you have this account which is sample andif you click on it and open it you can haveaccess to to that account where you can enter another details whatapplications that are

They under this user and what applicationsdo you want to assign? Which devices do youwant to configure and all those things? If you scroll down you have someother options as well sign ins and audit logs now, I won't get into the detailsof these things, but you can assignall these things to this particular user as well

So yeah, this is what the user looks like and youcan actually go ahead and log into this as your account through this userprofile as well

We can do that

What I'm going to do isI'm going to go ahead and create Or openan incognito window where I'm going to goahead and log in as this user

Let's just say Cognito and Nowif I try to login, I would have to enterin the details

I've actually gone out and tried logging in but Ifought in the credential detail

So let me just quickly switch tothis window copy this email ID and again switcher

So this is the email IDwhich we have sambal next and my password was I hope it is right

Yeah, so when you log infor the first time it would ask you to enterthe current password

And then you can enterthe new password

Let's say and then youre-enter the password

There you go

And you sign in so what happens is you enter intothis portal as a fresh user

See, I'm a completely new userand it says do you want to start a tour but Idon't want to do that

So I would just say maybe later

There you go

You have your fresh dashboard

There is nothing pinned here andeverything is completely new

So, yep, you've entered inas a completely new user

And this is the active directory where I'm assigned to that ismy previous active directory as you can see

This is what we havehere to offer

So yes as a user Ihave certain Privileges and I can have accessto this so-called portal

So this is something Iwanted you all to see the the quite a few other things which we are going to go aheadand take a look at it

But for now, let me just log outand close this tab

I'm back here the other thingsI want you to understand and those things are if I come here what you can see is we havecertain users here right there

Go if you take a lookat certain email IDs, you can see these email IDs not these are quitehuge email IDs, right? What happens is when you do go ahead and register your domain serviceyou register that domain service with Microsoft Azure account

And when you do go aheadand create users you would not want to havesuch use names that are say, for example, we shall act Microsoft somethingsomething something something that can be long, right and that is complicatedto handle or manage

So instead what you can dois you can provide them with sudo identities

Disorder ID is as well

So that the process becomeseasier or simpler to handle

Let's try to do that and seehow can we do that? Can we just go ahead and assigna particular domain name or a domain service when we just go aheadand create a new user or all those things

So in order to adda particular domain what you have to do is youhave to go ahead and again, where is my active directory? Here it is and I justkind of scroll down you can see custom domain names where you can actually goahead and add domain names but there arecertain catches to it

Let's try to Stan those nowit would ask me to enter a custom domain nameand I say demo domain maybe yeah and let me give itsome extension now again, let me tell youthat this is a demo practice and it won't take inthis particular domain name

I'll tell you why but first let's just tryto add this domain

Yeah, the domain nameis added but as you can see to use demo domain dot at with Azaricreate a new text record with your domain name registrarusing the info

No, so if I say text, I need to copy this partand I have to actually go ahead and add thisto my particular domain name


I won't be going ahead and doing that because that is somethingthat we are not discussing here because for that we would beneeding some other domain name, which I don't haveright now with me

So if you do go ahead and tryto add a particular domain name, you need to havethat particular domain that is suppose

I'm using a particularwebsite or I have a particular organization, which has a particular websiteor a domain name

That is XYZ at xyz

comor something like that

That so I need to make sure that I go aheadand register or have access to that particular domain and then I need to go aheadand attach this particular text to it or authorizedthis text with it so that I can actuallygo ahead and confirm with Microsoft Azure that yes

I have an accessto that particular domain and only then can I go aheadand use this particular domain with my Microsoft Azure if I click here on verifyit would give me an error that I'm very sure of Ccould not find the DNS record for this domain DNS changesmay take up to 72 hours

To propagate that meansI have 72 hours to go ahead and add this particulartext message to that domain and so that Ican verify that yes, this domain is legal

But in this case itisn't I just took something for the demo purposeor for the reference a and this is the domain that I might have or which Ican actually go ahead and use so yeah, this is how you actually go aheadand add a particular domain and you can actually go aheadand create a user as well

What you have to do is when you do go ahead and register this particulardomain you can just go ahead and follow the processeslike creating a user

Which we didin the previous case because that wasthe register domain when I use that so called Erica Dottie Kate was registered withmy so-called as your account and I could actuallygo ahead and register that particular user

But in this caseI cannot but yes, if you do go ahead and create a particular domainor you want to go ahead and create a particular domain or register a particulardomain make sure that it is validand it is underused and you can actuallygo ahead and register that particular domain by usingthis particular process

So yeah, this is how you actually go outand do all these things now when you have this particularWhich is not registered and if you do go ahead and createa particular user on it

What happens isyour Microsoft Azure would let you create that user but the credentialsare the access that user has is as a guest user because your Microsoftisn't sure that this domain which you just createdis actually registered or something that youcan actually go ahead and use so that is one pointwhich you need to consider now, let me just quickly go backto Mac to directory and see if there are any thingor any points that I need to discusswith you or something that we have messed up one

So what I'm going to dois I'm going to talk about something else calledas creating an active directory or can we createmultiple active directories? That is a question

If you ask me I would say yes, definitely you can createmultiple directories

Now as you see here if I goto a particular directory, I would be having an optioncalled as switch directories

Now if I click here Ihave certain options from which I can pick a defaultdirectory now in my case

I have quite a few directorieswhich I can actually go ahead and choose from but I wantto give you all a demo as an how do you go ahead and create one because these are something that we have createdfor the practice purpose or certain usage purpose

So let's go aheadand create a fresh one

So, how do we do that? Can we just go aheadand create one? Yes

Definitely we can create one

If you just scroll down youhave certain options here

We had an optionof creating a new directory

Let me just go ahead and see where that option is CSthis option create a directory

So let's start by givingit certain name

Say Eureka one, two, three four

Not one two, three four,let's call it

Say idiotic

Idea Rica

Maybe is it the yep, and what should bethe domain name? We did a car one-to-oneand Eureka one-to-one State

Well, since I'm from Indiathat stick to India and I say create itmight take a couple of minutes when you just go ahead andcreate this so-called directory

So, yep

Meanwhile you bearwith me and there you go

You have your directory here

You can just clickon this thing to manage our Is as you can see it'sa completely new directory which is fresh and new to use

That means as you can seeit said Eureka Eureka and if we click on any one of these things you won't behaving anything else now in my previous active directory

I had so many users if you come here youwould see that as just one user main admin

I'd not have anything elseor no other user whatsoever

That means this is a fresh directorybecause you can see if you just go back to the editor academic optionyou'd be having an option of Setting your so-calleddirectory and you can do that as well

But I do not want to dothat for now

I can just clickon this and I go back see he has the optionyou can click on it and you can switch the user

So yeah, you can usemultiple directories and you can have multiple usesfor these directories as well

Now I can just go aheadand create users for this directory as well

But I won't be doing that now since Ido not need this directory

I'm just going to goahead and delete it

So I click on this icon

I'd not have permissionsprobably so I click on it and I ensure that permission

I entered I say yes, and I save changes itmight take half a minute to update these properties orif the Internet is slow

It might take a longas well there

You see the changeshave been updated if I refresh this thing

The access is given to me I can just I don't wantto delete the dashboard

I just want to go ahead and delete my so-calledactive directory

So I do not have an accessto my domain Services because of which I'm not ableto delete this account

But yeah, you normallyhave an option where you can actually go aheadand delete this directory

So, yep, you can go aheadand do that as well

So this was the demo about active directory asin how do you go ahead and create a user? How do you createa particular domain space or Plumbing Service? Basically, how do you go ahead and createmultiple active directories? We want to knowabout what is devops

These services availablein Azure to handle the devops

So let's first learnabout what is devops


So first thing iswhen we say what is devops

So basically justfor the definition perspective

It's a set of practices intended to reduce the timebetween committing a change

So let's say youare building an application

If you commit a changecommitting this change and taking it to the productionis a very long process, but then devops means that once you commit a changeand finally taking that change to the production

Devops is something which can help you reducethe overall time and provide your standard setof practices using which it makes your deploymentvery very smooth

Of course, it can helpyou maintain high quality in your application

This means if youwant to do testing if you want to do some reviews all these things basicallyare covered in the develops

Some of you guys might be comingfrom the development background some of you might be comingfrom the operations background

So this is a place where both of us meettogether the developer The operations guys, they come together and work together so farin our normal work environments, if we are not into devops,what do we do? The developers havethe responsibility of you know, doing some coding building that and finally putting itinto a source control once you put into a sourcecontrol the test team will actually take that sourcecode do their own builds and start doingthe testing on top of it

Now once they are doingthis testing they will do some tests of push it backto the development team and this to andfro keeps happening

Once all this testing iscomplete then you put everything into the operations bucket

Then you tell themthat yes, we are done

We have completed everything

Now you go ahead and make a releaseof it do the deployment to the operations on top of it

Keep monitoring the stuff if you face any challengesthen inform the developing T


This used to bea very siloed approach so developers and testersworking separately

The operations guysare working separately and there is newsto be a lot of friction between these two areas

So now when we comeDevops environment these two set of people

They have actually become one which means you together dothe development you together put it into the source controlyou do the testing and finally you go ahead because it's not justindividual people

It's a team so you go ahead and do the releaseyou do the deployment and finally do the monitoringso that you know, because if you have starteddeveloping something, you know that what is the bestthing you have developed and how you need to handle that

So this is one areawhere the developers and operators Nationsthey come together and work as a team frictioncan be reduced to the time to Market becomes faster and the quality evenbecomes much better

Do not worry

If you do not getthe hundred percent of what is happening

But then the overall ideato understand is that now the developers and the operationsthey come together and work together asone single team just for this, you know, a very small diagramthe developers they will build something they'll start pushingit to the operations team

So you do the deploymentyou take care of everything the operationsif they will face

The challenges they'llstart pushing it back to the developers team lookingat a very small thing

Okay, if I can solvesomething very quickly

That's fine

Otherwise, I'll startpushing it back to the developer team sayingthat this is not working

So there is lot of friction andthere is lot of miscommunication that happens in this kind ofenvironment way to solve it is that both of us the developers and the operations worktogether as a team


I hope you got some glimpseof what is devops

And now we'll goingto talk about some tools which are available in devopswhen we say divorce

Oops, each of these areas are covered bydifferent kinds of tools

So if you are doingsome development, you might use let's say Eclipse, you might use let's saya visual studio, you might use Visual Studio codeand then you are checking in your code and TFSteam Foundation Services

You might be checkingin your code in jira and get a lot of different repositories

Now, this is one area

Of course, if you have to do some builds,you can use a kudu server

You can use Mavenyou can use Gradle

So all these different tools are used to Buildyour applications

Finally if you are donebuilding your code

And if you have doneall the check-ins, then the testing happens, you might be using seleniumyou might be using selenium or J units to do the testingof your applications

Now again, you can see here allthese different areas require different kinds of tools

And if you are releasingsomething then of course you can use Jenkins and bambooto release your stuff

Finally you do the deployment

All right, so there are different toolsto do the deployment and then you do the operations

Which means Has your operationsteam is sitting there and doing all these operations stuff and they are monitoring thisstuff using different tools

When we say that we want to builda devops platform

We want all these tools what you see hereto work together so that you can do this activity without having to doany manual intervention

Okay, and this is where we are going to spendour time into looking at how these tools can be usedwhen we go to Azure devops

I guess you guys have learned about whatis your some basic stuff? And what is devops now? We are going to lookinto if I have to do all this developsactivity in assure


So what is itthat is available to us

And now let's learnabout what is as your develops

So as you develop something which is providing us allthese set of tools integrated into one single environment

This means that if you don't knowhow to work with the clips, if you know how to work with TFS if you know how to work with get selenium allthese different tools then you can Use asyour devops or in fact in my case as well

I didn't do you know lotof tools but still when I started learningabout SEO develops, I started learningabout all these things as well

So you don't have to worrythat if you are not a part of any of these particularareas, for example, if you're not part of right nowhow to do the deployment or if you're not part ofhow to do monitoring and you areon the developer site or basically you areinto the development side, then you don't have to worry that will I be ableto use Dev Ops or not

So the answer to that It is

Yes, you will be able to usethe dev Ops or in fact that will help you movetowards the devops, even if you know, maybe a coupleof parts of it

So now we are going to talk about what are differentcomponents of azure devops and ones will seesome demos you will be very clearly able to understand how you can take your application fromthe planning stage up to the deployment and monitoringstage using the tools in ashore


So let's learn about what are different componentsof has your devops which are available now, let me just Just showyou all five actually

So there arefive different components which are available aspart of azure devops

First thing that we needto know is about as your boats

There are people who comefrom the scrum background

They are coming from theproject management background

They know how tocreate some features

They know how to create epics

They know how tocreate the stories

They know how to create tasksand all that stuff and then there are developers who themselves go and create the taskon which they are going to work and there are red

Or soon just want to createsome test cases and after the test cases are done

They want to create the bugswhich they find in the system

Now all these activitiescan be done as part of the Azure boats

Number two is of course after you have doneall the planning after you have created allthe epics all the features all the stories task and everything

Second thing you wantto do is develop it

For example, you startdoing development in TFS you start doing developmentin Eclipse any ID that you want to use you can do the repent once you are donewith the development

Now you want to push all thisinto a source control

Now, this is whereas your Repose will come in and it will help you storeall the information

So in the source controlyou check in your code

And as your Repose is a place which provides us with lotof different repositories

In fact right now it's too if you want to useteam Foundation services or if you want to use get sobasically you can provision that in Azure Repose and you can start checking yourcrap location code in azure

Looks so again

We are going to see allthese things in action today

The third thing is once you have checkedin your code

What do you want to do next? So there are two thingsthat you want to do

First thing is that you want to run somethingcalled as a build pipeline when you have checkingyour code you want to make sure that nobody has checkedin some wrong code

So this is whereyou build your code

Of course, the developershave the responsibility to build the codeon their local machines

This is not a good practice

Now if developers is justbuilding it on there

Our local machine this means that maybe someof the dependencies on that machine are not correct, or maybe it's not in syncwith the other team members

So this means thatif person says that yes, it is building on my machine and I just want to push it inthe source control is that good? The answer is no because this meansthat if somebody will have it special dependencyin the application, which is installed locally, but it's not installed, you know for everyone for others when they will downloadthat code it will fail so that is why wheneverthe Developers Something in the Repose or basically in the sourcecontrol it is going to be taken by the issuer pipeline

It is going to do somethingcalled as a built


So the building of code happensin the Azure pipeline

Now next thing is the buildhas already happened

What do we need to do? Next? The next thing we needto do is release this code now, I can release itin the dev environment

I can release itin let's say a pre prod or you at environment or I can also release the stuffin production environment, but Ali what do you do if developers check-in somethingwe do the build of the code and then we release itin the dev environment now once it goesto the dev environment or maybe in a test environment it is going to runafter it run completes

Then you would want to runsome kind of, you know, some tests on top of it

Let's say you have deployeda web service

So if you have deployeda web service, you would want to testif it's behaving correctly or if let's say youhave deployed a web application

You want to check if everything is looking finein that web app or not, so Are you can run manualtest cases automatic test cases? You can even dothe exploratory testing all that stuff can be done as partof the assure test plans

All right, and finally once all this test pansis done we can again use basically the pipelinesto release something to different environmentslike you at production and all that stuff while all these thingsare going on

There are a lot of things you can configurelike workflows or in fact, let's say approval workflow

So if you are checkingin something you want to Make sure the review happens so that can be taken carein the as your Repose

If you are leasing somethingto the you at environment you need let's say an approvalfrom your team lead or you need an approvalfrom the program manager

So all these approvals are by default built in into allthese Services now one thing which I haven't touchedupon is as your artifacts

Now, this is somethingfor example, let's say you have got ten projects and all these ten projectshave got common dependencies

It may not be common in allbut let's say three

Ticks are using one dependency five projects are usingsome other dependency

So what you can do youcan collect all these dependencies and put it into a one single locationcalled as your artifacts

So I'm going to show you fewof these things in demo today that how you can use as your boats as your Reposeas your pipelines

And of course, I'm not going to touchin the demo on test plans and artifacts now, I hope everybody understoodthis overall infrastructure

We have got as your boats to createour work items we have got Has your repose to store our code we have got as your pipelines which can help us dothe build of the code

Please of the codeinto a particular environment

Then we have got SEO test plans, which we can use to doour testing which could be a manual test cases automatedtest cases exploratory

Testing all that can be done aspart of the Azure test plans

And finally if youhave got some common dlls or common jar files, which you want to store itas part of your repository, then you can use asyour artifacts now

Look at some of the morethings now first thing as I said is as your boards, so we have got five differentcomponents as part of as your boards

Alright, so as I said earlieras your bolts is a service for managing the workof your software project, which means you wantto create some let's say epics you want to create some features basically some tasks someproduct backlog items

You want to createsome bugs all this can be handled in as your boots so you can set up that I want to followthe a child process

I want to Followthe scrum process

I want to use the conversion

So all these thingsare available as part of the Azure boots

So it does not matter that what kind of processyou want to follow

I know that a lotof people know about agile

So guys, I am also an agile and save certified so I knowthere are different processes and all these differentprocesses can actually being handled by as your boats

So what you can doyou can go ahead and create a work items

Then you can havethe backlogs now

I'm going to tell youwhat is a work item

There's a backlogand then we have as your boats

In fact board is somethingvery basically you can run some queries and see that what is somethingin particular Sprint or let's say what are the tasks which are activeor what are the tasks which are closed if you just want to saythat whatever the task which were releasedin this particular Sprint

So all this information youcan get it from the board's next thing is about Sprints

Now, let's saya Sprint is of 15 days

So in 15 days what other work that we are goingGoing to accomplish

So those things are basicallythose tasks or features

They go into Sprints

All right, and finally, we have the dashboards which can help you havethe overall picture of what is the progressof your particular Sprint or what is the overall progressof a particular release? Okay

So this is what is coveredas part of the Azure boards

We can just talk slightly moreon this and then we'll see that in the demo


What do we see here? We have got work itemspretty simple stuff

Let's say you can see here

This is a bug being created

This is a user story which is createdor basically the backlog item which is created

Then we have the taskswhich are getting created and the same way wehave got features

We have got epics which we can create as partof the work items

Then we have got boatsso you can see that what is basicallythe particular fro of your current Sprint or what is the flowof your project? Of course, we have gotbacklogs now we can arrange what do we want to doas part of the backlog? How do you want to prioritizeyour different work item? So you can deliveryour software on time? Next thing is about Sprint's if you guys have notworked with Sprint, so do not worry because we don't wantto go into that whatever details of Sprint's but then Sprintis basically let's say a small time boxed windowin which you can go ahead and deliver a particular partof your product in your e-commerce application

If you say that we want to deliverthe check out functionality

So let's say if you are ready to deliverthe check out functionality Not two weeks as part of the Sprint soyour checkout feature or your checkout epic will goinside that particular Sprint

So once it goes in tide that particular Sprintthe whole team starts working towards that particular area and what they do they tryto complete all that stuff during that 15 daytimebox window and that is what you can build aspart of the Sprints

All right

So then we havethe final dashboards where you can see

What is the current statusof your project before we go further and look into Other different aspectslike pipelines and stuff

I just want to give youa small demo of how you can create the work items how you can createthe backlog items and how you can use the boats

So let me stop here for a while

Okay, and what I'm goingto do now is going to go to something called asDev dot as your


What you need to do here is if you are not signed intill ask you to sign up or sign in and once you sign in this is the kind of basicallythe dashboard you will see what you can do here

First thing you can do hereis create a new project

Alright, so let me create one

What do you see here? It is asking me that

Is it a private project or isit a public project? Now, let's say if I want to create a projectcalled my test project for and not going to createit it takes some time, you know to set up everythingbut what I can show you here is that now it is asking that what isthe Version Control? So basically, where do you wantto keep your source code? You want to keep it in get or do you wantto keep it in TFS? Okay, so you Go ahead and select the differentversion control options which are available

Now, of course, I think with time theywill keep adding more and more, you know Source controls of the Version Controlrepository is here which you can usebut most common ones which we everybody knowsis get we also have GitHub which is again a repository for storing the gigbase Version Control

Of course, there issomething from Microsoft which is available, which is the team Foundationif some of you guys have worked before with the fsor the team Foundation services, this is the one itis Totally up to you

How do you wantto store your code? So I'm going to selectget right now

The next thing isabout work item process

So if you want to followthe agile process, you can use this one

If you want to usea scrum process, you can followthis one then of course, you have got cmmi and a basic one nowbasically something which does not followa particular process, but this is something which can help you set upeither the agile process or the scrum process

It's like a kindof a blank template, but if you are comfortableworking With agile environment, you can select this oneand you can click on create now as soon as you do that what you will see issomething like this one my test project threebecause I created this one and I added few things here

So I want to show you that

All right, before we go into inside thisparticular my test project 3, what are the thingsyou can see here? Something called asas your boards, which we have already talkedabout the repositories as your Repose

Then we havethe assured pipelines

We have got the test plan

It's and then we have gotthe artifacts the same stuff that we have seen in the slide

It's available ondevadatta co


Once you create a project now, let me go ahead and firstof all click on this project what I have done in aspart of this project

I am using agile

Plus I am using get soI've selected this one and this is now showing upin my test project three

The first thing as I told you that I want to show youabout is boards now, let me go here onthe left hand side

You can see boats

A proposed pipelinestest plans and artifacts

So I'm going to goinside boards right now and straightaway show youwhat you can do in the boats

First thing isof course pretty simple if you want to do the planning

So what do you do you create something calledas a let's say a task or basically you createa work item now work items are of different types

You can have somethingcalled as an epic

Now epic is somethingwhich is very very high level

So let's say yourleadership team comes up and they Define Thingcalled as an epic

Now, they will say that we want to deliverthis kind of project

All right, so there theyare defining a particular epic now inside the Epic what you can doyour product owners or let's sayyour project managers

They will go ahead and decideon the number of features that you want to haveas part of the Epic

Let's say you want to buildan e-commerce site

So in e-commerce sitethe business says that we want to set upsome eCommerce set up for our this businessthat's in Epic once you go inside that Epic

You will say that I wantto create a feature now

What is the feature here? I want to deliverthe card functionality

I want to deliverthe product page

I want to havea recommendation engine or maybe I want to have a searchengine in my e-commerce portal


This is what will be createdby product owners or they will be createdby the project managers

Now when you say I wantto create let's say n search servicein my e-commerce site

So as part ofthe search service, what do you need? You will go aheadand create some stories

So in the story, what will See, you will say that I wantto have some database ready which will contain allthe information of my products

Then I am going to havelet's say one more story for building up a middle layer, which can help me, you know some building some apis which can help fetch thisinformation from my database and show it to the end users

Then I will buildanother story to say that I want to show itto the end customers

And once you havethese user stories, then you go aheadand create tasks inside that particular story

So let me start building up

Let's say one feature

I'm not going to you know, gointo the complete agile model

But right now I'm just saying that we want to createa feature for let's say search in e-commerce

Okay, just remember guys

This is not the way we writein a child format

So if you want to, you know,just create a new feature

There is a particular format in which you shouldcreate the feature

Basically the text has to bein a particular format, but that's not theagenda for today

The agenda is to show you that you can createa new feature

You can providea particular iteration path this I want to do itin this particular time frame

Okay, I can createmultiple iterations

Okay, and I can put up the Ithracian here now next thing what I can do here

I can link itto some existing item

All right, so we'll do it later

But then we'll say what isthe business value of this? What is the time criticality? What is the start date? What is the target date which we want to completethis particular feature

This feature is new right now

So let me save it you can goahead and provide description

You can use the discussion board to do some discussion on topof this particular feature

And once you are final that yes our Future detailsare ready then what is the next thing? Let me go back to work items andlet's say I want to create a particular user story

What will I do? I will say that I want tocreate let's say in the search

I want to create the apis

And what do I need to do? I need to link itto the Epic or in fact, I'll need to link itto the feature on the right side add link existing itemand I can also say that what is the parent here? So the parent isWe searched for it

So the parent issearch in e-commerce

Okay, so I'm going to linkin this one and say that I am creating a user story

Let me save it

In fact, you can see that if you know aboutwhat a story pointing so you can add story pointshere or in fact, let me tell you this if you go for you knowfor any kind of course or not just from here, but if you go for any kind, of course abouthow do you handle a child? So there you will learn moreabout story pointing so you can alsoprovide the risk

Let's say this is a medium risk

What is the priority here? All this kinds of setup

You can provide here that are you want to dosome architectural thing or you want to is ita business feature? All this information is providedas part of the user story

So let me save this one

Go back to the work items

So right now thisis showing is separately but once will go to the boards

Let me go to the backlogs first what you will see here allthe different stories which are available


This is somethingon which we want to work

Let me add one more story herenew work item and let's say UI for search

Okay, let me add this one


What you see here iswe have created now to stories in the first print or basically inthe planning side

let me just open it up and Soas part of the eye tration what we are going to do inthe first iteration or let's say in the first 15 dayswhat we are going to deliver

We are going to deliverAPI for such service

Or in fact actuallyboth of them have got into the same iteration

So now you can see here

We have got one story which we are going to coverin iteration 1 which is right

Now the current one and one story we are going to cover aspart of the second iteration

Now, in fact, if you go ahead and addmore tasks to it

Let's say if I click on Ican even change the priority for this one by dragging and dropping now clickon API for set service

I can go aheadand click on or in fact, I can see the whole historyof that particular

Feature or in factthat particular user story I can also go to this particularlink and I can say that I want to addsome child items here

Okay, so I can sayadd a new item and that is a child item which is of type tasksand then I can say that I need to dosome basic setup or maybe let's saysome design of my service

So that is one task

I'm creating

All right

So what is the originalestimate for creating this particular task? I can say 10

Ours what? Is the remaining timeTenors completed 0 and I will provide somedescription here and save it

So this meansif I close this one, and in fact,I'll just refresh this page

You will get a complete ideaof what are the tasks which are or whatare the stories on which you are goingto work on or basically, what are the backlog itemson which you are working in and what arethe tasks under that? So this is the kind of thing that you can set upwith Azure develops

I hope this stuff isclear to you guys

So we have gotdifferent titrations

Let me click on Sprintsso you can see right


The first citation is going onand the design is here once I start working on this

I can even use the visual Editorto make it active

Once this stuff is done

I can even move itto the result state

Okay, let me just open this one

I can just close this task

And say that's it

So this is how my overall flow of basicallythe work items work

Now next thing which I want to show you isrepositories repositories

We mentioned that wecan use either get or we can use TFS to basicallymaintain our source code

I'm just going to show youa demo right now to show you how all this stuff works

So what you will do here youcan set up a repository which is like a get or a TFS

Then you can go aheadand start checking in your code

What? First thing you will see here is because we are usingget so I'm clicking on something called as branches and in the branchesthere is a default branch, which is always available

Now that's calledas a master branch

In fact, you can go aheadand create more branches in some of the source controls like TFSyou will have one single place where everybody's checking in the code now in case of getit does not work the same way

It's a very different structure

So what you do is you create your own Branchyou work in that branch, which means This branch isbasically a copy of a master Branch

So you will go insidethat Branch you will make your check-ins now that is your branch in whichyou are making the changes

You will do the testing

Once you are completely finethat everything is running fine

Then you are going to pushthose changes from your branch to the master Branch

Remember that if youhaven't worked with get before so there isnothing to worry about because this is not somethingspecific to Azure devops what I am talking right nowabout the branches

This is somethingspecific to the Get so let me show this thing that we have right now adefault Master Branch if I'll click on this one what you will see Ihave already check in one particular projectinto my repository

Okay, that's called asa web application to if I click on this one

It's a verysimple MVC application that I have created and added itinto the source control

I'll go to the visual studio

Now in the visual studio, you can again seethat I am using git tools for visual studio

And this is showing methat I have got a master Branch

Now what I can do I will letme create one more application and check that in

So let me createa simple application file new project asp

net coreweb application drawn

Remember remember you can useEclipse you can use IntelliJ or And use any other IDto do the development


So this is not restrictedto dotnet or Visual Studio

You can do useany kind of platform or any framework to buildyour application or it can be in any ID Eclipse IntelliJ

Anything will work here

All right

So what I'm going to dois create a new application called Web application 3

Let just applicationbeing created

All right

Now that we havecreated our application

What do we need to do? You can see herethat my project is ready

I am going to Simplypush this code into the source control


How do I do this? Let me first of all

ignore few of these items andwhat I'm going to do is Okay, I'm going to Stage these itemsnow this something very specific to get so if you are not comfortablewith gig do not worry because this is somethingyou can learn very quickly

All right

So what do I have here? I have gotmy full application, which is web application 3

I can go ahead and check ininto a git repository which is managedby as your devops

So I'm going to say Checkingin web application three


Also, I can actually goahead and map it to a work item

Let me click on this one and go back to portalto my work item

In fact, we do not havea work item for development

Let's create one

So UI for search service

Let's go back to the links

I hope you guys remember now

You can click on ADD Link new item and let's say we callit build web app 3 Okay, let's call it create

I know this is not the waywe write the task

But just to give you an idea that I am just creatinga new task called create web app 3 that's it

So it is going to give me createweb three tasks is ready

I can click on this one

And the task number is 10

Okay, so I'm goingto copy this one go back to visual studio enterthe ID of the work item

Okay, so I'm goingto say 10 is the ID

And you can see basicallythe related work item

Now what we are doing here

We are creatinga new application when we are checkingin the code

We are also specifying

What is the related work item? All right

So let me commit all the stuff in the code sink itback to the cloud, which means now I have checkedin into my local environment

I just want to push these changes intothe cloud environment

So again, this is specificto get you do not have to worry about this

Just give me a second

I'm just somethingrelated to you know, get I need to

Okay, so I thinkthey should work now

We push these changes


So now this is goingto push my changes to the source control

All right, so you can see here

It has been successfully pushedto the master Branch

If I go back to the devops environmentwhat you will see here

In fact if I just open up the application aswell so you can see here

This is the parentside and fact, let me just refresh this one


So what do you seehere in the description or basically in my history? I can see that I have donesome checking here

So it is linkedto that particular check in

Now you can startvisualizing this stuff

So you have got tasks youhave made your check-ins from those chickens

It is coming in once you make a check-inand attach it to a particular work item

It will be linkedto that particular work item

So if anybody is goingand looking into what changes you have made aspart of this task, you can actually go aheadand see all that stuff now, this is a part of Dusknext thing is let's go back to the proposedand see the Comets

Okay, we have made a commitinto the repository

What do we see here? We have got check-inweb app three


So this is what wehave checked in as part of the web application threethat we just created


The next thing is I wantto build this application


So if you guys rememberthe second thing was checking in the source code afterchecking in the source code

I want to automaticallybuild this particular code, so What do I need to do here? I need to go to the thirdcomponent called pipelines

I see something called as belts which means I want to take upthis particular source code and do an automaticbuild of that

So what I can do I can clickon something called as new build pipelinehave already got to create it, but I just want to showyou from scratch how this is done

So where is your coat? It is asking me so my code is presentin a git repository

So I'm going to select this one

And what is asking me that? Where is your Source? Okay, or where isyour git repository? Alright, so my repository is inas your Repose get okay, so I'm going to select this one

You can even select GitHub

For example, if you just wantto pick up the code from GitHub directly and useit you can do it here or you have the GitHubEnterprise server

If you have got GitHub deployed in your local environment or inyour Enterprise environment, you can use subversionor you can in fact if you have got TFS there'sa different way to use it

But then right now weare Focusing on using the get in as your Repose

Alright, so here you can see it

I have got my testproject 3 which is my basically my repository and my team project then Iam going to pick up all the code from Master Branch

Okay, so I'm goingto click on continue

And the first thingthat I need to do is tell Azure how to build my project

So how do I wantto build my project? I want to build this projectas part of as your web app

This means I want to takemy Code and finally, I want to deploy it in a servicein Azure called as your web app when we say as your web app, then I want to build my projectas part of the as your web app


So if you wantto a do a normal build, for example of your asp

netapplication you can do it

If you have a gotten Androidproject you want to build it if you have got Maven, let's say you havea Java project and you want to use Mavento build your projects

You can do it

You have got python packages

You have gotSP dotnet core then

Have got if you have knowwhat is a container

If you want to buildDocker containers, you can do it from here

If you want to deploybasically build and deploy for as your community services

You can do it

Then if you have got justa function you can build a c-sharp function you havethe as your web app for Java

So all these thingscan be done as part of the Azure build pipelines


So what I'm going to doright now is select a service in Azure

Basically, I want to deployin this particular service called as your web app

Oops, and that is whyI'm going to select this one to build my code

Now if I haveto build my code, what do I need to provide? I need to providewhere is my solution? All right

So I'm going to clickon this one and tell the system or basically tellmy build pipeline that it residesin web application three


This is my new projectthat I picked up

I'm going to selectthis one and click on OK then finally provide

Where is this Azure subscriptionin which I want to deploy

So I'm going to select thisis my subscription in Azure

And what is the nameof the app service again? There are few things thatwe are rushing through


So this is what we can select and next thing is Ican go ahead and select

So this is what weare going to do

We are going to build as partof the build pipeline

So we are goingto take the source code from the git repository doa build of it automatically

Let me save this one

And cue it which means I'm goingto save this Pipeline and start doing the buildof my project

So now that we're are buildpipeline is ready, which means you are codeis going to be get built

Let me show youwhen the build is happening

What is going on? So it is does going to takesome time to do the build because this is the firsttime it is happening

But I'm going to show you that I already have one pipeline which is already builtfor my web application to which was very similar

So while this is runninglet me go to builds

And this was a pipeline whichwas completed successfully

So let me select this pipeline

So this ishow the build happens

So if you open up anythingit is going to give you the detailed logs ofhow the build happened

So it picked up the code from your Sourcecontrol it data built and you can see allthe build activities which happened as partof this pipeline

So you can see here

It picked up the webapplication to project and it started doing the build

It did all the copied filesto Output directory

And clean up and all that stuff and finally it did a buildof my project now once I did a build of my project what nextso you can see here it approximately tookfive minutes to do the belt

So what you can do as partof your as your devops as soon as somebodychecks in the code, it will automatically triggera build pipeline using which your applicationwill be built

And if there is a failure then the person will be informedback using a male that your code is not correct

Okay, so you haveto rectify the your code as soon as Chablis now once we have done allthis build activity what next we need to do

We need to release itto a production environment, or maybe toa you at environment

How do we do that? We do it using somethingcalled as releases

So now that our this oneis ready either

I can click on release and buildup a new release pipeline

So let me click on this one

And I'll say I wantto create a new release

So I'll click on release to andwhat you will see here now that the complete build which happened nowit is asking me that where do youwant to release it? So, I've already createda release pipeline

In fact we can let me clickon this and let's create a new one as wellreleases new pipeline

And is asking me where do you wantto do the deployment? So I'm telling a sure that I want to do the deploymentin as your app Services, you can deploya Java application

You can deploya node

js application

You can install itin service fabric

You can install it, you know deploy a railson Ruby application on app service

You can deploy an is website

All right

So all these things you can do

And I'm going to deployin as your app service

Alright, so once I select this

I just need to provide what isthe application basically which I want to build and whatis the Azure subscription in which I wantto deploy the application

Let me select this one

So there is one

I've already createdmy test app service

Once I've donethis I can save it

So this is my releasepipeline is ready

So now my code has gone into Source controlmy build pipeline which is picking upthat source code and building it that is ready


This is my release pipeline which is going to takethat build code and going to do the deployment

Okay? So I can click on here and saycreate a release and that's it

Or in fact one more thing

I can show you if I go backto the main pipeline

I can even set upwho will approve it before it goes intoa particular environment so I can click for examplepre-deployment conditions

And say who is going to dothe pre deployment approval if your team Lee needsto approve the overall release before it goes into youat or production, then you can specifywho is the approval

So in this case,I'm going to put in my name

All right, and I'm goingto save this one

So this means assoon as the deployment will start happening it is goingto ask me for the approval

I will get an emailthat please approve that release deployment thenonly it can go to production

So I'm going to clickon now create a release and click on createso go to the release which has been created now and you can see itis saying pending approval

What I can do is because right nowI am the owner so I can clickon approve and say Yes, I want

to basically approvethis particular release And then it will continuefurther to do the deployment

Now you can see herethe approval is done

And right now thisis under queue, which means as soon as the resourcesare available in Azure, it is going to startthe release deployment

And while this is right now, it's in a queue State Ican show you the one which I deployedfor web application to so I will go backto the releases

Okay, so this oneis already done

But not this one

Just give me a second

Okay, so this oneis already done

So what you will seehere after basically, everything is doneor basically the release starts and it starts deploying youcan see the logs here

If there is a failurein your pipeline it is going to you know inform you that there is a failurein the release that you will get emailso you can quickly act on that

Otherwise, it will download all your build artifactsin our case

It was a web application

So it downloadedall the artifacts of my web applicationand then it is starting

Deploying it tothe Azure app service

Okay, so you can seeall the logs

In fact, you can evenwrite custom logs here that this is what we are doing as partof the release deployment on Azure app service

Alright, so you can seehere successfully updated the deployment History appservice application is running at this particular URL and then you canuse this URL now once this release completeswhich means our code which we created hasbeen deployed into production

Let me go back to a show or now

Okay, and I'm Right nowinto Azure portal which you can getfrom Portal not as your


You can click on my test app service which weare using for deployment

And if I run thisparticular app service, which is basically a platformfor hosting the websites or in fact platformfor hosting different websites

API is mobile applications so I can click hereand see my application is successfully deployed

So just to summarize all this stuff now you can seehere the application is ready

There are fivecomponents basically

Of the as your develops, which means that wehave got as your boats in which you can manageyour work items

You can manage the tasks

You can create either a scrumboards Convent boards, or you can havethe a child process all this is being handled as partof the as your boots now

Second thing isabout as your Repose where we have got get NTFS inwhich you can check in your code and you can manage all the branches you can managecomplete get functionality which is available as partof the issue reports so you can checkin your source code there

R the third thing isabout as your pipelines in which after youhave done the check-ins, you can build your solution and you can alsorelease Your solution in multiple environmentslike Dev pre prod you at production all that stuff

Next thing is about as your test planswhich we haven't covered

I just wanted to give youan idea of what other test plan so test plan is something where you can run your automatedmanual exploratory testing under as your test plans and finally you havethe Azure artifacts

Which you can storesome dependencies

So this is the overall pictureof azure devops

Today's topic of discussionis as our data Factory, which is very importantfrom data integration and data management perspective

But before we do go ahead and dive into the conceptsof this particular term, let's quickly start by takinga look at today's agenda first

I would start things offby talking about why do we need a user data Factory and what it is exactlythen I would talk about various Concepts that surround thisparticular term would also understand something called as data lay not in to death but to some extent and wouldalso understand various

Steps that surroundthis term as well

I would discuss two other terms that is data likeand data warehouse

And what is the differencebetween these two terms? And finally, I would finishthings off with a demo part as far as this demo goes

I would be talkingabout creating a pipeline and moving datafrom one source to the atom

But that is for the later part

Let's start with the firsttopic of discussion that is azure data Factory

So why do we needa user data Factory? Well first and foremost we needto understand the fact that the amount of datathat is being generated

These days is huge and this data comesfrom different sources

Now when we movethis particular data to Cloud, there are quite a few thingsthat needs to be taken care of now this data itcan come in any form because we are talkingabout different sources and these different sourceswould be Fedor channelized this data in different ways andit can be in different formats

So when you do decide to bringthis data on cloud or at a particular storage placeyou need to make sure that this data is welland truly managed


What do I mean by this? Well, you need to transformthis data, you need to delete unnecessary partor get rid of all the things that is not needed now, that is an after partyor pre-processing part

But as far as moving this data is concernedyou need to make sure that you pick this datafrom different sources and bring it at one comment

Place then store itand if required you should be able to transform itinto something more meaningful


This is somethingthat can be done by using traditionaldata warehouse as well

But then there arecertain disadvantages

What happens is at timesyou're forced to go ahead and have custom applications that deal with allthese processes individually and this can be time consuming and integrating all thesesources can be a huge pain

Now, how do wesolve this problem? Well, if there was a wayto automate this process or create For workflows

This burden would havebeen taken care of


This is where dataFactory steps--and what it does is it kindof helps you automate this complete process insteadof seeing automate

I would say it helpsyou orchestrate this process into more manageableor organizational manner now that is somethingthat is needed

And that is why we needsomething called as data Factory which lets you automateall these processes

Let us move further and try to understand exactlywhat data Factory is

So if I just go aheadand talk about its definition I would say it is nothing but acloud-based integration service, which lets you doquite a few operations, like create data-drivenworkflows basically and to go ahead and orchestrateall the sources that are there

But what exactly does itdo to name few common operations what it does is it helpsyou create pipelines which are nothing but you can think of itas a logical pipeline which supports various

Does that happen it lets you ingest data from differentsources and then process it when we are talkingabout processing it

It also helps you go ahead and do analytics which isvery important these days because we know thatthe amount of data that is being generated

It can be helpful and it can help you takevarious good business decisions

And this is where analyticscomes into picture

Now what data Factory does isit lets you transform this data and make it ready for something like data Lake to use it now datalike is something that lets you use variousanalytical tools or methods

Words like you have somethingcalled as a juror hdinsight maybe a Hadoop Spar other data like analyticsand all these things

Now as we move further, I would be talkingabout these terms to some extent but till then you'll have to wait for now justunderstand one thing that these are nothingbut platforms or tools which basically letyou go ahead and do various analytical operations

So that is what data Factorylets you do it lets you get in all the data arrange itin a particular manner or order and then suppliedfurther for various processing or various other thingsthat can be done with the data

So if Talkabout particular steps

What does it do? Exactly? Well first and foremost what it does is it helpsyou collect and connect data

Now when I say connectI'm talking about connecting to various sources from whichthe data can come now, there are quite a few desperatesources from which the data can come you can connect to all these Resourcesby using your data Factory

And then once youhave this data, you can collect itand store it at a central place

Say for example, your data warehouse, then comesthe process of transforming and enriching it nowwhen I say transforming it, I mean running various patternson it creating schemas and all those things wecan then actually go ahead and publish this data

Now, we all know that Microsoft Azure supportsvarious other tools as well

We have one more populardata visualization tool called as power biwhich is very good

When you talkabout data integration and various datavisualization capabilities, what you can do is youcan connect power bi to your Microsoft Azureand publish this data that is createvarious dashboards and all those things now that can be very insightfulwhen you talk about it from businessintelligence perspective

So, yes, you can go ahead and dothat as well and then you can actually go aheadand monitor your data that means You can take a lookat all the data that you have and you can actuallygo ahead and analyze it in real time as well

So these are the processeswhich we are talking about that is connect and collected data transform and enrich it publish itand monitor it now that is what a dataFactory lets you do

So what are the concepts thatsurround this particular term? So when we talkabout data Factory Concepts, we have quite a fewterms to discuss like we have pipelinesdatasets activities and linked Services

Let us try to understand these one by one firstwe would be talking about pipeline now pipelineis nothing but think of it as a proper pipeline that is it is somethingwhich acts as a carrier in which we have variousprocesses taking place

Now, this individual processis nothing but an activity if you take a lookat this Understand that activities representprocessing step in a pipeline

That means your pipeline canhave one or multiple activities

Now when you talkabout this activity, it can be anything

It can be a single process likewearing a particular data set or it can be somethinglike moving data from one source to the other

Then you have something calledas data sets now data sets are nothing but sourcesof data say for example, my data is storedat an end location and that in location is nothing but my data set soin simple words if there's nothingbut a data structure that holds my datalink Services now, this is nothing but a law say, for example, I needto move my data from a particular databaseto a blob storage

They need to be somethingthat connects these two things that is a lawor some information that lets a database understand that it has to move the datato a particular data source

So that is whata link service is

It is nothing but an informationthat tells a data Factory that is you need to connectto these particular sources

So these are someof the Concepts that form a central part when you talk about a dataFactory Now next we are going to talk about somethingcalled as data links


This is something that wewon't be seeing in the demo part but it is important when we talk aboutdata warehousing and I feel that when I move furtheror I create more sessions or videos as far asthis topic is concerned

I would be talking about analytics and quite a fewother terms as well

So this is a particular term which is reservedfor those sessions and videos

But for now, I would be giving youan overview of this topic as well because I feel that it is important when wetalk about data warehousing

We need to understandwhat data lake is

First of all, let's start by understandingwhat it is exactly

Now think of it as a containeror basically a storage that holds data


We already have databases

We have so many things

So, how is your otherdata like different? Well think of it asa hyperscale repository, which lets you doquite a few other things as I've already mentionedanalytics is something that is very important

Now when we talkabout huge amount of data the quite a few thingswhich you can do with it, you can use variousanalytical tools

To name a few we have some here

We have our observeddata like analytics

We have SD insights are sparkand machine learning


These are some of the commonlyused and very popular tools which are therewhat other data like does as it supports all these tools? That means you can storedata from any source and in any format your other data leg and then you can use these tools and terms to actuallyanalyze this data

So that is true in one kindof an operation

In fact, it is multiple inone kind of an option basically because it lets you do so many

the things so what aresome of the concepts that one should know first? Let us try to understandsome of the components when we talk aboutthis particular term

That is your other data, like basically it forms of two parts one isyour analytical part and the other oneis just storage part when I talk about the storagepart the best thing about your other data lake is it does not haveany particular schema that means data from any form can be storedinto this particular source

That is it can comefrom different sources and it can comein different forms as well

And then you have somethingcalled as your analytics part

That you have something likethat SD inside it lets you form those Hadoop clusters

Now, I won't get into the details ofwhat are the cluster is but it is a process or a way by which youcan actually analyze data

So yes, you can actuallygo ahead and create those Hadoop clusters takethat data in and then process it as well

You can also go ahead and useother data leak other data like analytics is something which is again usedfor various machine learning and other analyticalprocess as well

So these are the two things which your analytics partwill have and apart from that you have somethingcalled as a Purchase Park, which is nothing but a fastcomputation processing thing

That is something that letsyou process data parallely and in huge amounts as well

So these are someof the basic concepts when we talk aboutyour Azure data Lake and how does it actually goahead and process the data? Well, let's see that as well but thereare certain key points, which you need to understand that is when we talkabout has your data

Like the first thing it doesis it lets you store data in any size and of any kindwhich is very important because what this does is itkind of takes away the barrier where People had to wait to goahead and process the data

They had to take this data firstclean it arrange it organize it and then put it somewhere from where they could actuallygo ahead and use it


This is something youdo not have to worry about here

Why because youcan just go ahead and dump your datain your data Lake and then actually takea particular schema pick the data and thenstart processing it

So it helps you save time and it lets you store dataof any kind in any size

Now the second point isall users productive on day one

That is what I mean

That is since the data

A of any typecan be stored here

You are not restricted

You can just start workingon it from the very first day and it is readyfor any kind of Enterprise

That means there is no restriction on what kindof tools do you want to use and what kind of businessproblems are you dealing with? So what are the types of data that your data leak storesfirst and foremost what it does isit stores structured data semi-structured dataand unstructured data, that means all the types of datathat can possibly be there

As far as touring is concerned

Everything is taken care of now when I talk about structure dataI'm talking Our data that has a particular schema

Then you have something calledas your semi-structured data

Now this is nothingbut your Json files or maybe our XML data eventhat kind of data can be handled and when I'm talking aboutparticular unstructured data that is data which can be in text files and has no schemaor no pattern whatsoever

Even that kind of data can alsobe stored by your data link

Now, let us try to understandhow does it actually store data

If you all knowhow Hadoop stores data this would be quite easyto understand now we We all know that what Hadoop doesis it takes a data? It divides it into chunksand then processes it parallely

Now, this is what a data Lakealso does say for example, you have a particular file which has some amountof data now as soon as the size of the data goes about 2GBit breaks this data into two chunks

Say for example,I have maybe 10 GB of data so it would break my datainto five chunks of 2GB each and then it wouldreplicate this data that means three copiesof this data would be made and Would be stored at three different locationsor at same location as per the values are rules

The user has set

So when you store this data and replicate itat three different locations, what happens is even if your data goesdown at one place, it is still availableat the other place to use it or to recover it rather

Now, when you talkabout this particular data storage method youcan read something called as extends in the slidenow extends are nothing but these chunksthose 2GB chunks which are there and when you process this datausing Thing called a zero SQL which is a languagethat your data Lake uses

It actually goes aheadand Maps various vertices, which lets you keep trackof all this data that is there

So yeah, these are the termsthat is extent and vertices

Now what happens here is since you're replicatingthis data and dividing it into chunks

You can actually go aheadand process this data parallely saving a lot of timeand giving you high computation

It also supportsreplication of data

This is somethingthat I've already discussed

So I would just movefurther and try to talk about other Concepts as well

Next we are going to understandwhat the data lake is and what the data warehouses now,why did I bring this topic up? Well data warehouse is somethingthat is a traditional approach towards storing dataand it is still used widely

But then why do we needdata Lake and why am I comparing these two terms will quite a few people confusethese two terms as and what isthe difference between them? Exactly? Well the quite similar to each other but thereare slight differences which are important and I felt that we should have gone outand discuss those that is why For this slide here

So let's try to understandthat as well

Well, this isa clear differentiation between these two things not as first of allyou need to understand that your data lake isnothing but something that is complementaryto Data Warehouse

That means if you haveyour data at a data Lake that can be storedat data warehouse as well

But there are certain rulesthat need to be followed

Now when you talkabout your data warehouse, what happens is you can use again your data Laketo bring in data, but the main difference is so when you talk about a data Lakethe data is detailed data or raw data

That means it can bein any particular form

You just need to take the dataand dump it into your data link that is not the casewith your data warehouse here

The data is filteredsummarize refined now, you might wonder that

Okay, if everything is happeninghere at your data warehouse, isn't it betterin some situations? Yes, definitely it is better

But as I've alreadymentioned so many times in this video the amount of datathat is generated

These days is huge and it can comefrom any particular source

This might not be the best ofoptions to deal with why well, your data leak has somethingcalled as schema on read and your data warehousehas a schema on right kind of an approach what this does is if I talk about it froma data warehouse perspective where you have scheming right? That means when you're writinga data to your data warehouse, it is written in a structuredform or in a particular schema

So when I'm reading this data, I have to read itin that schema only but when you talk about a data Lakehere you just dump your data it is not Structured sowhen you are using this data, you are free to go aheadand Define your schema in a number of waysas it suits your needs

So this is wherethe benefit lies in that is the data does not followa particular schema

You can just go aheadand pick a schema for it

So that is a plus Point again one more Pointyour data warehouse

Basically, it works in SQL

That is it uses SQL to choiror question your data, but when you talkabout your data Lake no matter the data comesfrom different sources, it can be acquired byusing one single language

That is your USB

Good and again that actually helpsyou reduce various barriers because you are talkingabout different data sources, but still something that lets you access the data isone single programming language

So these are someof the concepts I felt that you all should knowthat has what a data factor is and what a data lake is again

The reason I talkedabout data Lake was it is an important part when you talk about datawarehousing and data integration because all these topicswould form a base when you talk about analyticsand processing data and that is why I wanted you all to know allthese terminologies now since we started our sessiontalking about data Factory, let us move backto data Factory and try to visualize all the conceptsthat we talked about because I talked about somethingcalled as pipelines activities and all those things

So what I'm going to do nowis I'm going to go ahead and give you a demo where I'm goingto actually go ahead and create a databaseprobably load a table in it and then move the datafrom that particular source to a blob storageusing a data Factory

So yes, this might bea lengthy demo, but I'm sure that you allwould like it and have something new to learn out of it

So let me quicklyswitch to my Azure and we can actually goahead and see how it works


So there you go

What I have done is I've goneahead and I've logged into my so called MicrosoftAzure portal for people who are completely newto this term

That is Microsoft Azure

What you should do isyou should go ahead and take a lookat other videos if possible

I've created quite afew videos in the series and those videos talkabout various Concepts as far as Microsoft Azuregoes there are certain Basics as in how should you use it? And what are the thingsthat you need to do? One of the things that is thereis creating a free account, which is very important now, Going to go ahead and useour free account or are subscribed account what Microsoft Azure does isit lets you have a free account? You need to just register for it and quite a few resourceswould be made available to you and some creditis also given to you which you can use that is you would be chargedfor these resources

But since you are givencertain credit you can use that and that means the servicesare freely available to you

If you already have an account,then that is not a problem

We are just going to go aheadand take a look at the demo part as far as this demo goes

What I'm going to do isI'm going to go ahead and create a database for that

I need something called as SMS

Let us go ahead and tryto understand what that is first

But if you do not havethat thing you need to go ahead and install it

So how do you do that? Just go to Google basicallyand type SS Ms

This is the first linkthat you get and you open it

You have your SQLServer management studio

Now, this is somethingthat we would be needing

You just come hereand you click on it and it would startthe setup download

Guess it's gettingdownloaded twice

I don't need that

I've actually gone ahead and I've installedthat thing on my system

I'm doing this for you people

What you need to do isyou need to download this particular file

Now as you can see, it is somewherearound 800 MB s that is approximatelyequal to 1 GB

So you need todownload that file

And once you do go ahead and download that file you needto install it in your system

The installation can bea lengthy process

Now when I say lengthy processit can be time-consuming

It is not difficultto do all you need to do is open this file

File and double click on it

It would give you an optionto install it and just say yes, once you do that, it takes care of allthe processes and once you do go aheadand install that thing now, this is somethingthat would help you have your own server and that ison your local device basically, so this is somethingthat we would be using in the later part

But what I wouldsuggest is you come to this website and downloadthis particular thing, if you do not have it andonce you download it, I would suggest that you go ahead and installit as quickly as possible again

Let me tell you itmight take some time

15 minutes dependingupon the processor you have and the internet speedthat you have

So yeah, once you're donewith this then what we do is we are going to switch backto our Microsoft Azure account

Now, what I'm going to dois I'm going to go ahead and create a database here

So how do we do that? Well, you goto your portal basically

And quickly loginto your so-called account

My internet isfairly slow today

So, yep, it mighttake some time

So this is how you areMicrosoft portal looks like you have quite a few thingsto select and choose from you can just go ahead and click on createa resource here and it gives you quite a few optionsto select from or instead

What you can do is youcan just come here and look for your so-called databases andI select an SQL data warehouse

So it would ask for a databasenamed give it a proper name

Say the move DB iswhat I would call it

And yes, the name is acceptable

My subscription is as your 533

I would be needing to createa resource Group for people who do not know

What a research group is

It is nothing but think of it as a place where you putin all your resources basically, so it is a groupof resources again, if you need to understandmore about it, we do have a session on it, which you can take a lookat it on YouTube

So I take create a new one sayI call it demo car G and let me just pick a blank database

I need to configureserver to it

So I would say create a new one

Let's name it say

The most server and I should give itsome numbers probably


It is acceptable and you needto create some login credentials when you do log into the server

So let those credentialspiece a admin demo

Maybe there you go

And what password should I set? Let it be strong and letit have a number and symbol basicallyLocation South India that does not matter a lotyou can choose the location that is there in here

You have quite a few options

They go out stickto what it is there and I would say select


So I have a demo server aswell performance level now

It depends as per your need asin how fast do you want it to work now as far asmy so-called demo is concerned

I do not need it to be very fastor something like that

Let me have it with this value now based on the location whereyou've created your so-called

Called research the priceswould be given to you


This is somethingthat I created in South India

So the price to me is an INR that is Indian rupeesand it is to 23

8 it per hour

All I would do isI'll just go ahead and apply

I would say I've beento dashboard and I would say create

Now the deployingmight take a little longer than normal because yesas I've already mentioned that it dependson the internet speed and even if your internet is faster at times it might take a longerwhile for this thing to happen

So what I'll do is I'll justpause the video for a minute and once the deployment is done

I will get backto the demo part again

So yes, guess the gone aheadand done the process

That is we have our so calledmod b already it took a while

I actually went back and hada cup of coffee as well

It took that long

My internet isreally slow today

So yeah, let's move further and now try to go aheadand do the other thing that we are supposed to doas I've already mentioned

You need to go aheadand install ssms if you do go aheadand install it and this is how it would look like I've since we've already created a databasewe can log into it

You can go ahead and giveme your credentials here that is I would do puttingin the credentials which I've mentionedthat is demo

So 1 1 0 0 and thenthe extension that is

Database dot windows


Yes, and the namehere is admin demo

I can go to optionshere connect to our database

We have something called as the Moody be andthat is 3 2 1 TCP IP

I say connect

It wants me to sign intomy so-called as your account

I hate this each time

It happens because I've already logged in I should havestayed signed in but I did not and that is costing me now

Yeah, one more thing at timesyou would be logging in from your client user or your client PC and that times youmight not be an administrator

So in that case you need to change the firewall Rule andmake a system accessible here

And there you have signed in

So we have our information here

That is this is my serve Iused to login and if I click on databases the schema isthere we have a database

That is mod b 3 2 1 nowwhat we can do is we can actually goahead and add a table to it


I'm not going to go ahead and create a tablea completely new table instead

I'll just go aheadand maybe run a simple query which lets me have two columns

So what query should I put inwhat table should I create? I'll just go aheadand pick up some query from Microsoft Azure website


This is somethingthat lets you create a table with this name, and these are the so-calledvariables are column names that you are so called tablewill have so I'm just going to copy this piece of code

If you wanted you can goto Microsoft Azure website and you can have this pieceof code as well

I will share the linkdo not worry

So when I close thisand I come here and I click on this

So I see new query

And I simply go ahead and pastethis piece of code now

I'll just make some changes to the name just to getit off ambiguity

Say two maybe three and I would be insertingtwo records in it

So this is the changes Imake here that is insert into this so-called tableand to do that

I would say execute but thisshould not take this long

But at us now, once it does happen,these are the two records that would be there

That is John Doe and Jane

Doh there you go

One R is a vector iswhat it says

So we have actually gone ahead and logged into my SMSand we have connected to our SQL serverand we've created a table there

And as far as the table goesit has these two records

So what I'm going to do now isI'm going to again switch back into my so-calledother data Factory that is to my other account and create a userdata Factor basically, so how do we do that? First thing you needto understand is in order to have a resource Groupor have all these? Resources there on your system you need to havea storage account


This account is nothing but moreor less a compliance or a law

Basically what that lawdoes is it lets you have your storage entitieson Microsoft Azure

So let us go aheadand create that account first

It is very easy

You come to this portalonce you do that you just scroll down and yousee storage accounts here and I say add when I say add This windowshould appear and you need to enter in details

So what details should I giveinformation storage account? Let's call it sayessay for demo now

It is not accepting this name

Okay needs to be in lowercase

So I would say essayfor demo and there you go

It is taken resource manager is what I stick to and I sayV2 location is South India now, I've talked about your I'mgetting replicated three times that is three copiesof maintained and when I talk about the replication, these are the typesof replications that you have locally redundant storage, which I am selecting which isthe most affordable one

It is not very reliable

But since it is a small demoI can use this performance should be standard and if you see by defaultThe Blob storage is always hot and when you talkabout a resource Group, let's go ahead and use the onethat is already

There are Resource Groupwas demo or GIF

I'm not um, yeah, let's select this youneed to dashboard and I say create and my storage accountwould be created

This should happen quickly

There you go

The deployment againmight take a long while

So yeah, what we've done is we've goneout we've actually created a database you've connectedto server put a table there

And now I've createda storage account since I have a storage account

I can go aheadand create again containers and then I can use data Factory to basically move databetween various sources as you can see ithas been deployed

Do I want to go there? Yes, I do

When you come here,you see this so-called tap here

You have somethingcalled as access keys

What you can do is youcan actually come here and copy some of the datathat is here

This is the nameof your storage account which you would be needing andthe quite a few terminologies that you need to rememberwhen you are using are going through this demo

Like I mentioned youhave created a database you need to know its nameor remember its name

You need to knowthe server name

What is a serveradmin credentials plus? What is the nameof your storage account, which is thisin this case the key

I'm not sure whether wewould be needing it or not

But if we do, I would still saythat you copy this

Whiskey that is herecontrol a control C and I would just paste it

There you go

Now when you moveback to this page, you have this option yet blops where we're going to go aheadand create a container

You can click on it as you can see there isno container here

So you click on this plus sign and you have an optionto create a container

So what do we callthis particular container here? Let's call it's a blob again

You need to use something small

That is demo new blob

Maybe is what I'll name it

And a lady Public Access levelbe the way it is and I would say okay and my blobis created here

Now, I won't be adding a destination folderor something here because when you do go ahead and move your data destinationfolder is created automatically

So let's not do that

Let it be the way it is

So I have a blob storageor a container with me


I need to go aheadand create a data Factory here

So how do we do that? Come here searchfor data Factory directly

There you go

Now this is not where I wantedto be so I closed it

I click on analytics and here I have the optionof data Factory I click on it

Yes, so I can createa new data Factory

So what should I call this? Let's say the mod fIt's still not there

So that is surprising

Okay, let me just try few namesand come back quickly

So this name is accepted now

So use anexisting Resource Group, which resource Groupdid we have it was demo as if I'm not wrong

There you go V2 isthe latest version that we have and we needto bother about this thing

Let's say okay

These are the areasthat are there in the option

We select this pin to dashboard and I see create an I havea data Factory with me

So this might take a while

So let me again pause itand switch back to the time

No, I don't need to do that

It's created

Okay, so I havea data Factory with me now

I need to come hereand click on this because I need to go aheadand move my data so I come here

When I click on this thing, I would be givenquite a few options to deal with so I need to copy my data

So I click on this icon

There you go

I need to givea name to the task

That is there

Let's call

It's a copy from db2 block

And I go to next

I need to selectan SQL Server here

So I come here and I scroll downnow the interface might vary from different portal accounts

This is what it looks like asfar as my so-called system goes SQL Server

Here it is

I selected and I say createa new connection

There you go

You'll have to scroll down right at the bottom scaleserver server server

Did I miss it somewhere? Yeah, here it is

You select it click continue and you need to give a nameto your new link service

And what name should Igive it to you? Chase kill server demolink movie And I also need to go ahead and createan integration environment

So I come here and Iclick on this thing and I say createnew public network

I see next

So what name should Igive it to it? Let's call it setdemo integration, Maybe

And I said finish

Now as you can see, what we've done hereis I've gone ahead and I've been given in detailsfor my so-called source

That is the place from where I'm going to goahead and use all the data

So I have this so I needto go ahead and given my server credentials again

So if I'm not on the name was I'm telling you you needto write everything down because you would be usingall these names

So a best practice would beto write everything down

So in my case, it was somethinglike demo Server 0 0 1 1 if I'm not wrong

21100 the extension isnot database dot windows


There you go

The database name was the move DB 3 2 1 SQL authenticationuser name was admin demo if I'm not wrong I scroll down and I enter the passwordthat is and I say finish

So you're my source detailsare given in already

That is this ismy source data store

And these are the informationsare this is the place from where I would be wantingto move in my data

So I go to next and then I enter the detailsabout the destination now, But before that what we do is I needto select a table

If you remember we had run a small SQL queryto give you the details

I do not remember the nameit was what was the name of the table? Was it EMP 3 was it yeah

Let me just refresh it to see if the informationis there or not

I scroll down and it is here

So I select it and it would loadthe previous thing that okay

These are the records that are there nowthese were the records that we entered so I say next

For my destinationI will come here and I would selecta blob storage


There you go

Create new Azure blob storageand I say continue now

I need to enterin details here as well

Let me just callit say as your storage

No more ink

Let me just dothis thing again quickly

We need to select a storage account name aswell because we've gone ahead and createda storage account here, which was for the demo partin What was the storage account? I forgot the name of it

It was storage account for them if I'm not wrongand I've selected that and then I say finish

I click on next

Now this is the servicethat I wanted to connect to

I say next now

I have to enterthe so-called details for that

I would be actuallyneeding the name of my blog which I think I've forgotten

So let me just go ahead and getthe details of that as well

It was something like this that is demo blockand the file name was MP3 if I'm not wrong I see next

I see next next againand I say next

And there you can seethe data has been deployed that is I've actuallyconnected my skill server and I've gone ahead and I've moved the datato my so-called blob storage, which you can actually alsodo then you can go ahead and edit the pipelineif you want as you want or youcan just go ahead and monitor this data as welland it depends on your needs as a note you want to do you can go ahead and doquite a few things with it that has you can go aheadand move this data to your so-called power bi and Implement variousother things on it as well

When we did go aheadand create our so-called

Blob storage thatis block container

You can actually go aheadand keep that part or that so-called window open because when you do guardand deploy this data, you can see all the details notas what has just happened and how has it happenedall those things

So yes, what we've doneis we've gone ahead and we've moved our datafrom our so-called database to our blob storage

Now, I actuallyaccidentally went back and did not go through that stepwhere we see the deployment, but do not worry we can just goback to our dashboard and take a lookat that thing as Well, so how do we do that? I have this so-calledstorage account here

Now inside that storage account

We have our blopswhere we move the file


This was the blockwhere we moved the file

And then this was the filethat we moved

So yeah, ourdeployment has succeeded

That is we move data from a so-called databaseto show called blob storage

And as far as this demo ghostthat is what our aim was

I hope that I did through a sufficient lighton following concepts that as our data

And how do you go ahead and create a data Factoryin use it as a pipeline? Basically today

We're going to go aheadand talk about machine learning and to implementmachine learning models

We would be usingMicrosoft Azure before we do get into the detailsof these topics

Let's take a look at the agendaof today's session first

So first and foremost, I would be introducingyou to machine learning

Now it being a very vast topic

We would be first taking a lookat some of its fundamentals

And then we would be switchingto Microsoft Azure and we'd be seeing how machine learningcan be implemented by using Microsoft Azure


I would finish thingsoff with a demo part where I would be talkingabout has our ml Studio that lets us carry outmachine learning processor

I hope this agendais clear to you guys

So let's move further and get started withthe first topic of discussion

That is what ismachine learning

Well, if you go by the definition it isnothing but the process where you teach a machineto take in some data analyze it or understand itand based on that data

Given some valuable outputs


This is a verygeneric definition but to give you moresimpler and example, I would say that it is something similar tohow we human beings learn

I mean when we are born wehave no idea about anything that happens around us, right? I mean, we do not know whatshapes are what colors are But as time progresses andas we hear people talk, we see stuff happeningwhen we learn to write

We actually go ahead andunderstand these things Ellen

What shapes are whatcolors are what people are in all those things

So machine learning processis very similar to this

This I mean what happenshere as well is you provide in some valuable datato your machine and you train your machinewith that data again, and again again and againor with new data as well

Now your machinetakes in this data and it builds in a patternor an algorithm using which if similar data is given to that machineit would be in a situation where it can probablyclassify this data or predict something or collaborate this datainto something else

So this whole processis machine learning now as I've already mentionedmachine learning is a very large domainas we move forward

The View would be discussingthese terminologies as in classification and all those thingsbut for now in simple words, it is nothing but the processwhere you're given some kind of data to your machine, it understands that data and based on the data it helpsyou take better decisions

So let's move further and tryto explore or understand some other topics as well

So what do we have next? Let's take a look at someof its fundamentals

If you talk about machinelearning we need to consider two important points that is supervised learningand unsupervised learning


These are two importantclassifications if you talk about Machine learning

We also have something calledas iterative learning as well, but we won't be gettinginto the details of that

As far as the session goes

We would be stickingto supervised learning and unsupervised learning

So when you talk about supervised learningit is nothing but a process where you actually go aheadand teach a machine to predict something basedon the information that you already haveor you at least know the target variableto be more precise

Now, what do I mean by this? Well, in this case, you actually know whatyour final outcome should be

Like, are you atleast have the Meters that help you governyour final output when you talk about unsupervised learning

That is somethingyou do not know

Let's stick to supervisedlearning for now and consider this example supposeyou have some data set where you have information as in you have some datawhere you know that certain valuesor certain records are for ducks and certain valuesare not for ducks

So what you do is you passin this data to one of your machinelearning algorithms

Are you build a modelaround this data and when you pass in a new value to this so-called Model thatmodel should be able to predict whether that value is for duckor it is not for duck

Now in this case

This value is notmeant for ducks

So the answer should be not die because we can clearlysee from the image

It is a pigletso that cannot be a duck


This is a very simple exampleof supervised learning what we are doinghere is we know that what kind of outputare we expecting? We are expecting an output where we know either it'sduck or it's not duck so our Target variable is free

I mean, we know what weare researching for or what we are analyzing the data for these kind of algorithms are called assupervised learning algorithms or this process is calledas supervised learning

So this is a partof machine learning now important point to note hereis your data is labeled now

That is what I mean by the Target variablewhich I just talked about

You know whatyour final value is and that is whyyour data is labeled

You know what you're tryingto predict or what your final outcome is

So this is a very important

Point to consider your datahere is labeled and you know your final goal as inwhat are you trying to achieve? If you talkabout the next method or next approach that isunsupervised learning here

You do not have labeled data

That means you do not havea final Target variable in this case your finalTarget variable are attribute

It can be random or it can varyor once your model ends

You would be reaching there

But that is somethingwhich is not consistent that can vary dependingupon the needs that you have

Let's take an exampleto Stand this a little more as you can see we havesome pictures are on the screen

You can see certain speciesof animals and birds

So if I want an algorithmto classify these pictures are this recordsinto their clusters

This would be more or lessand unsupervised algorithm

Let's take a look at it first

So as you can see we can pass in this data to our unsupervisedlearning model or build a model around this data

Once that is done

It should be able to classify

My data into different clusters as you can take a lookat the Clusters, you can see that it has classified my datainto ducks and something that is not Ducks

Now, you might wonder asa look at this is similar to what happenedin supervised learning, right but in supervised learningthat is what my target was

I knew that I wanted to predictwhether it's a duck or not

In this case that might not bethe case because say, for example, I have this datawhere I have animals and birds and I do not know what animalsand what birds are there

They might not beducks in it, right? They might be just Yes, they might be just rabbitsand all these things or you might wantsome extra clusters as well

For example, I wantto segregate words

I want to segregate animals

Now in this case

My final output is wearingit can differ right? I mean, I might expectdifferent outputs out of it

So since I do not knowwhat my final output is, I do not know what clustersare getting formed here

So that is why this kind of algorithm is calledas unsupervised learning where this is more or less similar to your blackbox testing kind of a process where you do not knowwhat your final output is, but you do runinto Your algorithm and then you expecta more organized output that would lead youto better decision-making and important point to note

Here is the dataare is unlabeled

I hope these algorithmswere clear to you guys

If you do have any doubts do letme know about those as well

We would be getting backto you on those doubts as well

But in simple words, this is what supervised and unsupervised learningis now let's move further and try to understandsome other things as well

If you talk about differentmachine learning algorithms, you have theseclassifications here first, we have supervised learningand in that we have something called as Creationand classification

Now, these are twoof the most popular algorithms or two popular branchesof machine learning algorithms

If you talk about regression, it is a processwhere you try to find out relationship between twoor more variables suppose

I have to detect as an if Ismoke would I be having cancer or what is the probabilityof me having a cancer now? This is an example of regression because I'm trying to comparecancer with smoking right? So I'm trying to findout a relationship between these two

So these kindof algorithms are called

Has your regression algorithms and then you have somethingcalled as classification now in classification you basically classify a data into groupsconsider this example

I need to classifymy particular data set or information intodifferent segregations or into different parts, like male populationfemale population and all those kind of stuff

So these kind of algorithms are calledas classification algorithms

And if you talk about regressionand classification, you have quite a few Advancedalgorithms as well

Say, for example, you have random boost XZ boostand these kind of algorithms are Not random bluesari random forests

So you have these kindalgorithms which are advanced level algorithms

Now, we won't be gettinginto the details of those algorithmsbut those are important as well

So once you are through with what regressionis what classification is, I would suggest that you do go ahead and explore those algorithms aswell moving further and talking about unsupervised learning

We have algorithmslike clustering the example, which I gave you in the unsupervisedlearning slide was of clustering so that is one methodor one type of algorithm that Sighs learning supports, then you have somethingcalled as Association now, we all goto supermarkets, right? We buy stuff probably we go to buy some breakfaststuck in that case

You would bebuying breads butter, maybe milk, right? So what shopkeepers do is or what supermarkets do isthe normally place in products that people might buyin bunches or in groups and this kind of process is called as collaborativefiltering or implementing Association laws rather

So what these Associationalgorithms do is they help you

As in what is the probabilityof people buying certain products combinedwith other products? Because it is understandable for people who arebuying breakfast up

There is more probabilitythat if you buy milk, you would be buyingbread with it as well

So yes, this is something that falls under Associationand dissociation laws, but that is a topicfor some other time

I just wanted you to giveyou an introduction of what supervised learning is and what unsupervisedlearning is I believe that it is clear now, so let's move furtherand talk about something else


So now we've talkedabout what machine learning is

And what different kindof machine learning algorithms that are there now, I would like to brief you through the process of howmachine Learning Works actually and this is pretty much commonfor most of the algorithms that you're going to implementfirst and foremost

You would be needing data

Now, I've alreadytalked about the point that data is sent itto machine learning

If you do not have data youcannot make any predictions and more the datathe better it is for you

So the first partis having data and once you have the data the nextpoint you need to confirm or make sure is the data isappropriate for machine learning and this is We'repre-processing steps in what pre-processing does isit helps you process the data that you have and prepare itfor machine learning

I mean your data mightnot always be cleaned there might be some missing valuessome repetitive values, which you do not wantin your data when it is getting processed

Right? So in this case we filterout this data we clean it

We fill in certain values

We predict certain values andbe putting those values there

And once this data is up and ready for workingthen we pass it on for the and then we providea particular machine learning

This again is a trialand error kind of method where it seems simple at times because we have discussedall those machine learning algorithms, right? So to naked eyeor two naked men

Basically we might thinkin this Direction Where We would think that okay

This is the kind of problem

I'm dealing with so this isthe algorithm I might use but that is not the caseat times the data is misleading

We are not sure what kindof algorithm I want to use

What kind of dataI want to pass on how much data I wantto pass in that case

What we do is we first a lot a particular algorithmuse it implemented then we test the values then we try out some otheralgorithms as well

And then we cometo a conclusion as an okay

This is the best algorithm and using which Ihave generated a model which is best to meetmy needs and while doing that there are quitea few processes that happen processeslike training testing validating where you pass in certain amountof data you build the model you train the modeland then again you pass or keep some databehind which you later pass to test these models as an arethey working properly or not

So this is an iterative process and this might takein more than one

Chance to actuallygo ahead and jot down or settle downonto a particular point

So once youralgorithm is selected, once your machine learningmodel is built you can actually go ahead and deploy this modelinto your environment or real time working where it would be ableto predict the real-time data the data you provideyour so-called algorithm, right? So this is how the whole process of machine learning worksnow the processes which I talkedabout pre-processing than implementingvarious algorithms training testing a data now thisagain the look simple or when you listen to them

Um, they seem pretty easy as in training the dataand all those things

But once you start implementing these thingsit is fairly difficult ask any data scientistand that person would tell you that pre-processing is something that is very difficult to deal with and mostlysixty to seventy percent of the work is donein these Pages only

So what if we had something that could actually help us hearwhat in that b is I mean if we could just speed up this process of pre processingalgorithm selection training and testing data insteadof doing this manually

Can we do all these thingsautomatically the answer is yes

This is where you are Azuremachine learning steps--and what Azure machine learningdoes is it helps you carry out the whole process but as you can see we havesomething called as ml studio and it focuses on your preprocessing application of algorithms anddeployment processes

So while cop the task where which can be repetitiveor which can require you to put in more effortsto implement manually

It actually helps you automateor speed up that process

So that is what ml studio is

Basically it is a Our a service in a very popularcloud service provider

That is Microsoft Azure, which lets you implement variousmachine learning algorithms and it carries outthe bulk of tasks or the bulk processes, which you would otherwisenot want to do


This is not something that actually is usedto replace data scientists

You cannot do that

So no offenseto any data centers who is listening to this videoor going through this video

It is more or less complementedto data scientists

You would be needingstatistical knowledge

And hence

We talked about machinelearning a little because even if you build and modelsusing Azure or any platform you would be required to haveproper statistical argument or knowledge aboutdata science something that would help you understandthe output of the models that you've built

So yes, some statisticalknowledge would always help when you cannot replacethat but definitely if you are workingon machine learning and you need to speedup this process or make it more efficientthan Microsoft Azure and ml stood in particular isa very important resource for you to have so what I'm going to do nowis I'm going to switch into the demo part and Would the building a model so that we can discuss someof this stuff that I've already talkedabout and we also get to see how Microsoft Azure Worksin real time

Right? So let me just switchto the Azure portal or console that we have at our disposal

So guys what I've doneis I've gone ahead and I've switchedinto my Microsoft Azure portal for people who are completely newto Microsoft Azure

You can actuallyAvail certain services that Microsoft Azure offers youfor free for one month now during this period youcan Avail certain credit

For u


Citizens or peoplewho have an account in u



They can actually havea lip to $200 of usage where you can usecertain Services

Now these servicesare chargeable that is why the free creditthat is made available to you

So which I believe is more thanenough for one month's practice

So if you're somebodywho's new to these platforms, I would suggestthat you go through or sign up for Microsoft Azure and youcan Avail those Services now since I am from India, we have Indian rupees as ourcurrency and for our usage we You went somewherearound 13,300 INR or Indian rupeeswhich is a very big amount if you talk about usinga service for a month's time, so it actuallyserves my purpose

I have been usingit for a long time that is this particular account

I've had couple of accounts but this one is something Icreated some 15 days back and as you can see I still have like 12,400 somethingsomething which I can use and we would be not needingthis much today somewhere maybe 10 20 Rupees to the max

And so yes, you can go aheadand create this account

Once you do have this account

Then you would be having accessto all the services that Microsoft Azurehas to offer to you

You can go ahead and createall the resources you can have or utilize its compute Services storage Services databaseservices and all the services that it has to provide to you

But since we are talkingabout machine learning we would be stickingto those applications as well

So in order to useyour Azure machine learning, you need to create a workspace where you can actually goahead and put in all your data and once Create your workspace

You actually needto go ahead and sign in to the Microsoft Azure

Ml Studio, which is an interface or IDEwhere you can actually go ahead and create all those models

So in order to go aheadand create a workspace

You just need to come hereand type machine learning and you might be havingthat thing in the suggestion

It was already typed

I believe machine learningand you have this place where it says machineLearning Studio workspace or service works

Space you can click on these the studio workspacehas something I've clicked on and you need to putin some details as in what is the nameof your workspace? What subscription are youusing Resource Group? You can use the oneif you already have one

If not, you can createone just given some name

Our research group is something that holds in detailsabout your resources that you're using and thenwhat kind of storage account you are using you can createthe storage account as well

It's not a big deal

It is nothing but thinkof it as a storage place where you can storein your data, that's it

So you Go ahead and putin these details and then you saycreate before that

You have to put in what pricing tier are you usingand you'd be entering the region where you wantyour workspace to recite now, what cloud does is it stores a data in particularlocations on the globe? Right? So you can choose the locationthat is closer to you or closer to your business dependingupon your needs for now

I'm gonna stickto the basic one that is here because we are justcreating a simple demo

In fact, I'm not going to goahead and create a workspace because I alreadyhave my own workspace, but you I would suggest that you put in these detailsand create one

Once this work space is created

You can actually just open itand at the bottom you would be seeing an option calledas machine Learning Studio else

What you can do is you can type in this URL and youwould be redirected to this page where you have to sign in with your MicrosoftAzure portal account

And once you do that, you would be redirectedto the ml Studio that I'm talking about

So the workspacewould be created once the workspace is there

Login to your other ml studio

And once you do that, this is what you'd be havingat your disposal


These are someof the experiments that I might have worked outor worked on in last week or so

Some of them are finishedsome are still in drafts

So you can actually go aheadand create these workflows

Are these kind of workflows

Now you have somany options here

What are the projectsthat you create experiments which we just sawdifferent web services that are made available to you

You can actually go aheadand create web services as well

You have your notebooks now, you might not always goahead and start from the scratch, right? You might have your code written in maybe our or some otherlanguage like python

So you want to importthat code you can do that as well or you can usethe existing notebooks with Microsoft Azurehas offered to you where you have readyto use codes or ready to use models as well

And then we have data sets

Now again, you canimport your data sets that you have there wasone Financial sample data set which I imported recently

You can actually go ahead anduse sample data sets as well

Now you can seethere are quite a few

Data sets that aremade available here, which you can use and Implementyour own algorithms or implement the algorithms that Microsoft Azurehas to offer to you, right so you can dothat as well

So it pretty much dependsupon what do you want to do? And what kind of processingdo you want to do as you can see if you come here you havesome this is somewhere you can see a train models aswell as in the work you've done or some modelsthat you've implemented

So you can have that here

In this case

We are going to go aheadand Implement one of the algorithms are algorithms that are implementedby Microsoft azure

So if I come here to experimentsand I go to samples you can see that we have somany implementations so we would be takinga look at one of these and then wewould be implementing that on our own do not worry

We won't be copyingit right away

So we have quite a few optionshere as you can see

Okay, let's just go aheadand do one thing

Let's build our own model here

So for that we need to goto experiments or rather

We can come downhere and say new and I say add a blank experiment

Let's just go ahead and try to build a recommender systemor something like that

So to do that, let's call it

Say my recommender

There you go and save itif there are no model

So you cannot save it

So first let's get started

Now in order to createa recommender for people who do not know whata recommender is it is nothing but P passing certain data and it might suggest or the model might suggestyou as in what you might like or what you might want to do

Say for example,Example when you shop on Amazon or any other websitethat is there

You normally havesome suggestions right? I mean you may like thisyou may like that same is with YouTube view go through certain videos and it gives yousuggestions as an you

Preferably might likethese videos as well

So that is a recommender system

So let's go ahead and createone recommender system

Let's create one for movies

So let's just goahead and practice or play with the datathat we have for that

We would be needing a dataset first right now

If you talk about ml Studio,it is very simple

You just drag and drop stuffjust like creating workflows

It is as simple as That now inorder to use a particular data set we have these saveddata sets here samples

Let's make a recommender systemsfor movie movies movie


So movies by havesomething in movie


There you go movie ratings

So we would be usingthis data set now once you put in thisdata set is available

You can just go aheadand take a look at it

So let's just visualizethis data and as you can see the information is here

It has certain valueslike user ID

Eid ratings and time stamp timestime is something that people donot use frequently

But yeah, these are thingsthat are important to us

We have factors like your IDthat is your movie ID user ID and rating it's somewherearound up to 10

So I believe it has startedfrom zero or one maybe so we have ratingsfrom 1 to 10, which we would be using

So this is the datathat we've just visualized but at times this datais not as simple and as managed it might havesome missing values and you might be requiredto play with it or make some changes to it

You can actually goahead and put in some factors here as well

Now here you haveso many options that are made available to you

Right so you canactually go ahead and process your dataa little manipulated data little like you can take a lookat statistical analysis and all those things but this being a clean datawould not need to do that

So we're just going to stick to the recommendersystem part here

So we have the data set nowI need to select the columns that I want to use

So I'm going to projectcertain columns out of it

So for that we have a modelhere called as project columns

Okay, I don't see it here

I believe this

Change the nameselect columns to okay

So this is the onethey've changed the name

It's called a selectcolumns in data set

So we drag it and paste it hereand we hold onto the circle that is thereon the previous module or the tab we had and we pull it down so we can connect these twoand they are connected and but since I have connectedthem there's an error here

It says value required now, I need to pass in some values asin what are the columns I need to focus on right? So I would be clickingon this icon here or tab

It says launch

Selector and itgives me options

So I'm going to putin certain rules


What are the columnsthat I want first? I would saythat getting all columns and just exclude the onesthat I don't want

So what are the columns that are not on timestamp was something that won't be very handy

So I'm going to remove that soI would be excluding that and I would be seeing okay, once you dothat the error is gone

So we have the data set

We have selectedThe Columns now next phases

I need to go aheadand pre-process the data, but data is already processed

So I don't needto do that either

So in this case, I would be going ahead and splitting my datainto two parts my training data and my testing data trainingdata something that we would be passing on to the model and will be traininga model based on the data and test data is something that we would be holding backand then we would be using that testing datato test our models or to predictthe outcome or to see whether the modelis working fine or not

So to do that,we need to split a data

So come here

This process is easy

Just go ahead and typein the words that you need to do and it gives You modulesto do that so split data

I just passing the data

So I've gone aheadand I've created or I've pulledthis split data module or tab into my workflow

So yes, the data would be split and it would be splitin this fraction Point 5 that is we would be using

5% data to test that is half of the data to test and half of the datato train our models

So there you go

I won't be tinkeringwith these factors

Those are good enough for me

So let's just move further now, there's an option herewhere you can zoom in or zoom out your Our modelto fit in the screen

So the data is split nownext job is to train your data

So train yourrecommender system

Do we have option to? Yeah train Matchbox recommender

So we select thisand pull it here


What we do is we pass in one of these branches here first oneand the split data is passed on to this training module or tab

Now, I'm not too goodwith the live nomenclature

That is why this confusionlet's call it tab

So yes, so I pulled in this datainto the So this is something that would get trained hereand I need to score it as well

So once I come here, I select this first and it shows me the detailsas an okay how many traits of the data that I have that I want to use to buildthis recommender system

Let's just say 10

Okay 10 is fine

I don't see toomany problems with it

Maybe let's do it 20 numberof recommendations

I want you know, this can also stayto 5 no problem training badges for is fine

So we just move furtherand next what? We do is we just go aheadand score the data that we have

So I say score and Ipick in this thing

So again to this I would bepassing in my training data here and I would also be passingin my split data

That is the testing data

There you go

So the datathat has been trained at would come here in alsothe testing data would be here

So I have this score where I need to givein the details as an what are the predictionsthat I'm looking for

Now, I basically want prediction where I would bewanting related items, right if I watch this movie, What kind of movie Ineed to watch right? So this is what Iwould be interning here

So once I enter related items, it says what arethe maximum number of related items to findfrom an item that you have? Let's say I want justone item there you go

And so it would give meone related item to the movie

So if I pass in a particularmovie to this recommender, it should suggest one moviethat I might like watching

So that is whatI'm talking about here

So one related movie youcan have more than one as well

So that is up to you

So we have done this now

Next is I built

Built a model or I've actuallygone ahead and put in a tab for training and scoring next

I need to evaluatethis data, right? So I say evaluateor test rather

So it says evaluateyour recommender you get in here and this time youtake in this value that is your score and you put it herein this column

We passed in oneof these threads here

Next is we takein the split data and we enter it here

There you go

This is fine

I would Saving ithere just to be safe

Once you save this data


So the connection is that we pass in theseare important in which Port are you passing in what value so this might hold and this is more or lessan experimental kind of stuff where you might actuallygo ahead and put in some wrong connections and youmight get in some errors

So you actually need to go aheadand troubleshoot some of those at times not always sowe've actually gone ahead and we've almostbuilt a model now

We need one more table hereor one more data set that is Movie IMDb titles

Let's place it here

It has gone somewhere

So I place it here they go and whenever wehave a new data set, we always visualize itto understand what it has

Okay, this shouldnot take this long

But for some reason it isso I have this data set where I have movieidea movie name

So I would be using this dataset for my recommender where it has some IMDb titles, which is not the actualIMDb that website which we have it isthe sample data set that is created

So we have this data set here

Now that we've seen the data

I'm going to goahead and use a command called as edit metadataand I'm going to place it

It here and as usual, I'm going to go ahead and putthis thing in here

Now if I come hereas you can see, there's this column here, whichsays select certain columns, which you want to use

So what are the columns that I want to passto my metadata basically or what is the metadatathat I want to use? So I'm going to go ahead andclick on launch column selector

And in this case with rules,I would start with no columns and I would say include so whatare the columns I need first is I need item

So you have to hitthe enter button

You won't be given suggestionhere for some reason it is not taking in this value

Let me see what is wrong

If we need to passin first values to this so-calledmetadata before that, we won't be ableto deal with items because we just took a look at this data set and itdoes not have item value

That is why we are not ableto pass in that value

So let's pass another valuestraight the values that are more relevantto this data set

So we'd be coming here and we'd be selectingsome other values

Now, you can see that we have these valuesthat are available

So let's just go aheadand select those

There you go

And I say okayso that it is gone

Now now we have a metadatawhich is made available to us and I have a modelwhich is up and running here


I need to put in Joins here

Now if you all know what joins do is theybasically help you select data from one table to the other

So we have two tables hereor two data sets

So I want to combine the datathat these two tables have no I won't be gettinginto the details of joints and all those things but we would be using them herefor the general reference sake so I have these He'stwo datasets here

And I want to predictour compare the table with the table that is here

So what I'm going to do isI'm going to build a model or create a joint that lets me comparethe movie names from one data set with the other argumentrecommendations from one of the two datasets, right? So for that I would beneeding a join here

So let's just comehere and say join crib before we get into this thing

That is one more important pointmy edit metadata data type

It has to be string

They go now I To passin values to this tab as well

So for that I would be needinga score from here

So I would be taking thisand I would be placing it here

There you go

And one from the metadatato this joint now, what are the valuesthat I want to pass in here now? It should be item I believe

So as I've said hitthe enter button, there you go

And you say okay and columnsfrom our or the other table? What do you want from here? I would be seeingmaybe movie ID

They go I say okay

What kind of giant do I want? I want left outerjoin now again, I want to get into the detailsof these joints don't keep the right key columns because that is the reasonI'm using this joint

They go I would be needingone more join here and I would be putting it here because the first joinwould just give me the movie ID, but I just don't want the ID I want the movienamed as well, right? So it come hereat pull in this thing and I would pass itto this data set

and edit metadata There you go

Again, if I come here itwould ask me for values

I would say giveme related items if you have any

And Cher I want the movie name

It's a save give youmissed out on one thing

We need to come here firstand remove this left outer join and now save we are boundto have some mirrors guys

So stay tuned

Now this thing runs itwould run it tab by tab or module by module and then everythingwould be executed

This might takea couple of minutes

Once the modelof the tab is executed

It shows a green tick on itas you can see here

We have ticks you're in here

This might take a longer because we have increasedthe number of iterations to 20 in the slide or in the tablewhen we were working on it

So the whole processing might take a littlelonger than normal

Okay, it saysrelated item not found

Let's see

Why is that happening? Launch recommend a selector

Yeah, this is the onethat is the related item one

Probably there is no relateditem variable in the data set that we generated now as I told youin the first model, I'll show you where first

Let me select thisfor now and let me say okay here in this core Matchbox

I had passed a numberof related items, right? It was one so by default it wasgiven a name called as related

One so that is somethingwhich we are passing in here or something that wewould be displaying

So there you go

So what we've done iswe've actually gone ahead and put in all the stuffthat we wanted to let's just see whether it runs and once it runs I would be explainingthis again to you people

So do not worry first

Let's run it

Now this time around itshould happen quicker because most ofthe stuff is done

We just have the errorin the last tab or the last module

So the other partshould be done quick as you can see and now now thelast one would be implemented and it is done already

So guys our modelis up and running

Let's just go ahead and check

So when I click on this icon and I say visualized youshould give me some values see how relevant values these are

Let's just verified now thisbeing a model it might not be that accurate, but let's hopeit gives some values

It is not giving methe movie name and movie ID for the other sectionor the related item

Let's see

Why is that the case but it says if you have seen this movieyou might like this movie, but we do not have that movie

So let us see where wehave gone wrong first

So there is some mirror hereor here we have a movie idea

So let's just come here and see

Okay, so we can justmatch idea to idea or map ID to ID

So let's remove this for nowand say movie ID and then see whether we get the output

So I save not save as I would say saveand I would run this Again, you should run quickerthan the last time

There you go

Now, let's just seewhat is the output that we get

So I say visualizeand there you go guys

It's a simple as this

I mean you put in or pulled in some valuesand we detect certain values and we have this result here

Now, this is an Indian moviecalled as the Lash and it says that if you like this you might like this Oblivionprobably Jack Reacher

I haven't seen eitherof this Iron Man, you might like stand by me

So I don't thinkthis recommender is that accurate butprobably I'm sure that there would besome movies in it which are more Notableso and for people who are big movie fans, they probably would be ableto relate a lot more to the movies that I hear

So again, you can actually goahead and select the number of related items that you want to select and you might actuallygo ahead and Pinker and tailor your algorithma little more for that

You have to play with the values that are there youhave in this algorithm

You can just come hereand switch in these details and probably the answermight wait the depending upon the inputs that you pass to this algorithm

So this was my basic game

I wanted you to get some Hands-On on Azuremachine Learning Studio

You and nothing more than that

But as far as this model goes or this particular sessiongoes we've actually gone ahead and taken into datasets

We've actually gone ahead andbuild a model train get tested and then we've used a jointto actually go ahead and see what would be the possible moviethat you might want to watch if you liked oneof those movies

So again as I've already mentioned it mightnot be that accurate

You are free to go aheadand play a little more with that you can passin your own data sets as well

In today's session wewould be discussing yet another interesting topic that touches upon cloud computing domain

Today's topic ofdiscussion is azure iot before we move any further

Let us take a look at the agenda or the offeringsof today's session first

So I would start this sessionby talking about what is iot that is Internet of Thingsmoving further would understand what is iot on Azurethat is a cloud platform

Then we'll talk about hasRIT components and their uses and finally I would Finishthis session by discussing or giving you a slightor a smaller demo

I believe this agendais clear to you guys

So let's not waste any timeand quickly get started

So what exactly is iot nowcoyote has many definitions

I mean because the domain is so wide or I should saythere are so many things that you can do with iot that to Define itin one single wave would not make a lot of sense

I mean you can thinkof it as an approach that lets you collect data

It is an approachthat makes a devices

My daughter it is an approach that basically helps you connectdevices now to keep it simple

We all are social beings or most of us aredefinitely I mean, we need somesocial contact, right? So what we do is we basically communicate withpeople we tell them what we feel like or what is happeningin our day-to-day life or we take in inputs from themin similar manner, right? So in a way, we are actuallyexchanging information

We are actually exchanging data

What about devices? I mean devices do store data

Today do have information that might be usefulto human beings

But how do youcollect this data? How do you make useof this data? Well, yes, you have devices that let you collectdata for you

There are devicesthat are smart

And they do a lot of thingsthat you would want them to do

But what internet has done is it has enabled you to connectthese devices with each other and that has actually simplifiedthe process of collecting data and also makingthese devices interactive and She'll in one wayor the other

I'm sure this is not makinga lot of sense for now

Let us move furtherand try to understand this topic a little more

Now when you talkabout the rise of Internet, what you would notice is thesedays there is a lot of data that is generated online

I mean the amount of cell phones being used these daysthe amount of applications that run on these cell phonesthe shopping you do the food you order the remainingstuff the browsing and stuff like that you doand the amount of work that you do here

I mean it generates huge amount of Data of this datacan be very useful

I mean you also have analytics data sciencein the market these days and what it does is it basically lets you collectthis data and use this data in a number of ways to serve the customersbetter to basically make better medicinesto make better machinery and stuff like that

Right? So that is what data sciencehas done and that is what internet has done

But what this also means is a burden on human beingsto collect this data

I mean you need some way orthe other to collect this data

And when it comesto human beings, yes via the sharpestbeings on the Earth, but the problem here isthe human accuracy at times

It can go down or it cannot beas accurate as the machine is so you need to create machinesthat let you collect this data

So what internethas done here is if this data is usedand the amount of data that is being generated is usedbecause of Internet

It has also givenyou a solution

The solution isInternet of Things

What it does is it letsyou connect different? And devices togetherand by doing that these devices are smart enough and they can collectthese data for you so that your only job isto go through this data or use this data and that iswhy these devices are being or becoming more smarter day by day not to give youa very simple example if I go home and basicallywhat I do is I remove my wallet

I remove my bike or car keyand I keep it on the desk that is close to my door or I rather hang iton the hanger that is there

So What mostly happens iswhen I leave my home

There are chancesthat I forgot my key

I forget my wallet, right? What if they were smart devicesthat would tell me that I have forgotten my key

Once I leave the door

Wouldn't that be nice? So that can be done

I mean you have sensorsthese days you can have sensors on these devices on the keys on the wallets thatyou work on or on the wallet that you have

So basically what these devices would do is they wouldbasically sense the fact that you have movedout of the house and once you cross Rossa particular range probably what it would do isthey would throw in an alarm with some devicethat you have with you

So now this seemslittle impractical but our seems littlecomplicated to do but the simple achievementout of this is you get notified

No sooner you miss outcertain things at home and this application can be used on the longer run to solvedifferent kinds of problems

Now, this is oneof the applications of iot internet can be used heredifferent sensors can be used yet different devicescan be used to connect

The each other this wasabout Hardware devices basically can connectapplications with each other which reset onparticular Hardware

So this is one verybasic application

There are a lot of thingsthat you can do with iot

So as you can see in the image what iot is doing is it is basically helping youconnect different applications different businesses differentServices together and the fact that all these things are connecting with each otherthere is live data with you and that would helpyou solve a lot of problems

I mean you cando better weather

As with iot you can do bettertraffic predictions with iot

You can better figureout as in what kind of data a person is using

You can figure out what kind of exercise routinesare person follows

So all these thingscan be dealt with with iot

You can preparebetter medicines

You can gauge how basicallymedicines are administers and what administered and what kind of effectare they having on that particular individual

So iot is a greatBoon for humankind if used wisely

So that is what iot is IBelieve by now if you want Stood what iot is letus move further and try to understand the other topicsthat we mentioned in the agenda

So guys next on this listis iot on Azure

I mean, why should youuse iot or Internet of Things on a platformlike Microsoft Azure first, let us try to understand as you're in a bit nowwhen you talk about us or I can think ofthis power consumption analogy

I normally use thesein my sessions

So let me just throw insome light on these topics so that we can understandwhat other is So basically think of azure as a platform that basically providesyou with services that help you solve various computation storage andapplication development issues

How does it do that? If you take a look atthis power consumption analogy, what you'll notice iswhen electricity flows into your house you basicallyconsume the electricity and at the end of the monthyou pay the bill for the units of electricitythat you've consumed right? You do not have to worry about how does this electricityflowing who manages it? And once thiselectricity goes down

All you have to do is youhave Call the power supplies and they take care of it

Right you do not have to worry about managingthe units you've consumed

All you have to dois take a look at the bill and pay the bill

So basically what is happeningis someone else is taking care of all the things that are relatedto power consumption

All you do is you Outsourcethis work to someone else you use the services and payfor the services that you've used

It is very simpleand very realistic in real life when you talkabout software development

There are a lot of constraints

That one has to face

I mean Buying servers hosting applications maintainingmonitoring those applications

What if you were given Solutionsready to use Solutions where you had to worryabout just the data that you have and take our dealwith Better Business insights and stop worryingabout all these issues

Wouldn't that be nice when youtalk about Microsoft Azure, it does exactly that for you

It provides youwith cloud computing Solutions or it provides you the platform that solves various issues that are relatedto your software development

So it is similarto the power consumption

I believe it is makingsome sense in this case

Your Azure is basically yourelectricity provider in terms of software Services, right? So that is whatMicrosoft Azure is

It is a cloud platform that provides youwith various services that concern Computing and software developmentand you can actually go ahead and rent these servicesand use them for a particular time duration when you want to use themand you can get rid or release those Servicesonce you are done using them

So this is what has Horace and why should you use ioton Azure Veloster is one of the leading cloud serviceproviders and that is why when you talk about has or what it does isit basically provides you with variousIntegrations various services that would help you implementiot services on top of it and with ease to give you a simple examplenot this is an image that directly picked upfrom Microsoft officers website

If I'm not wrong, I would be giving credit tothem do not worry about that

But this is a very simple example and this iswhat it demonstrates

It's I mean you have an iot Hub, which is an iot service that is basically givingdata to your stream analytics which can be visualized byusing different has your tools

Now when you talkabout has our services that our services for everything by a data visualizationmachine learning data warehousing data Lakes you have application creationpass service creation instance or virtual machinecreation Storage security in everything is taken careby has your so basically if you have applicationsthat run on Microsoft Azure, you can actually Really go aheadand apply internet of things to it to make them more smarter

And if you do not haveapplications on Azure, you can actually go ahead and create thoseusing Microsoft Azure and you can againuse iot on top of it

So yes, if you talk about iot and measure it isa very good choice and a very good option that people can opt for what all can you dowith iot and nausea

Let us take a look at someof the important iot components on Microsoft Azure now when I say components youcan think of these as services that cater the needof Internet of things on top of azure platform

Let us try to understand those

So guys first and foremost

You have your Azure iot Centralnow when you talk about Microsoft Azure as I've already mentionedit is a cloud platform

So if you'velearned Cloud platform to some extent youhave three services you have infrastructure asa service platform as a service and software as a service

Now as you progress with these Services iaasis basically a service that provides youwith basic infrastructure on top of of which you can chooseeverything that you want to do

That means you can basicallyhave a basic layer on top of this you can choosewhat operating system you want to use what binary is to use what applications to run what programminglanguages to use

So it is a basic infrastructurethat you can have when you talk about pass it isbasically platform as a service where a platform is given to use where you have ready-to-usetemplatized applications

And when you talk about SAS, it is software as a service where a complete softwareis given to you on rent which you can useFor example Gmail

I mean you do not haveto set encode Gmail, right? It is aready-to-use application

You do not worry about it

I mean its securityits management its maintenance everything is takencare by someone else

So Cloud provides youwith these kind of services now when you talk aboutAzure iot Central think of it as a SAS kind of a serviceI mentioned Gmail, right? So what it does is it providesyou similar services or it provides your service that basically letsyou create a similar software as a service kind of vacationsfor iot platforms

So that is whathas our Central is when you talk aboutAzure iot accelerators

It is more of a passkind of a service that lets you createtemplatized applications or templatized iot applications, which you can use to createready to use iot Services

Now, what is the difference between these two the majordifferences now Azure iot is is a service that means it would requireyou to put in less efforts

I mean it is more

Ready to use kind of a servicejust like your Gmail

So it is easy to create but the disadvantageof this service is it does not give youa lot of customizations

I mean, you cannot go to Gmail and decide to hard codeit again, right? You can't but when you talk about Azure iot acceleratorsit again provides you with templatesto create applications, but it is platform as a service

That means it givesyou a platform

So this platform it forms a wayor paves the way on which you can actually go ahead and putin your applications besides

What kind of platform what kind of software you wantto run on top of it? So it gives youmore flexibility

So it wouldrequire more efforts

So it is not easier but itgives you more flexibility

So yes these both Services basically focus on templatizedapplications third on this list

You have Azure iot Hub

Now Azure iot Hub isa very important service

Basically what it doesis it lets you connect other services and applications so it forms a centralpoint of communication

Are all these applications

So when you talkabout the first two Services, they are kind of dependenton Microsoft Azure iot Hub to some extent the other wayaround is not true

That means as our iot Hub isa fairly independent service what it does as I've already mentionedit lets you communicate with other applicationsand other services it forms that Hub whereapplications communicate then you have assured digital Twins and has your time series insights nowthese Services basically what? They do is they letyou create models

Yes, they let you create models and when you talkabout digital twins, yes, it works in that way

When you talk about othertime series insights

Basically, if you've learnedanalytics, you know, you're talking about time series that means how data variesfrom time to time like your stock markets, right? I mean the graphis not constant

It might go up

It might come down

So basically a seriesof information that varies as per time is calledAs Time series analysis when you talk about Assad

I'm series insights

What it does isit gives you insights or lets you build applications that helps you collectreal-time data and generate insights out of it

So it is an analytics kindof an application when you talk aboutAzure iot it helps you in data visualization and forvarious analytic approaches as well as your Spearand has your Maps now when you talkabout has our sphere basically what it does isit lets you create devices to choose our Hardware heavy

I'm not sure whether Whether thisis the right term to use now when you talk about iot alsotalking about Hardware devices that let you connectdifferent sources when you talk about has your spear

It has a set of devicesor classifications, which lets you do a lot of iot things like basicallyit has it sets of MC use our micro controlling units

Basically that helps youin better iot services

And when you talkabout has your Maps, I've mentioned an applicationcalled as knowing the traffic at different locationstracking your cars and stuff like that

So For that you needthe location of the device and as your Maps help youin that aspect of iot as well

So Guys, these aremost of the services that Azure iot hasto offer to you

We won't be gettinginto the details of all these services today as we move further and we havemore sessions on this topic

That is a zero iot

Probably I would be focusingon all these Services individually and in a lotmore detail for now

Let us just quickly moveto the demo part

What I'm going to do isI'm going to quickly switch into the other

Your console and weare going to go ahead and kind of createa simple Azure iot Hub

So guys when you talkabout Azure iot or when you talk about has are in general

Now, you have your Azure portal

It provides youwith free Azure services for a limited amount of time

If you are completely newto Azure, I would suggest that you actually go aheadand create a free tier account

All you have to do is givencertain details your credit card or debit card detailsand you're good to go

You can have that freetier account in which you have certain free

That means you can use thesecredits to use these Services

I mean, these are paid services so you can use those freecredits to practice these services on your own

I would suggest that if youdo not have a free tier account, you actually go aheadand create one now in my case

This is a paid account

So I am kind of restrictedto using these applications

So let us just go ahead and create a simpleAzure iot hub first

So as this is the console

I mean you havea number of services whether you talkabout your recently created

Has whether your machine learning analytics blockchaincompute containers

Now, these are different domainsthat has or touches Upon Our concern todayis internet of things

So let's just click on this iconand go to Azure iot Hub

If you moveto these different Services, you can actually go aheadand learn a lot about them

This is quick start tutorialone for iot Hub as well

So you can know what you can dowith all these things are all these services

So when you talkabout Microsoft Azure, there are a lot of documentationCzar a lot of dough

Events that has yourprovides you for free

So you can use those documentsto understand these services to a lot more details

I would suggest that you actually visittheir website and take a look at those Services as well

Meanwhile, I've movedto the service as you can see the subscription is a Dirac a subscriptionhere Resource Group

I can create one or Ican use the existing one

So let us create one

Azure iot demo 1 2 3 4 5 Guys

These are unique names

So probably you might be forcedto give longer names

Let's just say okay

You can choose the location where you wantto create this idea

When I say location, what does your does isit has a data centers in different parts of the world so you can choosethe data center that is close to you or youcan choose the data center that is close to yourbusiness and accordingly

You can take a call on which reason do you wantyour data to based on based on that you can choose

Region, there are certain services for whichall regions are not available

So you would want to visitthose particular services and decide accordinglyin this case

I'm going to stick to West us

I mean, it'sa simple application

So I do not want to put in toomuch effort or time into it

They just namedour application as in my first iot hub It'snot available is what it says

Let's say 1 3 4 4 2 2 2 1


Now it is available

So you can just reviewit first, right? You can go to previous

Actually, you can takea look at the size and the details you want to enterprisingtear it is S1 for me

That is standard one

I won't be gettinginto the details of pricing Let's ignore that for now cost for month for this device is 1652 INRthat is Indian rupees and it supports fourhundred messages, basically

Number of unitsfor the hub for now, let it be one youcan change it accordingly and you can actually go ahead and decide whateveryou want to use again

So let's just moveto free tier for now so that we don't get chargeda lot and it is just move ahead and say review and create

So this is the informationthis is the subscription - pay-as-you-go

This is the name regionand the name

I just go ahead and say create

So guys creation at timesmight take a while not wrong, but a minute or two

So there you go

The deployment isin progress already

It is giving you all theinformation that you need and once it is done you can Avail informationon other things as well

Also guys, if you are new to addEureka or to our YouTube videos, I would suggestthat we do a lot of stuff

I mean if we have a live sessions mostly onTuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays, we have our forecastsessions as well

You can actually go ahead andAnd the visitor podcast Channel where one of our Associateshe works on great sessions, then you have live sessions which I've already mentioned and there are quitea few other channels like these own mediumchannels on IG TV and other places as well

So a presenceon social media is huge

You can stay connected to all these media to learnabout new technologies

I mean, we upload contenton all these platforms every day and especially westarted with YouTube

So if you are looking for such content on YouTubelike on regular basis, you can actually go ahead andsubscribe to our YouTube channel so that you can Availthese videos like every day and also make sure that you click on the Bell icon so that you get notifiedto these videos on regular basis because there area lot of resources that I believe would help youin a lot of ways I would be dropping in the linksfor the other channels that I mentionedin the description so that you can actuallygo ahead and probably sign into those channelsas well like telegram these own HDTV medium Etc

As far as this application goesthe process is still Underway, let us just quicklyrefresh it and see whether the applicationis created whether it's up and ready now

It's still underway

So there you go guysthe resources created you can click on this icon

You can seethe information is here that is you can haveyour operation details by clicking on this thing and you can getthe details about it

You can copythe details as well

You can go to the resourceas well which is here and based on this information

You can actually go aheadand decide what kind of access do you wantthis device to have pricing and scaling all these thingscan be taken care of other information that you need need a way toprovision millions of devices

Go ahead and seehow these things work

So guys this is how you actually go aheadand create a basic iot Hub in the following sectionsthat follow this session

Probably we would be creatinga lot more content related to these topics and I believe these topics would help you a lot more asfar as this session goes guys

I probably believe this isthe end of it before that

I would suggest that you actually go aheadand delete the resources that you have

You'd have to enterthe name of the app that you've created

So let me just go aheadand Do that Hub? One two, three

I've given it a fairly long

And so there you go guys

The reason I'm asking youto delete these Services is now this wasunder the free tier, but probably there are services that would cost you a lotmore and say for example, if you launch a serverand keep it running so probably you would be paying a lotof money and I don't want that to happen

So I would suggest that youalways follow this practice where you delete the resources that you've createdand once you do that it is certainthat You won't be charged


You can see that if you go to this deploymentthe resource won't be found because I have deletedit already today

We are going to discussAssad chat Bots

Can we create chatbotsusing these Cloud platforms? So, yes, we can create chatbots by usingcloud computing platforms

If you talk about AWS you havea service called as legs and if you talk about easier itis as your Bot service

So this time around I thoughtof using a different platform and that is why I wentahead with Azure

Let's continue with the session and take a look at the agendafor today's session

As far as the session goesfollowing at the offerings

We would start by understandingwhat our chat Bots next

We would understandwhat is observed bot service and how can you use itto create a chatbot? There's a lot more to offer as we move furthereverything would unfold

So, let's jump into the firsttopic of discussion then First we need to understand how communicationhas evolved at time now, if you talk about timeswhen I was little I remember my father writingletters to his relatives are my grandparents rather

So in order to send these emails or letters we had to attachthose postcards go to the Post Office putthe letters there and then that Postman would take thatletter to the respective party and that party would replyin the same manner

So this processwould take days, isn't it? It had its own fun, but If you talkabout current times, the technology hasevolved a lot

And with that the way we communicate with peoplehas changed to nowadays

We have something called asmobile phones right where if we do have to go ahead and communicate somethingto people all we do is we just go ahead and type in a particular message and it gets deliveredto that person within seconds

That is how communicationhas evolved and what has this part done

Well what it has done is ithas made communication one easy and two more human-like

What do I mean by more human? Like now I've been in the ageof chatting as well

And I know that how do we chat? It's very simple whateverwe have to say

We just type it rightunlike the formalities that we do in other waysof communication say for example suppose if I have to apply for a leave

What would I do? I would go ahead and typean email right in that case

I would be puttingin the details as in who it is to be sentto what is the subject then I would put in the detailsthen I would ask for a leave and all those things

I mean this also isPretty much organized but then it is toocomplex, isn't it? If you talk about chatting,it's very simple

I'm not well, I won't be coming todayas simple as that

Imagine if we could just goahead and do this in every aspect of a life

Wouldn't that be easy? Can that be done? Definitely it canbe done nowadays what people are doingis they are trying to attach communication or Implement communicationeverywhere in such a manner that you can easily communicatewith people or with different resources and getthe desired result out of it

One of the waysto do it is chatbots

Let's try to understandwhat chat Bots are and how do they contributeto this concept? Well, if I were to Define chat, but it is nothing but a softwarethat lets me communicate with a human now suppose

I am an individual and I havecertain requirements suppose

I visit a website what happens there a pop-upcomes in right saying that how can we help you? What is the possibility that it is not a botin 90% of the cases it is so that is what a chatbot isin more formal ways

It is nothing but a botor a software that can have a conversationwith a human being

There are typesof this chat bot

You have the standard chat Bots and the self-learningchatbots as well

Now if you talkabout a standard chatbot think of it as a device or a software that learns not learns that takes in the datathat is given to it

And if a query is thrownat this bot the machine or the software would replyto that individual

It does not go ahead and makeany modification on its own

This is where the secondoption comes into picture

You have something calledas self learning chat Bots

These are the Bots that actually takenthe data understand the data and then adapt to that datain my previous session

I talked about recommendersystems right for people who are completely newto the system

Let me tell you what it is

Now basically recommendersystems are nothing but those are devicesor software is rather that give you suggestions

Now these suggestions are givenbased on the inputs that you provide think of itas your YouTube channel, right? I mean where you putin a particular song and you play that songwhen you do play that song If you take a look at thesuggestions suggestions list, you'd be having a song that either relatesto the song that you played or the song that youmight have played previously

So what has happened here is your so-called recommendersystem or the software

It has learntfrom the preferences that you have given or the browsing historythat you have

It also takes into considerationthe preferences of other people who chose similar data and based on that itgives you an input, right? Look at these are the songsthat you might like as well similar is the case witha self-learning chat bottom

What it does is given the datayou provide to it it learns and it makes the discussion more interactive to giveyou another example suppose you area policyholder and let's assume that there is a criteria thatunless you are 18 years of age

You cannot buy a policyat that particular place now

Also imagine that you havethis imaginary child or a kid who has turned 18 this year

Now if your data iswith this chat Bots or with this organization a chatbot would understandwhat your data is and next time you tryto converse with it

It might give youa suggestion saying that okay, your son recently turned 18

Would you like to buy a Polishup for policy for him as well? So that is what aself-learning chat bot

Does it basically goes aheadit understands the data and it adapts to the data andbased on this adapt adaptation

It rather gives youa suggestion saying that okay, this is what Do you liketo do this as well? The aim here is to go ahead and make the interactionlittle more interactive than what it is already

That is why the reasonwhy this is happening is because as an individual, we like to have discussionwith people that is how human beings are

We like to communicate and the aim of chat Bots arethese software's is to make the conversation as interactiveas possible plus the fact that we havechatbots everywhere

What companies are tryingto do these days is they're trying to make They're working a lot more easier instead of justgiving you information

They're trying to understand your requirements and accordingthe give you Solutions

So you do not have to gothrough the documentation and all those processes

So this is what chat Bots are

Basically those arenothing but software's that try to understand the data that is given to themand based on that

They would either give youan answer or a solution to the problem that you have

Let's try to understandchatbots and the concepts that surround it a little more

So what is the needof chatbots now? I have already discussedquite a few reasons as in why do you need chatbots? But there are some otherreasons as well

Most important reasonis When you compare it with a human beinga chatbot performs better

How is that now? There's no computationto no competition to human brain

Right? I mean, we all know that it's a great thingand it is the thing that actually createdyour chat Bots

But if you talkabout precision and performance, if you have a softwarethat has been trained that could actually giveyou a better application and better throughput

How is that? Let me give you one morescenario the next point that is easy to replicate

Do I mean by this nowsuppose I have a human being who is setting and answeringcertain queries no matter how great or how brilliantthat individual is

If I throw like 20 queriesparallel to him

He probably wouldbe able to answer four to five queries, right? So this is wherea chatbot is different

I mean I can train Ican create one chatbot

I can program it in one way and then I can train itfor 20 different services

So when 20 differentqueries come in, I have 20 chatbotsthat can actually do the job that is Needed so when youtalk about parallelization, this is where chatbotscome into picture

So these are some of the needsapart from that the major need is to make interactions lot moreinteractive than what they are

So yeah, this iswhat chat Bots are and we are going to go ahead and Implement chat boxby using Microsoft Azure

And in that we would be usinga service called as as your Bot service

So let's try to understandwhat Microsoft Azure is and then we can moveinto the demo part where I would be talkingabout the Bots service and how big attack bomb So what is azure well, as other is nothingbut a cloud service provider now if you compare it withAmazon web services it again is a great cloud service providerjust like Amazon web services and it has a plethoraof services to offer to you

Whether you talk aboutyour storage Services compute Services Security Services,whatever service it is

Everything is takencare by Microsoft Azure and what it does is it letsyou create applications deploy them maintain them monitor themand also keep them

The best thingabout Microsoft Azure as it is a Microsoft product

Now when youtalk about Microsoft, we all know that the plethora of applications arethe Microsoft stack of products

That is there

We all knowthat it is huge and what that means is there might besome software in your life which you are usingand that has something to do with Microsoft Azure

So if you are movingto Cloud you would want to use or have the ability to moveyour so-called application or have the freedomto implement your applications that are there in Microsofton Our Cloud platform, isn't it? So if you areusing Microsoft Azure, it becomes easier to migrateall these applications or integrate these applicationsto Microsoft Azure

So it actually givesyou a freedom of using your favorite toolor your Frameworks on Microsoft azure

So yeah, that iswhat Microsoft Azure has and as I've alreadymentioned it is a very popular cloud service provider

In this case

We would be usingMicrosoft Azure bot service in particular and using that we are going to go aheadand create a chatbot

So that is what we havefor the demo part

Let's just switchinto the console of Microsoft Azure and let's takethe discussion forward there

So yeah, guys, let mefirst give you a scenario as in what are we going to do now now when I talk aboutcreating a chatbot, what is going to happenhere is first I need to create a chatbot

And in order forthat chat box to work

What I'll have to do isI'll have to go ahead and create some Source or some data source from which might chatbotwould learn isn't it? I mean, it needssome data, right? So for that we need to create somethingcalled as knowledge base

Now, your knowledge baseis nothing but basically a set of informationit can Be achieved from anywhere maybe a URL that has Pages or towhere the information is given or it is a document that you own so we would be usingthe document or that URL and using that URL we would take in the data and wewould create a knowledge base

Once the knowledgebase is ready

We would go ahead and switchinto Microsoft Azure portal and there we would becreating a chatbot

Now what we would be doingis would be giving that chatbot that information and then we would test our chatBots as in whether it works

You're not once weare done with this

I'm going to takeit a step further where I would be going aheadand integrating my chat bot with my Facebook Messenger app

So stay tuned and let'sImplement all these things one by one first and foremost

Let's start by creatingour knowledge base for that

We have to go to this URLthat is skinny maker

Bear with me guysif my internet is little slow

It might take a littlelonger than normal

So this is what we have here

That is www



I now if you come here, you can createyour knowledge base

If you click on this icon, it would say createa knowledge base

Okay, I have to signin every now and then that can be rating YC sign in

No, I don't keep it signedin that is why it asks me every now and thenbut that way I feel it's safer

There you go might takea minute or two

Probably less than that

First it would check whether I haveany knowledge bases that are there with me already

If not, it would askme to create a new one

So that is how it worksguys Microsoft Azure at times takes a littlelonger time to load that depends on various sources

I won't get intothe details of that

So if that happens, don't worry, I would be keepingkeeping you engaged and we'll be discussingsomething meanwhile

So, there you go

We have this thing here

I say create a knowledge base

Okay, so guys we are creatinga knowledge base

Right? So since we would be putting iton Microsoft Azure, we would be needing a servicethat is there on the platform that can attainto this knowledge base, right? So for that we have to createa QA Service as well

So let's go aheadand create that service here if I click on this icon

It navigates meto Microsoft Azure account

Now, I've already signed in so it will directlytake me to the portal and it would open that tab where we can justgo ahead and create this so-called UNM occur

If you want to visit the websitefirst or the portal first and then open this thing youcan type your QA maker and it would takeyou to this page where you can click on Createand then this would appear so this is theMicrosoft Azure dashboard

We would be talking about it

Do not worry

So we're going to go ahead andcreate this DNA maker service

Let's call it same

Demo, one two, three,four five one one subscription

It's Usher 533 standard

What is the payment here? I want keep it standard again

And location is West u


That me prefer that now you are chatbot serviceis not available everywhere

So you would be wantingto be careful while you select the Region's

Okay guys Resource Group

Now it by default is the nameof my clinical name and it replicates the name

You can actually go aheadand use a an Research group if you have one if not,let it create one

So what is a resource Group? Basically, it is nothingbut think of it as a container where certain resourcesare put in by Microsoft Azure

So when you do create a service along with that it has to havea resource Group attached to it

So each time you havea service either create a new Resource Groupor use the one that you already have and thatsuits your needs in this case

We will be creating one once you do that come hereand select this thing

The move one two,three, four five

Everything is okay

West u


Is the region West u


Is the reason again, so guys, everything ispretty much in line

There's nothing that weneed to discuss here

Let me just go aheadand click create

Yeah, so it would just go aheadand create this thing

Once the thing is created

We can actually go backand then select this


It's deploying now

These are someof the applications that I created in the past

I do not need them right now

So I'm just goingto go ahead and remove these Meanwhile my applicationgets created here

service started Okay,it's deploying

So as I've already mentionedat times it takes a longer while so Yep

This is what might happenyour might take a minute or two or a half a minuteif we are lucky enough

So once we do that, we're going to come backhere select all the resources and then we are goingto create a knowledge base


What happens here? When you do createthat knowledge base

Basically what yourMicrosoft Azure does as or CUNY maker does is it fetchesthe data from the source that we are generatingor the shows that we are giving now as I've already mentionedyou can either go ahead and probably given a document or you can selectcertain URL in this case

I'm going to go aheadand select a URL What kind of data would be like if we have some effectsthat would be better right? So let's go aheadand select some fa Q's

Let me just go aheadand search for us terrific use and will selectthe first one that is there


This is an ad let'snot select this

Let's select this thing

So guys this probably hassome has our support fa Q's

So some questions askedand some data given

So this would be one ofthe best data sets to use here

So let's copy this linkand as you can see that our service is created

Let me just spin itto the dashboard

So it becomes easier to use Ithas been pinned now I go back to CUNY maker and I refresh it cuz you need to refresh it once because else your so-calledservice won't be displayed here

Okay, loading your QA services

Please do that for me

Okay, so it hasbeen refreshed now, let me select theby default account that I have my subscription name and the service which I justcreated URL I paste it here

And then I say create

Knowledge-based namecannot be empty


I forgot to enter in the name

Let it be the same as we've already entered it isnothing but what was the name? Okay, let's call it saylet's come here first

It's demo

One, two, three, four,five one one right? So let me just given that name

I like to have itambiguous guys at times

It's simpler to remembersame names or use one name throughout the applicationsof ambiguity is good at times

So there you go

Let's hope it's get itgets created this time around

Okay, so might takehalf a minute here

And once it's done itwould fetch in all the data and it would createa knowledge base which we can use now guys

Once the knowledgebase is created

It would be createdbased on the data that we've entered but that is not how I would startthe communication right instead

What I would do is I would startby saying maybe hello or how are you aresomething like that

So when I say hello, I need an appropriatein reply from the chatbot

Right? So we would go ahead and usethis knowledge base, but we would also goahead and add a couple of comments or a couple of Doctors or endpointsfor this discussion

So there you go

The knowledge basehas been created

I would like to trainit a little more by adding a queue a pair or two

So in case if I justgo ahead and say hi

I want my chat bot to replacesomething like this


how Maybe help you

There you go

So and let me add one more

Juniper this time what I'm going to do isI'm going to What just happened? Okay

There you go


Let me just say thank you

And on this let it say

Glad we could help you

Hope to see you soon

There you go

Somehow I'm not surewhether I added that high thing

So if that is not addedhere probably will just use this thing to test asan if we say thank you

This is the output that we need right now if wetied some of these keywords, this is the datathat should be displayed

So let's just saysave and green

One pair cannot be empty

So which pairis empty right now? Okay

Is there somethingthat is empty here? I cannot see anything

That is empty

What just happened? The problem is we added

Hi and hello, right

I just cannot seewhere did it go? Could not see where it go

Okay thing that some key pairis empty there is thank you here and there is a plus here

So this is fine

This is what we have

We have anything elsethat we need to focus on


This is the part

Let me just refresh it guys that we probably would be ableto edit it better

Again, the waiting then that is somethingthat I hit a lot when you work with these things

How to get a pet let's say hiand just say hello

How can we help? Question mark and let's seewhether we can save it now


Now there shouldn't beany problem here so high and hello has been added

So I believe we can test our so-called knowledge basebased on the data that we've entered here, right? Yep, it has beenadded successfully

So let's test it guys

I say hi and I hitthe enter button

There you go

We have they play how hello

How can we help you can ask other questions as welllike Do you provide support? So if it can actually go aheadand parse this data or rather segregate this datait would give you an answer

They go it has the answer

It has used the database that is there and it has givenin the answer that suits in best for this keyword

So guys test is complete now

Let's just go backand publish this knowledge base

For that I would needto refresh it once and once it gets refreshedI can just go ahead and publish it

So guys once we are donepublishing this thing

Okay, we havethis option you'd publish

Okay, so it mighttake half a minute

So once it gets published now, we are going to go aheadand create a chatbot and we are going to integrate or we are going to give thisknowledge base to a chatbot

So if we again taste testit and put in certain queries, it would give us the replyfor the questions that we've asked sothere you go

Now, this is somethingthat we would be needing

It is nothingbut sample HTTP request that means once I try to connect with my chat bot thereare certain credentials that I might be requiredto enter like The host ID or the authorization endpointand all those things

So let's the letthis thing be open and let's just switch to the dashboard part now here Ican create my chatbot for that

I need to clickon create a resource

There you go

I say I plus machine learningand I get this option where I say web app bot

There you go

So let's createsomething called as demo

One two three, four, five six one oneagain subscription is a zero five three three

It has createda resource Group Central


No, I want vest u


Want West u


I scrolled on what isthe but template

Well, it has built-in basic Csharp now click on this thing and select QA that is questionand answer phone

And Isis select they go Iscroll down east us again

I want West uh, maybe West years toand I say create So guys this thingtakes a while

It takes a minute for my chat Botsto get created now

Once the chat bot gets created

Next job is to takethis chat Bots and connect it to the knowledge base and move the whole thingto my Facebook Messenger

Now, this is where Iwould be asking the questions that is I wouldbe creating an application on my Facebook messenger and on that I would be puttingin this chat bots

So if I do throw in these queries my FacebookMessenger would reply that means the chatbotwould reply using my face

Messenger for that we need to integrate our chat botwith the Facebook Messenger

So how do we do that for that? We need a Facebook account

While this thing works out,let's do that

Now this is a sample accountthat I've created

This is an anime, which I used to watch Once so I've taken this templatethis basically deals with different vendorswho can bend different elements

Now, you don't need to getinto the details of what those elements are

I've just used this themeand based on that

I would be creating a pageto which I want my chatbot to react to and Iwould also be going ahead and creating anapplication as well

Why are we creatingall these things once the body is ready

You would understand

All the stuff is in why we arehere and what are we doing here? Meanwhile, just createa page first

Let's say createand let's call it

Say OK, let it bebusiness brand call

It's a metalbending

Don't get into the detailsof what this title is It's random title and category

We are here for education

So let's stick to that

I say continue

Okay, it says I havebeen blocked for some reason

The thing is I happened tocreate this thing twice today

That is why probablythey block me as in

For creating this page

Let's see if we can choosesome other category and see whether they allowus to create a pager

arts and entertainmentmaybe now Okay, they need other details as well

So let's skip let'stry something else

It's a beauty salon again,they need in the details

If I put in education that is when theydon't ask anything else

Okay Education website

Let's say continueand let's hope that they let us create one


No, I have been blocked

So I doubt that I would be ableto use this thing

Let me just quickly switchinto some other account and see whether I can go ahead and try to do itwith some other account

Let's try to create a page now

Let's hope that it letsus create a page here

Isaac create niceand creative page

Let's call it sayif it allows me well and good

If not, then we'll haveto switch to something else

Probably it is lettingme create one

So that's a good sign

We can go aheadand use this thing

Skip and I say skip Do youguys we have a pager now? Once we have this page next what we have to do is we haveto go ahead and take a look at certain other detailsthat are needed

Like if I clickon this about page, I would be having an ID herewhich I would be using now

This is my page IDthat I would be needing

Okay, so we have a sample pageand we are going to use this to test our applicationapart from that

I would be goingto this Facebook developers where I would be going ahead andcreating an application as well


I am basically signedin as Vishal here

So not as good

Let me just go aheadand create one more app

Let's call it say the movefor today There you go

and I see create Mi a robot

No, I'm not

submit So guys an applicationwould be created here

Okay, so we would beusing this application and we would be attachinga messenger to it and we would be attachingthe chatbot to this messenger

Let me just quickly go aheadand check one more thing because I do not want any moreproblems in this session

So let's justquickly say Facebook

messenger if Iopen the messenger, let me just see what is the messengerthat I have by default here

So as you can seeI have this thing which I do not wantI would rather go out and log out from here

So guys yeah want to continueas we shall pardon

There you go

Now we should be good to go

So, yep VI her and guys by the time our I believeour application is up and ready

Pin it to the dashboard

Now as we havean application on Facebook, we have a page on Facebook and we have our demo bot upand running which we can use

So let's just openthis thing and see what it has to offer to us

Now Guys

These are the resourcesthat we have at our disposal and apart from that

We have quite a few other thingsthat we can do

We can test our website here

We can take a lookat the analytics that is there

And what are the differentchannels that we can use to use this chat bot

So we are going to take a lookat all these one by one but first and foremost, what I'm going to do nowis I'm going to go ahead and connect the knowledge baseto my chat bot

How do we do that? We come here and we clickon application settings

Once I open that Iwould be entering the details that we have here

The connectionsare the endpoints

There you go

So I have to scroll downand these are the three fields that I need to enter here

So I copy this firstthat is now this is my ID, which I would be entering here the first place where I enterthis thing is this Okay

I also need the hostnamewhich in this case is this Okay, and apart from thatwe have this data

This is my authorization key

Okay, so let's just verify it

We have the Knowledge base ID which is correcthost name is correct

And the authorization keyis also there

So let's just save it

Yes, so it has successfullyupdated this thing so I can just come here and Ican say test it in chat box

So if I just say hi,you should give me a reply

It's still sending the data

So okay, how can we help? So yes, it has been integratedor connected to my chat bot


Next job is to connect this chatbot to my messenger app, right? So, how do we do that? To do that I would haveto come here to channels and I have some channels that are made availablewhich I can connect to first

I would just come down and select FacebookMessenger the one which I want to connect to

And as you can see, this is the reason we createdthe app and all those things because we need to fill inthese details as well for that

I would come here

To my page and Iwould copy this page ID

Guys, there's too muchto and fro of information here

So keep an eye on that asin what I'm copying wear

This is the page ID

As I move further I havethis application here

So in that if I go to settings I havethe basic settings option

I need to copythis idea as well


This is my application ID,which I would be copying here

Control V and guys lastlywe need the secret key, which is here

I need to copy thisas well control C and I paste it here

Okay, so as we also need something calledas pays access token, but that is somethingthat would be given to us

Once we move further a tell youhow to generate that as well

Do not worry

Yeah, so guys now we are atour application one small change that we need to makehere as well as mean move to the advanced setting

And in that we sayyes to this thing

At the bottom we have allowAPI access I say yes

And I saved English

There you go

Next we move to the dashboard and now we configure ourMessenger to with the chat box

And how do we do that? We scroll down hereon the dashboard and we select this option

Set up

Okay, so thereare certain things that I need to take care of

I need a page accesstoken as well

If I come to a preview guys

There are certain things that Iwould be needing to review

And before that I would beneeding to enter in few details

We would be taking a lookat those as well one by one do not worry about it


So when you comehere first thing you do is again go back to settings

Sorry dashboard


So what is the pagethat I want to refer? It is sample metalbendingif I'm not wrong


It would ask me for Access

I would say yes

And I would say okay

Give access itwill generate a token, which I need to copy

Once it's copied

You would come backto the dashboard of your Microsoft Azureand you paste it here

Like this and this thing ismore than ready to go now

I come back here again

Okay guys, so I need an APIthrough which I can actually communicate the messagesthat is through and to and fro

So how do I do that? I have somethingcalled as webhooks

I won't get intothe details of it, but it helps mein better communication rather

So I would be needing to enterin these details here

These are availablehere on my dashboard if I scroll down I needthis thing one copy

I pissed it here

copy Again, I paste it here

And these arethe subscription fields that I need to respond

So I say verify and Save

There you go

Select a pager againsample metalbending subscribe

So my web hooks are done now

My next job is NLP

Sample metalbending I say yes

And add all these to submission

There are certain details that you need to enter one is asin what kind of communication would you like to havehere first select the page? I see if I say hi

Give me a reply saying hello

Okay, and I justscroll down here and I say save

There you go

Next is this

For better enduring guys

Don't worry about this thing

This is just a basic input okay


Why do I need toaccess apps local? better communication I sayAnd lastly I have this thing

Okay now for better timemanagement Maybe Okay, I see

They go guys

So this has been saved and almost everything is doneand I believe you're good to go

So this informationhas been entered in properly before I do that

I need to set this thing live itwould give me an error here

I'm sure okay, you must provide a valid policyor a URL policy in order to make your application life

How do we do that? It has to be there somewherein the setting part

So there you go privateURL policy we enter it here

Let's use sample da TV movingand I save the changes

How can I set it live? Definitely? I can set it live now

So I said set it live itwould say select a domain first

Which domain do youwant to Target? It's a educationand I say confirm

There you go

So this is done

Let me just go backto I believe you

My app has been set life

Start a submission for approval

Yes, please selectall these fields

And I say add 7 items

There you go

So this has been done guysand our app is good to go now

So I would just go aheadand save this thing

Okay, so If we just goback to the channels, we would see that our FacebookMessenger has been added

So if I do put forth a query that would be repliedinto my Facebook Messenger or my account would reply that is my chatbotwould reply using my account

So for that okay, this refreshing takes a whileat times so we should see the messenger app here

There you go

If I click on it I getthis at my disposal

And if I type highthis time round, I should get a reply

How can we help? Do you provide support? So there you guyswe've successfully gone ahead and we've actually integrated our so-called application withour application on Facebook

That means a chatbot is replyingusing our Facebook application

So that is a plus and that is what I wanted youall guys to see so what we've done is we've goneahead and created a chatbot

We've created an applicationon Facebook and we've combined these two so that if I can throw in queries on to my Facebook orif somebody comes in and throws in a querymuch chatbot would reply on that page as well

So we have Fully done that and this wasthe aim of the session

Today we will be comparing these three powerfulCloud platforms and see how they stack upagainst each other

So let's get started before we dig in here's thequick intro Amazon web services was established in year2006 but 12 years of experience

It's the most popularplayer in the market

It offers wide range of services across storagecompute analytics data base and many other fieldsand like six to seven years after AWS Usher was launched byMicrosoft though its way anger

Do a WS it has quickly builta reputation for itself in the market and just like AWS, it offers complete setof cloud services

And in the same year as Microsoft Azure Google Cloudplatform was launched as well

The main reason of introducing gcp was to powertheir own services like YouTube and Google search but later on the build Enterprisecloud services as well

So you can say that Google Cloud platform isstill an evolving cloud computing platform nowthat we have an idea

A foundation ofthese Cloud providers

Let's see where the sunand terms of market share

So here's the snippetof media interpretation

And you need to keep in mindthat this information is with respect to firstquarter of 2018

So Amazon web services delivereda 49 percent increase in sales that is up to five pointfour four billion dollars then Microsoft Azure - Road increase of 17 percent that's up to seven pointnine billion dollars and alphabet Google'sparent company said that the division which had gcp alongwith The services like Google hardware and Google App Store sawa revenue growth of 36 percent

That's up to four pointfive billion dollars and with all this starts

I can confidently say that Amazon web services isstill in the lead and holds Lion Share of market

So if I have to tell that infirmof numbers the Amazon holds 33% that's almost about one-thirdof the total market

Then we have Microsoft which holds about 13%and finally Google which holds about 6% Soto conclude Amazon web

Services market shareis bigger than x next to largest competitorscombined together

Now that we knowwho leads the market

Let's compare theseCloud providers based on the servicesthey offer so first, let's consider compute Services the compute services offered byall these three Cloud providers are equally powerful and yet unique in their own wayAmazon's primary compute service is easy to purchaseelastic Cloud compute as for the Microsoft its primary compute serviceis known as virtual machine

Unlike Amazon's ec2

This washing machine provides enhanced securityhybrid Cloud capabilities and integrated support for Microsoft softwaresimilar to Amazon's ec2 and Microsoft Azureswatches machine Google Cloud platform offers compute engine thiscompute engine offers automatic price discounts and at once on an infrastructure that uses half the energyof typical data center

Well, that's aboutthe primary compute Services

Now, let's takea look at additional

I'll compute Services

I'm sure you know that all this Cloud providersprovide a combination of IRS pass and SAS services, but to say platform-as-a-servicea strong suit of Microsoft

So Microsoft Azure offersa short cloud services using which you can easilydeploy scale and draw in an application on flowerAmazon's elastic Beanstalk and Google's Google app engine are similar to this Azurecloud services moving on

Let's say you want to deploya virtual Private server without bothering aboutthe underlying infrastructure

Then Amazon night sale isthe best option similar to Amazon lightsail Microsoft Azureoffers virtual machine engine and Google Cloud platform has yet to launchone such similar service

So all this Cloud providersalso support container platform and the offer their own uniquesurvival is Computing Services as well to conclude and turns of compute allthe three Cloud providers offer equally powerfulcompute services and yet I say that Google Cloud platformthe still lagging behind and some areas now movingon to storage Services AWS offers a long list of storage services to name some it offers simple storageservice elastic block storage and elastic file storage talkingabout database options at offers Amazon Aurora a high-performance relationaldatabase Amazon RDS and dynamodb managed nosql databasea SS also offers a cloud-based data warehouse, which we knowAs Amazon redshift though

It doesn't offera backup service per se it offers Amazon Glacierfor long-term archival storage at very low rates

Then talking aboutMicrosoft Azure

It offers waymore storage Services than compared to AWS and just for the basic storageit offers for options and for database it offerssix to five options and like AWS

It also offerscloud-based data warehouse, which we call asyour data warehouse and unlike AWS Microsoft offers

Is an actual backup servicecalled as your backup in addition to thisis your backup

It also offers site recovery and archival storage a finalContender Google Cloud platform when compared to AWS and Microsoft assured offersless number of storage services with the storage serviceslike Cloud Spano and Cloud big tableare quite popular and it doesn't offer backupor any archival storage service

So in terms of storageAmazon web services and Microsoft Azurestar neck to neck whereas Google Cloud platform

Khan has still a long wayto catch up with Amazon and assured all these vendors are activelylaunching Services aimed at cutting it Technologies likesurvival is Computing machine learning analytics and iot, if you talking about Amazonweb services it offers Athena and quick site usingwhich you can get Data Insights

It also offers a machine learning service calledsage maker and legs using which you can build Voiceand text chat Bots

And as for the iot devices it offers green gasiot messaging app

And as for Microsoft, it has invested heavilyin artificial intelligence and it offers a machine learningservice called ml studio and a bot servicecalled Azure bot service and addition to this

It also offerscognitive services like Bing search API textanalysis VPI computer vision API and many other services and then Google GoogleCloud platform is known for its analytical background

I'm sure you might have heardof a service called Big query that enables interactiveanalysis of massive

Large data sets an additionto all this it also offers iot and servileis Computing Services, but still they arein beta version though

One of the major benefits of most flower providers as thatcompetitive pricing strategies and all these threeCloud providers follow pay-as-you-go model

It means you need to payon the basis of usage

Where an Amazon charges youon Harley basis Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platform chargeone minute basis and all

the three Cloud providersoffer you on demand pricing that is the standardprice you pay when you access their servicesand then in addition to that Amazon also offers you spotinstances reserved instances and dedicated host where you're liable to getcertain discounts based on some conditions then as far as your it offersspecial price for developers and something called as your hybrid benefit supposeyour organization runs some sort of Microsoft software on its owndata center then using this as your hybrid benefit youcan get 40% And discount depending on the typeof Microsoft software you use it and as for Google, it offers customer-friendlypricing compared to Azure and Amazon web services, it offers different typeof discounts to name some you have sustained usediscount these type of discounts usuallykick in automatically when you keepusing same instance for most part of the month, then you havepreemptible instances, which is similarto Amazon spot instances

And one more thing is that all these threeCloud providers offer your long-term discounts

So if I After concludeGoogle Cloud platform as almost alwaysthe lowest class provider

Then you have a surethe second least expensive and it's prices areusually close to armazones

And if you are looking for long-term discounts asan Amazon web services is the best optionthe big takeaway here is that you won't knowwhich vendors least expensive until you know, what you need withthis Cloud providers

So now that we have lookedat the features and pricing

Let's see which one of this Cloud providersare easy to get started with so any guesses Well, if you're guessing atps,it's right here Blaze provides this nice and easy page to startusing the services

You can see that the break it downby platform you want to work on

So whether you're makingan IOS app or writing in PHP the provideyou some sample code so that you can easilyget started and as for Microsoft Azureand Google Cloud platform, the segregation of serviceshere is not that great when compared to AWS

That's mostly because theyare less experienced

So you need some getting used to before you feel comfortableto start using the services

So there you go guys

We have compare allthese Cloud providers based on their marketshare features pricing and implementation to concludeAmazon web services Still Remains to be the mostpopular cloud provider

Mostly because ofthe seven years Head Start, it has over its competitors and aw services arefar more evolved and functionally Richmondcompared to other services

It has its weak points as well

It doesn't supporthybrid Cloud strategy and its counterpartMicrosoft Azure though it was On several years after AWS

It's doing fairly well in the market it hasits form foundation and is actively competingagainst Amazon web services

You shouldn't be surprised if it overtakes Amazon webservices in near future and then our finalContender Google Cloud platform when compared to AWSand Microsoft Azure Estelle, not that popular but it's knownfor its pricing strategies and machine learningand article tools at offers

But other than that, it has a long way to meet upAmazon web services and Azure, so guys every cloudcomputing platform

Form has its ups and downs, but the best cloudcomputing platform or the one that's suitable for you

Julie depends on what you expectfrom these Cloud providers or what kind of services youneed from these Cloud providers in these Cloud providersare what kind of services you need fromthese Cloud providers today

I'm going to giveyou top 10 reasons as to why one should go aheadand then Microsoft Azure, so let's not waste any timeand quickly get started

The first reason on my listis security now when you talk about cloud service providerspeople normally have the doubts whether these platformsare secure enough or not

But Microsoft Azure putsall these debates to rest

It uses something calleda security development lifecycle this ensures Security evenfrom the operations perspective and also fromthe customers perspective

Plus they have morethan 50 compliance programs, which ensure that allthese stringent policies are implemented and they'rethoroughly taken care of

So if you're worried about security do not MicrosoftAzure will definitely take care of all your securityconcerns integration since people want to movethe data to Cloud

We would be talkingabout a lot of applications and when you talk about a lot of applicationsyou need to be able to integrate these applicationswith your service provider

That is why you needto have good integration

And apis what Microsoft Azuredoes is it first of all provides youwith dotnet integration

Now, we all know that dotnet is a verypopular language and if you are able Incorporate or use microsoft

netwith Microsoft Azure, it would be a big plusand Microsoft Azure exactly

Does that apart from that? If you do want to goahead and use other applications or maybe other Technologiesyou are free to do that as well because it has something calledas API management which ensures integration or collaboration ofvarious applications with Microsoft Azure

So again integration is something that can be done veryeasily by using Microsoft azure

Analytics and machine learning now when you talk aboutanalytics or machine learning, you know that youwould be dealing with huge amount of data

Now in that case you needdatabases that can deal with both SQL kind of queriesand nosql kind of queries that means both structured and unstructured data MicrosoftAzure makes arrangements for these type of queries and databases as well

It also supportsblocks another service and various other algorithmslike your machine learning algorithms artificialintelligence algorithms and a lot of things that you can doin machine learning and data

And basically now we all know that these Technologiesand terms are very popular in recent times and they are here to stayand Microsoft Azure will ensure that it takes careof all these Technologies and approaches as well of Ops

This is another approachwhich is very popular

What it does isit brings in developers and operators together when you talk aboutsoftware development now, it has various phases and these two teams playa very important role in it, and they normallyhave a conflict

Because they sharesimilar interests, but they dealin different environments

What devops does is it bringsthese two teams together and that ensures Breezy development and it also ensures fine-tuningof various applications Microsoft Azure alsoincorporates this approach

So if you areinterested in develops, Microsoft Azure will letyou do that as well

Sixth on this list is hybrid capabilities or insimple words customization

You need to have a platform

It is highly consistent because you are talkingabout different applications coming together Microsoft Azureprovides with that kind of a platform

Plus it also ensureshigh level of connectivity

It uses somethingcalled a CD and that is content delivery networks and vpns on these thingsensure static moment of data and applications

And that is a veryhealthy point to have when you're talking abouthybridization or customization of your applications

First on this list

We have pass offerings passstands for Um as a service what Microsoft Azure does isit provides you with a platform where you can easily setup your applications

That means you can build them

You can manage them

You can monitor them and also take care of allthe security issues as well and also all these thingshappen at a very low cost that means your cost to set upis very less forth on this list

We have learning curve if you wish to incorporatea particular technology or a service provider, it should be easy to learnand that is the case

Microsoft Azure, it isfairly easy to pick up and understand plus we havea lot of documentation

Zand study groups that let you go aheadand learn Microsoft azure

The next pointon this list is scalability

This is often the problemwith cloud services

The reason why Cloud cameinto existence was it wanted to overtake or overcomethis problem of scalability because it was difficultto pre decide how many servers or space you are going to use

So people move to cloud and Microsoft Azure definitelytakes care of this issue because it enables granularscaling and it lets you scale up and down as per your need

This makes the system very flexible and easyto make changes that is if you want to havea completely So in this application youcan do that as well

Cost efficiency now

This is a very important pointbecause when you talk about money people normallytend to look at businesses where they can save a lot of money and yet end upmaking a lot more money than what they've investedMicrosoft Azure ensures that you use a modelcalled as pay-as-you-go

That means you would be payingonly for those services that you use and only for the time durationyou are using them plus you can also go ahead and keep track of allthe costs and the money that you would be investingor you have already invested

That means you have readyto use Which tell you as an if you use these services for this longer period of timeyou would be charged this much so you can keep a perfect track of how much money youwould be investing or you are using right now

So if cost-efficiency somethingthat is there in your mind Microsoft Azure willdefinitely make sure that you pay very less money

The final few now when I was jottingthese points down

I realized that I hadmore than 10 points

So I just went ahead and jotted few pointsfor my last point

So well as on-demand, I believe I just discussedthis point that means while you createyour applications, you would not wantto get into a phase where you have to dealwith your servers or at least maintain or monitor them what Microsoft Azure doesis it maintains your servers and software is for you so you can focus on yourbusiness problems and create applications independently, so it is truly serve well as ondemand Container services now, this is nothingbut an approach again this lets you have containerization or rather virtualization at the operating systemlevel which ensures that you can go aheadand build your applications with much more ease

Now there is a containerizationtechnique called as communities and what Microsoft Azure does isit lets you use coupon at ease that means youcan simplify your process of building applicationsagain identity provider

This is an importantPoint as well

Now when you're talkingabout a lot of applications, you will have to go ahead and sign in for everyapplication identity provider what it does is it letsyou have a single sign so you do not have to worryabout going Iden signing in again and again and this brings usto the last point that is application monitoring since you are dealingwith so many applications again, you want to be in a situationwhere you have all the metrics or all the data that is moving around and you would want to keepa track of all these data what application monitoringdoes is it provides you with a feature calledas Insight management which gives you a matrixat a single click and you can haveall the information that you want to have sothese Some of the points I feel which are veryimportant and I felt that these were the top points that I wanted to discusswith you people

If you people do haveany different suggestions or you feel that there arecertain other points, which are more importantthan these we can definitely share those pointsin the comment section below

We will talk about few asyour interview questions

So first of all, we need to understand what exactly is your is and what's the reason behind usunderstanding and talking about these interview questions

So as you're as pretty hot topicthese days it's a part of Microsoft cloud lot of people who are listeningto this particular webcast would have been heardof might have heard of AWS

Is that when we talkabout Google cloud is that this one from Microsoftwhich we are talking about There's a huge potentialas far as cloud is concerned and the market is huge

The market is hot these daysand I will share a few of my experiences as far asthe interview is concerned and the questionsrelevant to a zero

So if you talk about thisparticular interview session, I mean the questionand answer session, I would say rather or interview

So this covers two major coursesin Azure one is 5:33 and one is so 534

So 533 is for admins and 5:30

For is for Architects

So when you talkabout admins the people who are responsiblefor managing and doing the run and maintain every day oneis your so the questions on this particular slidewould focus on that and at the same timefew things related to the architecting part, right? So there is another course alsofrom Microsoft itself, which is why 32, we will not focus much in 532because that talks about I would say programming

So how do you use as your I would Servicesin order to put here Services, I would say your applicationsone is your so that basically focuses on that so we would not talkmuch in terms of that

So this will again focuson five 33 and 34

So let's just startwith the interview questions

So now when you talkabout cloud computing lot of different peoplehave different definitions of cloud computing

So now of cloud computingis something which is not very new technology

I would say,I mean the terminology is new, but the Elegy is not the firstproduct I would say which was talkingabout Cloud was my Hotmail which was designedand developed by subbing party

So I'm sure a lotof people listening to this webinar would be awareof that particular name

So what he did washe design a mail server? So in thatparticular mail server, I used to providean access my nails, right? So that means serverwas in the cloud and then I was connecting to that mail serverremotely to access my mail

So that makesthe cloud product right? So now when you talk about Cloud computing these daysthe definition has changed but as far as the working is concerned at it remainspretty much the same

So now when you talk about this we talk aboutthat we use and pay right so paper uses the kindof more what we talked about

So we basically useand then pay only for that amount of Iwould not say data, but I would say Serviceswhich we use so there's explanationdown there in the slide

It talks about it is the use of servers on the internetto store manage and process

Yes data difference is insteadof using your own servers

You're using somebody else'sserver to do the task and pay them for the amount of timefor which you use them

Right? So this is what the idea is

So paper uses the modelwhich we focus on when we talk about cloud computingthese days, right? So this is what club is this is what a basic definitionof cloud is if you search the internetyou will have more than is a hundred hundred plusdefinitions on cloud

Now as far as definitionsunflower a concern It's up to you which one you would like to adapt andwhich one you would like to go when but then it workswith a single model which is paper use

So when you use you pay if you don't hear youdon't pay and end of day using somebody elses resources

No, you're not usingyour own resources and you're only payingfor their resources what you use? Okay now talkingabout different type of services which we talked about asfar as my flower is concerned

So there are three major thingswhat we talked about

It is isps and SASand the other things like somebody has talked aboutdías database-as-a-service

Then you talk about SESso that is for my mails, but then majorly we categorize these into three typesone is isps and SAS

So I asked talks aboutinfrastructure as a service and you get the hardware in that from the cloudprovider as a service

So say for example, you want to go ahead and deploya machine deploy a server

So basically when you talkabout that particular scenario, you are basicallyputting a server in IAS, which is my infrastructureas a service

So you get complete controlon a virtual machine, which is therein the cloud hosted by Microsoft Google or AWS

And then you can just go ahead and pour in your resources onto that particular machine

So this is how it worksright simple enough

Then you talk aboutPas platform as a service

So in this you don't get access to your machine orin other Words, you can say you don't get accessto the underlying layer, but you get complete accessto the resources or the services, right? So it's more like my platform on which you publishyour applications or you put your application

There are few examples

So I talked about my web appsmy mobile apps which are in is your then talkabout the last type of service offered in Cloud

So this is my SAS

So when you talk about SAS you get software asa service and as you're so you don't needto About infrastructure

You don't need toworry about platform

So you basically are getting the end product which may berunning on the infrastructure which may be runningon the platform

So for example, when you launch a VM on asyour if you talk about OS you're not buying the OSand if you talk about PS, you're not buying the service

So you just basicallypaying for the software which is runningon either is or either way


So this is what we getas far as my types of cloud is strand now, let's just jumponto another question

Now, what are the differentCloud deployment models? So explanation talksabout three models, which we have one is my publicCloud one is my private cloud and why is my hybrid Cloud? So let's just takethis with examples

So I am a general user

I'm a home user

I want go aheadand put a website

So I decide that my websitewill be hosted on my cloud, right so I won't go aheadand deploy a VM on the cloud and I won't put my Websiteover that so I go to Microsoft websiteas your website, I sign up that and then I maybe you can seeprovision of machine

Once I provision of machineI put is on top of it once I put is on top of it

I will just go aheadand move my resources when I say move my resources more my applicationin the cloud

So what I'm trying to sayis General basic end user who's sitting at home can loginto the cloud get a machine and then use a machine, right? So this is whatmy public cloud is, so it's availablefor the public, right? Then you talk about the private Cloud as faras private cloud is concerned

It's owned by the Enterprise

Okay, and only Enterprise peoplewill have access to it

So organizations like Accenture, or maybe we approveor maybe capgemini cognizant

So these people owna private Cloud, right? So the idea is that the resourcesare owned by them and hence their people are the oneswho will go ahead and access that but then at times what happens is they give accessto their private Cloud for Their customers also nowyou might have question that why do I buildthe private flower because end of day I'm spending a lotof money on infrastructure

I'm spending a lot of moneyon air conditioning electricity and I'm spending a lotof money on licensing also, so why can't I just go aheadand work on public Cloud

Why do I need to go ahead andImplement a private Cloud now, basically when you talk about a private Cloud privatecloud is built for automation

So that is oneof the most important things and the second important partone we talked about Is that when you talkabout private Cloud it gives me more controlover the resources

Whereas when you talkabout public Cloud

I do not have controlover the resources because everything is owned bythe vendor right now talking about hybrid clouds

So I'll give youan example for this

Also, I go to Amazon and Amazon is my publiccloud provider and I tell them that I need a private Cloud

So would it be possible for youhost a private Cloud for me

So Amazon says yes, and they dedicate a listof resources for me

Lie for me onlyfor my organization

So now we need to talkabout Amazon Amazon is hosting a public Cloud but then they alsoare capable enough of hosting a private Cloudfor my organization

So that makes it a hybrid Crown

So this iswhat hybrid Cloud means

So these are threedifferent ways of how I categorizethese Cloud models now fear the questions now the questionsays I have some private servers on my premises

Also I have distributedsome of My workloads on the public Cloud

What is the architecture called when you talk aboutthis kind of scenario? So we talked aboutmy virtual private Network

So these aremy query options basically virtual private Network

Then we talk about private cloud and we talked aboutmy virtual private cloud and then you have hybrid Cloud

Okay again, so just readthe question carefully and then probably I'll just jumponto the next slide and we will talkabout the answer and the explanation

So again, I would sayI have some private servers on my Mice has alsohave distributed some of my workloads on the public Cloud verticesthis architecture called

Okay, so now itsays hybrid Cloud

So when you talkabout this this type of architecture would beon a hybrid Cloud why because we use both public cloudand the on-premise server, which is on the private realm

Let's just jumponto the next question

So we have a few GeneralSEO questions now, these are as your space

Terrific the questions whichwe did talk about previously

You are just generalCloud questions, right? So if you are givingan interview for maybe a day, or maybe aw, so maybe Google so those fourquestions are something which you I would say gowith any of these scenarios any of the interviewwhich you would do


Now, these are specificGeneral is your question

So when I say specificgeneralize your questions, so we talkedabout only as urine


So the first question talksabout What is Microsoft Azure and why is it used? Okay, so as I initially said that is your ismy public Cloud prolongation

So let's just see how it works

So we have a definitionon the next slide

Okay, so as discussedabove the companies which provide cloud servicesor clock called Cloud providers, and of course, I did explain you thisin the previous slide

I mean the first slidewhich we talked about

So I explain you about Google so that is a cloud providerI explained to you about aw a star asa cloud provider

Wider and then Italked about Israel, which is a cloud provider

So now is your s from Microsoftand the idea behind this is it's more like my public Cloud so you can go to a zeroyou can log onto is you create a machineand then start working on that

So this is one of the cloudproviders so Microsoft is one of the cloud providers oneof the major Cloud providers these days, right? So this is what my isyour is now talking about with services and SEO is used to manage resourcesand energy or so

We Few options

I have my application in sightI have my here in which is my is your resource manager

Then you have my isyour portrait then you have my log and let X


So as far as this is concernedso we talked about my ERM

So this is a service which is basicallyon the newer coated right? So now when you talkabout these Services, which is on the new portrait, so it is used to managethe infrastructure which involves a numberof is your senses

It's basically my fabric, so I'm not surehow many people Are aware of what is energy or fabric? But then the idea behind this is that when you talkabout my is your fabric as your fabric now runs on something called area previously in version 1 of is your it was usingthe service management model

So now this isa new thing right? So when you talkabout managing the resources and is 0 so we basically talked about resourcemanager model and then how Services run it how they work and how theyinteract with each other

There are lot of thingswhich you need to work on and what you need to learn

As far as my Adam is but for the time beingyou just need to remember that we talked about myas your resource manager, so this is somethingwhich runs everything and takes care of lotof different things

As far as measure is concerned

So when Aaron came lot of different game a lot ofdifferent things started coming in so tag was one of themresource groups was another one

So if you have are familiarwith Resource Group great, if you familiarwith tags, great, if you're not just go to Google and search for itand you'll find your answer

Sirs, okay, then youhave few questions, which of the followingweb applications can be deployed with is zero

Okay, so we can of courseput asp

net applications in his ear now

You might have a question where exactly I canuse these applications or where exactly Ican deploy the applications

So to answer that you can deployit either an ISO

You can deploy iteither in paas, right so you can of course deploy asp

net youcan deploy PHP

You can deploy WCF The answeris all of the above, but then it's very important for you to understandthat if there is an application which is on Java so that may have few problems when you deploy it on isyou're right because of course as your is majorly designedfor Microsoft Services


Now when you talk aboutthese Microsoft Services Java is not a Microsoft product

So it's more like it's notthat friendly when you compare it with other services, which we are runningin the cloud, okay? Specific to Microsoft cloud, of course, I would sayOkay jumping on to the next one thenfew other questions

So these are my fillin the blanks a - role is a virtualmachine instance running Microsoft IIs web services that can accept and respondto https or HTTP request


So we have four options in hereone is my web one is my server one is my worker and one is my client


Now when you talkabout this the answer to that is A patrol is something which is basically postedon a virtual machine and is runningon Microsoft II's web server and that is capableof accepting HTTP and https requests

So basically on the web roll, what you do is youcan upload your website and your website runs on topof it and then of course, you know that my website workson HTTP and https

So hence my web goal is the one which is capable enough of running that particular maybeapplication or software or web services

Has okay the other question whatwe talk about is what is the use of roles in Microsoft Azure? So when you talkabout what is the use of Rose we talked aboutthree rules one is my web roll one is my worker roleand one is my BMW


So now when you talkabout my web roll web roll basically is for hostingand deploying my websites

Okay, the worker rule is the one which basically helps the web rule to executethe background processes the example I can giveyou is my Jobs, I'm not sure how many peopleare aware of their jobs

But if you want to can againsearch on the internet, so my web rule is reciting one worker role workerrole is the one which supports my web roleand the worker rule is the one which actually resideson my VM bro


So this is the one which talksto the underlying layer

It's more like a frameworkit acts as a framework

So that meanson the operating system

I have my worker roleon top of it

I have my web roll

So my web browser is the onewhich will host fine

Services I wouldnot say services but the applications rather


So jumping onto the next one


The question says is it possibleto create virtual machines using a CRM in a virtual Network that was createdusing classic deployment

And of course, I don't think so

It's possible

So let's just see thisis not supported as I said because ERM is somethingdifferent and previously the classic pokeballsusing a different model of a deployment

So it used my classicModel of deploy

Which was basicallyfor service management and if you see if you're awareof the two portraits, you will see there'sa huge difference in how classic poker was and how the new vocalist sothere's a huge difference in terms of that also

So it's not possible jumpingonto the next question

What a virtual machines skillsets so scaling up scaling down

So if you're not aware if I have more numberof requests coming in my virtual machineshave the capacity and capability to scale upand scale Down based upon

Schedule and performance


So in other wordswhat I can say is if my CPU is spiking 200% or not hundred percentI would cap it to 9

So if my CPU is spiking 290and my requests are still coming in for accessingthat portal the web portal

Maybe you can say which is drawingon this particular machine

So my skill set isintelligent enough to scale one more instance and thenload balance the traffic between the two instances which are now deployedrunning the same set of our Kitchen, okay

So this is what my skill set

Does it automaticallyAuto scales

I would say ratherthe workloads right based upon the performanceand the schedule now how the schedule thing works

So say for example, if starting from morning 9:00 toevening 9 you have more number of visitors on the website so you can scale more numberof instances for your website and after 9 p


At night, you can minimizethe number of instances right? So this ishow my skillset works

Okay, jumping onto next questionour dinner disappointed with in skill set

So now first of allwhen we talk about this, yes, of course, my data discs are supportedin scales and okay

So when you talk about this a skill set can be defined asattached data disk configuration that applies to allwe have Sandy said so there are few typesof data disc examples, which are given over there

So one is of coursemy is your files which is my SMB share disk

And then you have my OS drives

Then you have my temp drivesthen you have my SEO data

Also slightly blogs are there and tables are thereand cubes are there and then you havemy external data services such as remote databases

So all of these are supportedall of the discs are support which you see over there talkingabout availability set

So do skill sets workwith is your availability set


First of all, you need to understand what is an availabilityset availability set is basically grouping of servers so that I can load balanceinformation among those servers

So that is donefor high availability

And there is somethingcalled fault domain and update domain as far ashigh workability is concerned

So Faldo means say is that if I have two VMSin same availability set both the VMS will sharethe common power source and common Network

Okay, as far as updatedomain is concerned

So update domain talksabout that if I have a say for example 10 vm's and I would keep the valueof obtain domain to 2, so I will have sex of to to each right so I'll havea group of to to eat

Right and ata given point in time if Microsoft needs to performa planned maintenance only one update domain will godown argument for it

So this iswhat my optic nerve endings

So now doesn't supportmy availability set the scale set supportsmy availability set

Yes, the skillset supportsmy availability set and you can just go ahead and fetch some informationabout the availability said if you're not verymuch well versed with variability sets asfar as my answer is concerned

Okay, and there isa small description also

So with that so I'll justread that for you

Yes, the skill set isan implicit availability set with five fault domainsand 5 update domains

Okay skill sets of more than a hundred VM spanmultiple placement groups, which are equivalent tomultiple availability sets Okay

So this is what it means and then I would justskip the other part because I've given youenough explanation for this and I would definitely recommendthat you read availability set


Now the question iswhat is a break fix

Shoom break fix issueis a technical problem, which is like your environmentas running and then all of us are no problem comes right that is a break and then fixing that particularproblem as my fix, right? So technical problemsare called break fix issues

It is the industry term which refers to work involvedin supporting a technology when it fails in the normalcourse of function, which requires intervention by a support organizationto restore the service

Okay, so this iswhat quick fixes Now it's not specific to is you're actually it'sjust a common term what we use as far asmy services are concerned

So even if I talk abouton-prem on-premise Network, so we still talkabout brick fixations, right? So, I'm not sure how many people have gota chance to call Microsoft and open a support casein case you have issues with any of the thingsin your environment

So those issues are basicallymy right fix issues jumping onto next question

Why is azure active directory? Just okay

Now when you talk about isyour active directory active directory is used for identityand access management

First of all, and it's a Pass based service is your active directory isa fast-paced service now, it is used to Grant access toemployees to specific products and services in your network

So there are a lot of examplessalesforce

com Twitter, right? I can give you a fewmore examples office365 into which are two differentproducts for Microsoft

So they work with Azureactive directory right now as RAB has some in build supportfor applications in the gallery which can be added directly

Okay, so there is a gallery and then you can justgo ahead and add support for Azure active directoryto any application which is availablein the gallery

Okay talking about few otherquestions regarding SEO really what happens when you exhaustthe maximum failed attempts for authenticating yourselfvia is your EB? Okay

So we have a more sophisticatedstrategy to account lockout which is based on IP

The request atthe password enter


So now when you talkabout on-prem we talk about account lockups

So if you enter incorrectpasswords more than three times, so your account is logged out and it will be unlockedafter maybe 15 minutes or half an houror one hour based upon how your administratorhas configured it

Now the same thinghappens in as your ad but then it happensbased upon the IP address

Okay, so it will go aheadand track the IP address of the requestsand the password

I entered and the duration of the lockout also increasesbased upon the likelihood that is in the attack


So this is how it works when we talk aboutmaximum failed attempts for authenticating yourself

Okay, jumping ontothe next question

Where can I find a listof applications that are pre-integrated with is your adand their capabilities? So when you talkabout this my eyes you're a lie has around2600 pre-integrated applications and allpre-integrated applications

For single sign-onsingle sign-on, let's your organizationcredentials to access your apps some of the applications alsoSpore automated provisioning and de-provisioning

So there's a gallery youcan just go to the gallery and then you can givelist of applications which are availablefor using my is Yuri

But of course that is not thecomplete list of applications which are available which you can use asfar as this is concerned

There are hugenumber of applications which are supported by 0eb


For single sign-on is oneof the components of Israeli

So probably in case you'renot aware of single sign-on, you can just go aheadand do some research on that now talkingabout the next question

How can I use applicationswith is your ad that I am using on premise? Of course, you can do that

Now my is already gives you an easy and secure wayto connect to the web app that you choose youcan access these applications in a way you can accessyour sass faced applications and as your ad so you don't needto Have a VPN installed

Okay, then just go aheadand install a component and then you are ready to go

You can use the applications which are there on premisefew examples I can give you is you can use your SharePoint

You can use your web apps for which the serversare installed on your premises and you would like to use asyour ad for authentication

So Tim do that for sure

Now the question important question veryimportant question

What is this isyour fabric service fabric

So when you talk aboutthat my is your service

Fabric is a distributedsystem platform that makes it easy to package deploy and manage scalableand reliable microservices


So this is the II which actually controlsyour network your storage and your compute

Okay, which are basicallythe most critical components of my cloud

So if my fabricwill not be running in the back end so nobodywill be assigning IP addresses

Nobody will be assigningresources and nobody will be These storage


So this is the guywhich actually runs everything I would say inthe cloud infrastructure, right? Okay

Let's go further service fabric also addresses the significantchallenges in developing and managing Cloudapplications developers and administrators can avoid complex infrastructureproblems and focus on implementing mission-criticaldemanding workloads that are scalablereliable and manageable

Now, my service fabric represents the NextGeneration middleware platform for building and managingthese sighs class p


One cloud-based application


Now what is V net wenet is basically nothing but my virtual Network so we night is a representationof your own network in the cloud it logicallyisolates your instances launched in the cloud from restof the resources, which you have in the cloud

So this is my whole networkbased on which my configuration of machines depend on me the subnetsthe address space depends on right talkingabout feel things

What are the differences betweensubscription administrator and directory administrator? So when you talk aboutthe subscription administrator, the subscription administratoris the one which is responsible for the completesubscription by default

Only one subscriptionadministrator role is assigned in Azure subscriptionadministrator can either be a Microsoft account or either can beyour work account

And that guy has controlover the complete Azure portal and the serviceswhich run on them

Okay, if you wantyou can just go ahead and sign up more accounts which are basicallysubscription administrator

And these people are my co admins now as far asthe Azure ad is concerned

So the account which we set up overthere for identity and access management

So we talked aboutmy 0dd administrator the directory administrator

So let's just read thisas your Ada has a different set of admin rules tomanage the directory and identity related features

These admins will have accessto various features and as your portrait Allthe is your classic portal and the admin roles determine what they can dolike create or edit users assign administrativeroles to others and so on

So this is what my eyesyou're a lie administrators

Are there any scale limits for customers using manageddisk manage disk eliminates the limit associatedwith storage accounts

Now first of all,you need to understand

What is the manage disk? Right when you create a machinenow these days you will have an option over there that you want to usemanage risk or unmanaged



So when you selectmanage bisque Microsoft manages, I would not say Microsoft but then the air isyour fabric manages all your desk, right? So a disc which is assignedto VM will be managed by a zero


So this is what my manage thisis now using my manage disk

I basically eliminatethe limit associated with my storage account

However, the number of managediskpart subscription is limited to 2,000 by default

Okay, so you can havetwo thousand manage desk in Azure subscription now talk

But what's the differencebetween service bus cues and storage cubes

Now, the Azure storage Q is simple and the developerexperience is quite good

It uses the localAzure storage emulator and debugging ismade quite easy

The tool for Azure storage Cubeallows you to easily peek at the top 32 messages

And if the messages are in XML or Json will be ableto visualize their content directly with the visualstudio furthermore

These cues can be purgedof their content which is especiallyespecially useful during the development processthe queue efforts basically and as far as myservice buses concern, so the has your servicebus cubes are evolved and surrounded bymany useful mechanisms that make it Enterprise worthy

They're built into service passand are able to forward messages to other cues and topics and they have built-in headermessage queue and messages that are time to live that has control hencemessages don't automatically disappear after 70s

So if you talk about Thisprobably will have to go ahead and read about what isa service mask you and my storage cues

So I talked aboutmy storage views which are a partof my storage itself

If you're not aware ofStorage storage has four types of storage one is my blogone is my files one is my cues and one is my tables, right? So you need to havemore information of what my storage Q's isokay now talking about what is is your reddish cash

So that is an open-sourcein-memory data structure store used as as a databaseand then you talk about cash and a message poker

So when you talkabout my is zero radius cash that is based on the popularopen source redis cash

It gives you access to secure dedicated redis cashmanaged by Microsoft and accessible fromany application with an SEO

It supports data structuressuch as trains hashes list sets sorted sets with a big rangeof queries bitmaps hyper logs and indexes with radius

It is okay

Another question wetalk about is why does not Microsoftwriters cash have an MSD in class Library reference like some of the otheris your services now, of course when youtalk about this, this is an Open Source One,very important thing now

My Microsoft redis Cash is based on the popular open sourceRiders cash and can be accessed ssible by a wide rangeof reddest lines

And that is the reasonwe cannot just go ahead and pour it into msdn

Okay, so simple enough Just remember that becauseeach client is different

There is not one centralizedclass reference on msdn

So we cannot just restrict it

Maybe you can see right

So this is the reasonwe do not have any MSD in class libraryfor my that is Cash

What is my red is databases? So red is database are justa logical separation of data within some relish instances

The cache memory is sharedbetween all the databases and actual memory consumptiondepends on The key value stored in the database

For example, a C6 cashhas 53 GB of memory and you can choose to putall 53 GB into one database or you can splitinto multiple set of databases

Then you have another question

Why was Mike linedisconnected from the cash? Okay

Now when you talkabout this the following are some common reasons for cash disconnect now my client sidecauses the client

Education was redeployedthe client application performed a scaling operation in the caseof cloud services or web apps

This may be due to Autoscaling the networking layer of the client-side changed

Then you have transient errorsoccurred in the client or in the network nodebecause of the client and the server the bandwidththreshold limits were reached cpu-bound operations tookmore long to complete and then you havemy server side issues

Also, if you havethe server side issues also on the stand cash offering thereis It is cache service initiates a failover from the primary noteto the second reload

Now as your waspatching the instances where the cash flows deployed and this can bethe radius server updates or Journal bea maintenance then you have what is does your search so simple enough is your search is a cloud searchas a service solution that delegates server and infrastructure managementto Microsoft leaving you with a ready-to-use service that can populate with all your data and thenuse to add search to your Or the mobile application so it works with rest APIor dotnet sdks

Of course, the other questions my web app still usesan old Docker container image and I have updatedthe image on Docker Hub, which is basically the newportal what we talked about

So we are basically talkingabout container services

Do you support continuousintegration deployment of custom containers

Now, first of allfor private registries, you can refreshthe container by stopping and starting the web app

You can change or adda dummy application setting to a force and refreshof your container

So this is what youcan do now talking about feel things

What are the expected valuesfor startup file section and I can figure the runtime stack now for Jess knowsyou specify a p


To configuration fileor your script file for dotnet code specifyyour compiled LL name for Ruby

You can specify the Ruby script that you want to initializewith your app

Okay, how your is your Marketplacesubscription is priced

So we have these modelsone is monthly fee

So pay-as-you-go kindof thing usage-based

Then you have free software

So Microsoft gives youa free subscription

So free subscriptionis valid for a period of one month and you getapproximately $200 in that so you can usethat then you have the free

So this is for the customers who are not chargedMarketplace fee for use of the offerings

Soft offerings and you have by1bring your own license


So these are thesubscription models basically how these are pricedyou can say so jumping onto the next one

What is the difference betweenprice software price total price in the cost structure for virtual machine offeringsin virtual machine

So let's just seeprice refers to the cost of azure virtual machine to run the softwaresoftware price refers to the publisher softwarerunning on the virtual machine total price refers to the combined costof these two simple enough

I don't think so

You need to getmore details of this because it's very simple priceof VM software price total price don't priceis equal to price of VM plus software price

Now, the other question talksabout what our stateful and stateless microservicesfor service fabric

So service fabric enablesyou to build applications that consists of Microsoft's so stateless micro servicessuch as protocol Gateway and web proxy do not maintain

Just ate outside a request and its responsefrom the service

Now my is your cloud serviceworker role is an example of a stateless service and my stateful micro servicessuch as user accounts databases devices shopping carts and Hughes maintaina mutual authoritative State beyond the requestand its response

So this is how it works


What is anapplication partition? Okay

Now when you talkabout the application partition the application partition Are apart of active directory system and having said so they are directory partitions which are replicatedto domain controllers

So usually domain controllersthat are included in process or directorypartition holder replica of the directory partition

Now, maybe you can readsome more information

My domain controller hasfour types of partition one is configuration one is schema

One is my domain partition and then you havemy application partition

So all the information related to the application goesin Application partition so it actually againhas nothing to do with the cloud but thenit's always good to know because if you're designingand developing an application on the cloud, you can just go aheadand put that information in the application partitionon the active directory server, but then it's very importantfor you to understand that we should havean active directory server up and running fine in the club


So these were fewof the questions what we talked about asfar as my interview questions

Are so first and foremost, I would start by talkingabout different job trends that are therein the current market if you talk about Cloudengineering but also discuss certain parameters that affecta cloud Engineers salary, then we would getinto the details of job descriptionsthat are there in the market that different companiesrequire in order to hire a cloud engineer moving further

I would also talk aboutwhat skills you should possess and how should youactually go ahead and see? Your resume in order to apply for certaincompanies having said that guys let'sjust move further and take a look at someof the job Trends now guys, what I've done isI've actually gone I'd and jotted down certain figures for job vacanciesin us and in India, which tell the numberas an okay

These are the vacancies


These numbers arespecific to indeed which is a popular job portalthe quite a few other portals

So this number might not beconsistent it might vary but as far as India is concerned

These are the numbersand these are the vacancies

So guys now these arecertain factors here

I would like to lay stress on quite a few other pointersas well to do that

What I've done is recentlyI've written an article on this particular topic which talks about Job Trendsand salaries in particular

So I would liketo refer that blog and walk you through that block so that we can discuss some of these pointersin little more detail

So let me just quickly switchto the block part

So yeah guys, this is the articlethat I have written recently if you take a look at it,there are certain factors

Yet now zip recruiter

They gave a numberof or the average salary of a cloud engineerand they state that it is in the rangeof some 104 k21 45k dollars

Now that is a huge amount of totalk about US Dollars and even if you talk about the salaryin India now the fact that I'm recordingthis session from India, I believe I should give thenumber in Indian rupees as well and the currency statesthat are the figures state that the amount is somewherein the range of 15 to 20 lakhs for Or a mid-level ranged experienced personeven for a fresher

The amount is fairly high, but it actually dependson the skill set that you have having said that it also statesthat is zip recruiter that it goes ashigh as somewhere around 250 K US Dollars, which is a verybig number right? And if you can actually go ahead and pick up rightamount of skills

You would be gettinga high amount of salaries

All I can see having saidthat lets just move further and take a look at someof the other trends that are there in the market


This is anotherinteresting image, which is given by tick-tock

Now they have put incertain stats in front of you

Now, if you take a look at it, they say that theaverage salary in u


Is somewhere around a hundredand fifteen thousand

No guys this number might varydepending upon the number of data you take in because different people referto different websites and they pick up datafrom different sources

So based on that data setthis number might vary a little as I've already told you

It is somewhere in the rangeof a hundred and five 245 K US Dollars again, if you put in or taking datafrom other sources that might vary a little but itis more or less what this salary that you can expect

Another important Point here is that you can expecta lot of growth rate in cloud computingin recent or in near future

If you take a look at it,it says that it's 121 percent growth rate for job postings Between Twothousand thirteen to Seventeen

So these are the numberof job postings that are there in the currentmarket are these are the numbers that have actually takena rise in recent times and guys this number is goingto rise why take a look at the number of global spend

These companies are doingthese days minute

About cloud computingin particular 2017

It was somewhere around 1503

5 billion then it moved to One Eighty six pointfour billion and by 2021

It is expected to gosomewhere on 302 which is almost the doublethat you had in 2017 guys

So the fact or this factin particular states that companies are ready toinvest in this particular domain and that means theywould be requiring people who have skillsin this particular domain and hence the needfor this kind of a road

So if you talk about Job Trends salaryThe cloud computing is something that is booming in it is goingto Boom in your future as well

So you can expectgood pay scale

You can expectgood kind of life

If you talk about a career in this particular domainthis one more fact here guys

These are some of the skills that employers normallydemand a lot as you can seepython is something that is trending if you talkabout programming languages, everybody knows howimportant python is because it's making newseverywhere people even claim that it has Dethrone Java

I do not knowwhether it's true or not

I don't get into those

He bit the reasonpeople are claiming that as because it has actuallychanged the way programming happens these days and that is why the popularityand one more factor that I would liketo State here is if you take a look atits predecessor not predecessor, but the onethat follows before python in this chart itis a wh it says 50% or 58% of people normally demandthe skill in the market

So yes, you can Gauge by it doesn't how populardatabase has become at as a popular Cloud platform

So the fact that Aw is goes

Well with all the programminglanguages or all the tools that follow in this chartwe can make sure that or you can assume how popular AWS our Cloudplatform has become

So again this that states that if you try to make a careerin this domain it is going to be a good option for youor it's going to be a bliss for you is all I can say, let's move for the guys and take a look at someof the other factors as well

Now, let's jumpinto the salary part which follows our patternin the agenda which I discussed so when youAbout different parameters that affect salary one ofthem is what are the companies that are tryingto hire Cloud engineers? And what is the salarythey're offering now as we take a look at someof the numbers here Resolute Technologies VMwareAmazon Accenture Microsoft

These are popular companiesguys, and on an average, they're paying yousomewhere around 170 160 thousand US Dollars, which is a huge amount

And again, if you ask meabout the companies that are going to hirefor cloud engineering almost all the major companies that deal with Computing or data processing theyare going to switch to cloud in near future companieslike GE General electricals

They've actually gone aheadand move to Cloud already which is a big companyand quite a few other companies

Now, if you talk about Amazonwe talk about Google Microsoft

They themselves aremarketing cloud computing

They have their ownservice providers that actually act asvendors in providing these Cloud Computing Services

So yes major companiesare going to move to cloud and they're going to hire you as a cloud engineer having said that let's take Lookat some of the other factors that concern a salaryof a cloud engineer now guys, if you take a look at salaryis based on the job roles

Now, these arethe three major job roles

That is a Solutions architecta devops engineer and a systems engineer

And these arethe average salaries

I do not agreewith these numbers that much numberscan be deceiving at times

Probably Solutions architectis one of the most demanded Cloud jobs

I mean it is the most popularCloud certification no matter what when do you talkabout Solutions architect is something thatpeople people demand a lot

So these are some of the job roles now apartfrom these job Rose

There are various otherjob roles as well

But more or less they followthis particular category are these three categories as we move furtherwe would be talking about these job roles

Do not worry about that

But these are someof the numbers I want you to take a note of again guys based on the locationyour salary might vary and these are someof the positive numbers that are there again, I've used indeedas a source here if I'm not wrong because most of the data that I have picked from it isa combination of indeed paste

And a couple of other websites that are popular goingto talk about Job Trends

So yes, when you talk aboutindeed, these are the numbers that they've given asin based on these states or the location in USA

These are the salariesof its people can claim on an average you havenumbers for India as well

Now these are three ofthe major states that recruit

I know Delhi is one more state, but their numbers are similarto Maharashtra mostly so yep, you can take that intoconsideration as well

And I'm sorry there isnot a straight city, which is popularly hires

Is a lot of Engineersas well really good cow in that domain or in that region in particular the salariesare similar to what you get for Maharashtra guys

So you have these arethe three states that the website shows numbers for guys and not which isthe ID Hub of India

You can see the salary goesas high as this this is the average salaryMaharashtra in particular

This is what which isvery closely followed or follows very closelyto Karnataka Tamil Nadu to has a lot of requirementsfor cloud engineers

And as I've already mentioned if you go to the deli partof the And yes, they're two people are lookingfor these skills as well

It's not that the other partsof the country are not looking for people withthese skills is just that these are the major hubs and they comeinto their Reckoning when you talk aboutthe stats or the data

There are otherregions and States where people are normally hiringCloud Engineers there as well

I constantly go through or domarket research a lot when you talkabout Cloud Engineering in particular and yes, I've seen requirements in otherstates as well again Guys

These are the numberof job vacancies, which you sawin the presentation

So guys, yes, these are Are certain numbersthat are there? And again the numbersare based on indeed guys

If you take a lookat the other websites as well, you might find more numbers

So again, this isjust a parameter guys

And Beyond is there area lot more vacancies than what these numbers Statethe problem here is people are not skilled enough to actuallygo ahead and get these jobs

So yes, if you are rightly skilleddefinitely these jobs would be yours salaries basedon experience again, you can see mid-levelhas the most number of salaries guys

Why is that because cloudMostly is a branch where you would be expectedto have certain skills that you've learnt while you worked

So an experience of three to four years isthe best place or the best time for you to move to Cloudeven two years is what I would say, it's not that pressureshould not move into this role they can but againthe number of placements that happen forfreshers is lesser

Why because the chancesof them getting picked as a cloud engineer mostlyhappens through campuses

I would be talkingabout this Factor as well

Do not worry

Once we talkedabout the resume part

I would help you even if youare an entry level person

When a mid-levelor midscale person or a senior person at be talkingabout these pointers? I'm just statingcertain numbers here

So entry level people normallyfind it a little difficult

The most expectedpart is mid-level

Why because salary somethingthat companies can bargain on and these people are rightly skilled senior leveltwo people hire these people but what happens is since you are very experienced

You normally would beexpecting manner gel kind of positions, right? So you cannot have toomany manager positions

So it is understandable

That number is notthat high but considering that As well 180on an average is a good number

So Guys these were someof the parameters I wanted to talk about salariesand certain job Trends

I hope I've discussed enough

So guys, let's just movefurther and switch to the presentation part where I would be discussingcertain other pointers that concern proud engineer

So guys, let's just move further and talk about Cloudengineer skills and also the job description now guys, I've actually Club two topicsfrom the agenda here and I would be actuallygoing to and forth while discussing these pointers because I feel theyare are very intellect or very connected to each other

So let's talk about thesepointers first and foremost

Let's talk aboutcertain skill requirements

If you want to becomea cloud engineer, what are the stars that you should know now guysfor people who have experienced

You probably might know someof these pointers already but I am wanting to takeeveryone on this similar page and while doing that I would be talking it fromthe very basic part as well

So let's get startedwith the basics first doesn't what are the skillsor knowledge set that you have in orderto becoming a cloud engineer

So you need to havean understanding

Why do you need cloud computing? And what arethe different domains that impact cloud computing because based on that you wouldbe able to decide as an okay

What do you want to dowith cloud computing? It is a very vast domainand it has various services that are there or that are madeavailable to you using which you can do so many thingsyou can focus on marketing proper software developmentarchitectural part for that

You need to understand

Why do you need cloud computing? What are the different domainsthat it effects? And once you do that probably you would bein a better state to decide

How do you want to Use cloud computing for your ownbenefit moving further

You would also be requiredto have knowledge about different cloud servicemodels as in these are something that tell you, how can you useyour applications or how can you build your applicationsusing cloud computing? That is why understandingof this topic is important

You need to have an understanding ofdifferent deployment models which again is similar to or related to cloudservice models as well

It is the way cloud services are provided to you byyour Cloud vendor that is where understandingof different deployment models is also important

You should understand why Youneed to move to cloud computing and why is it differentfrom an on-premise architecture or an infrastructure rather? Finally, you need to havean understanding of different cloud service providersor vendors in the market because having an understandingand thorough knowledge of at least one cloud service provideris very important in guys when I say a cloudservice provider, it is very important to understand that thereare various in the market, but preferably peoplenormally start with AWS and they gradually moveto Azure which are two of the most popular

Cloud service providers

So what arethe Computing fundamentals that you need to have now asa cloud engineer guys, I won't lie to you

I won't say that you don't needany prior programming experience or anything like that asa cloud engineer guys, you need to have understandingof computing fundamentals and it is very important inbecoming a good Cloud engineer

What should you knownetworking is very important guys now it is notthat much into programming but understanding of computingit starts with networking

You need to understand how routing Works what aredifferent network protocols? Are differentnetworking layers Etc

And how do you use networkingfor an organization? Because it is very important

You would be talking about a lotof applications lot of data a lot of scalability applicationbuilding and stuff like that

So for that networking becomes very importantcomputer security guys

Now when you talk about Cloudthe first question people ask is it secure mostof the people do not know what cloud computing doesor how it ensures security

Let me give you a fact they useshared security model what it is that I won't be gettinginto the details

Details, but you and your Cloud vendor youactually go ahead and decide certain security principlesand those are implemented

So if you are workingon a cloud platform and if you areinto the security part, you need to ensurequite a few things as in how to makeyour application secure

What are the protocols that you should fall and stuff like thatand for that you need knowledge about accesspolicies encryption Etc

Understanding of systemsis very important guys where you need to know, what are the differentdesign principles

What kind of methodologyare you using? And where do youget the knowledge for these things your computer? You need to havean understanding of databases

You need to learn SQLwhich is very important because you are going to dealwith a lot of data and guys since you're talkingabout Cloud platform you would be dealing withdifferent kinds of instances or virtual environments

And for that understanding of Linux fundamentalsis very important

So these are someof the basics guys which you should understandand I would suggest that if you are completely newto cloud computing focus on these pointers, As well

So these are someof the basic skills that you needed to have


Let's just go ahead and takea look at certain job roles and based on those job roles

What are the skills that you should pickup guys now again, these are the responsibilities that even major companieswould be expecting from you

So when I said Iwould be talking about job description

Now, these are certain rolesand the pointers that I'm going to talkabout the responsibilities

Those are the skill sets that major companiesexpect from you when you actually do goahead and try to apply for Engineering jobs

So first and foremost, we have and Cloud architectCloud developer and an admin sis Ops

Admin is nothing butsystem operations administrator

So guys, let's try to talk about these rolesin detail guys

I won't be gettinginto the definition part

I would be sticking towhat I've experienced real time when you talkabout Cloud engineering so my definitions are goingto be very general and Spacek so that everybody can understand

So if you talkabout a cloud architect, these are the peoplewho are responsible for drawing the blueprint

I mean, they actually Actuallydesign your application as in this is how it looks so their part isdesigning planning stuff

Like okay when I actually goahead and build an application

This is how much I mightbe expected to probably scale or these arethe current software's or these are the currentprogramming languages that I would be needing

They also take into consideration when it comesto migrating your application which already exists on premise so they need to understandwhat are the parameters that affect the currentapplication on premises and based on that decideas you know

These are the changes that we need to make when wemove this application to Cloud

So this iswhat a cloud engineer does

They actually helpyou design a flow for application to actuallygo ahead and work on cloud

Let us move further and take a look at someof the common responsibility

Is that a cloud engineer or a cloud architectis actually responsible for the actuallyresponsible for Designing and deploying dynamicallyscalable available fault tolerant and reliableapplications something I talked about while going throughthe definition part

They actually design and deploy

Applications now theseare some of the pointers that concern an applicationlike how available it is how easily can scalehow fault-tolerant it is

Let's not get intothe details of that

I'm sure nobody wants to getinto the details of that

You should be ableto select an appropriate cloud service to designand deploy applications

I mean you would be dealingwith different Cloud vendors so you should know okay, if I have real-time data, what kind of anapplication do I use if it's static what kind of application do I use sohaving an understanding of these things isalso very important

Are an architect again,I talked about migration

What are the factorsthey need to consider while migrating an applicationto Cloud again

You are expected to design and deploy enterprise-widescalable operations

Now again, it soundssimilar to the point which I discussed right? But again, you also need to havean understanding of operations that are performed whileyour application is working


This is somethingthat is important when you talk about the deployment process anddealing with the customers part because based on that our operations teamhas to put in certain inputs and it is designed properly at the beginning your workloadgets reduced here

So this is where Cloudarchitect again comes into picture Implementcost control strategies to ensure maximum costoptimization money is something that is very important

And if your plannerapplications properly as an OK in case of usinga particular kind of a service if I use the other onewhat it be cost effective

This is the decision again, your Cloud architectshould be able to take okay moving further

We have the cloud developer

Now we have alreadydesigned our Application with the help of an architectnext is building an application

Who does that your developer? So they need to havestrong understanding of programming apart from that

Let's move further and take a look at someof the pointers as in what are the other thingsthey need to be concerned with expertise in at least onehigh level programming language

I'm sure it's more than one

But yeah, you should know thebasic programming fundamentals so that you can understandhow the coding works skills for developing deploying anddebugging Cloud applications

API CLI is decays

It is very important guys

Because you would be integratinga lot of applications and for that understanding of how applicationprotocol interfaces work is very important

Now command-line interfacesare something that you would be working onwith a lot as well

So having an understanding of those also helps applicationlifecycle management, which is very important abilityto use continuous integration and pipelines for deployment

Now, this is somethingboth developers and the admins to so you need to havean understanding of how these pipelines are created how they work and how do youdeploy your data continues? You should have the knowledgeor the understanding of key features of serviceproviders guys because again, if you're buildingan application on cloud guys, you should knowhow these service providers work because you would be usinga particular service to go ahead and actually build a particularpart of your application

So an understanding of different cloud serviceproviders is very important

You should be able to codeand also make sure that you are thorough withthe security essentials skills in writing and correctingand debugging code again, testing and building

Eating is somethingthat goes parallely surveillance applicationscloud computing supports serverless Computing and that is where you should know what surveillanceapplications are and how should you use containerscontainers or something that are trendingin the market and you need to have an understandingof those as well

If you take a lookat the resumes or the job descriptions in the market peopleexpect you to have understanding of differentservice providers understanding of different apis at leastone programming language and they have this thingmentioned as a knowledge in Cuba Nettie isor That would be an add-on

So that means they considerthese skills as well

Then we have the admin guys now our applicationhas been designed and it has been developed now it needs to be maintained bysomeone or monitored by someone who better than an administrator so their job isto actually go out and make so that the application runs perfectly inthe production environment

What do they do? They need to have an experienceas a system admin and they should be able to understand howvirtualization Works something which is very importantfor scaling your In in case of peak times Monitor and auditor applicationsagain have understanding of networking, which is very corefor an admin role and to translatearchitectural requirements because they are the ones who take care of itin the production atmosphere or the environment

This should be ableto actually go ahead and control the dataflow because again, if something goes Rock somewhere that is doingthe process of see ICD, they should be able to detectthat and get in touch with the developers team aswell appropriate service based

They should also havethe knowledge of see Already if something goes down

How should theyactually go ahead and take care of it againoptimization is something that is not the concern to a greater extent asfar as the Architects are concerned administrators havelesser responsibility in it


Networking is somethingthat has repeated I believe but yeah, we've discussed that already and migrationis something they are also concerned with because I've alreadytalked about the fact that they deal withthe production environment

So Guys, these are someof the responsibilities that different Cloud Engineerstake care of and these are some of the responsibilities that companies would be beexpecting you to be skilled in so these are some of the pointers I wantedto talk about that is about the job description and the roles and responsibilitiesof cloud engineer having said that as far as thisparticular session goes guys, I would be restingit here in here

Thank you


I hope you have enjoyedlistening to this video

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